13 Reasons Why – Tape 6, Side B

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By: Nicole Dintelman

When innocence is lost it is a turning point in one’s life. When that innocence is stolen it is the catalyst for everything that happens next.


Previously on “13 Reasons Why” we learned why Clay (Dylan Minnette) was on the tapes. It wasn’t because he had done anything wrong. Just the opposite really. It was because he had done everything right. Hannah (Katherine Langford) didn’t feel like she would ever be good enough for Clay. In her mind, she would always be the class slut. The girl that was never good enough for anyone because of the way that Justin (Brandon Flynn), Bryce (Justin Prentice), Zach (Ross Butler) and the rest of them had made her look to everyone. Even though Clay would never see her that way, it is the way Hannah saw herself.


Justin finally came clean with Jessica about Bryce assaulting her. Jessica (Alisha Boe) was remembering bits and pieces from that night, but when Justin finally came clean she was furious. It was Justin she was upset with. He had been keeping this from her and after all, he’s the one that let it happen. Now that Justin is no longer protecting Bryce we wonder if anyone in the group will. The subpoenas are going to start coming out in Hannah’s case and it will be interesting to see if the kids tell the truth. Even the teachers and administrators at the school have become concerned about losing their jobs over the lawsuit because they know they could have done more to help Hannah.


With only two episodes left in the 1st season, the tension is mounting. Who is going to be the subject of the next tape? Let’s get started on Tape 6, Side B and find out!

Subpoena anyone?


Clay’s mom (Amy Hargreaves) tries talking to him about Hannah’s case when he comes down for breakfast because the subpoenas for the depositions are going to be delivered at any minute. She wants to know if he was talking about Hannah when he asked her if someone hurt someone, but the victim couldn’t come forward. Clay tells her that he wasn’t. He also asks his mom if he knocks down a stop sign and a kid was killed is that manslaughter? Lanie Jensen asks Clay what he’s talking about and he tells her that he’s not at liberty to say. Clay, you really shouldn’t be asking your mom questions like this. Or anyone for that matter.


Courtney (Michele Selene Ang) is next to get her subpoena. One of her dads wants to know why she would be receiving this. She tells him that they were never really that close. Zach’s mom (Cindy Cheung) tells him that she’s surprised that The Bakers are doing this. He didn’t even know “Anna” that well. Zach corrects his mom and tells her that her name was Hannah and he asked her out once. Justin is upset that the subpoenas are going out, but Alex (Miles Heizer) says that he’s glad. Bryce is freaking out because Justin won’t call him back.

Who needs protection?


At school, everyone is freaking out. Marcus (Steven Silver) tells Courtney that they have to stop texting each other. Now that they’ve all been subpoenaed their texts can be used against them if they’re seized as part of the case. Tyler (Devin Druid) interrupts their conversation to ask them if they received subpoenas and they tell him to be quiet. He tells them that he wants in. Whatever they’re doing he wants in. Of course, Montgomery (Timothy Granaderos) comes along to push Tyler and knock him down. Who is this guy? He’s like the school bully. Bryce comes and gets Montgomery to lay off, but the damage is done. Tyler tells them all he’s sick of it and stalks off.


Jessica walks into her room and finds Justin waiting for her. She wasn’t answering his calls or texts and he needed to see her. Justin tells her that he was trying to protect her. Protect her? He tells her that he was drunk and she tells him that she was too, but that’s not an excuse. Jessica tells Justin that he let Bryce rape her. Justin tells Jessica that every time he was messed up Bryce was there for him by giving him a place to stay and feeding him. Jessica asks Justin if he’s seriously trying to make excuses for Bryce and he says no and that he just wants her to understand. She tells him that she wants him to understand what it’s like to be raped.

The worst day.


The worst day of Hannah’s life started with her parents trusting her to take the bank deposit to the bank. When she left the pharmacy she sat the deposit on top of the car while she called Clay about her check and you can guess what happened next. Hannah left the deposit on top of the car. When Hannah goes by the Crestmont to pick up her check, she and Clay have a bit of an awkward conversation but by the end it seems like everything is okay. Hannah then realizes that she left the bank bag on top of the car.


Clay goes to the pharmacy and picks up the blue nail polish that Hannah used to write the numbers on the tapes. Next, Clay meets Tony (Christian Navarro) at the school and gets the tape recorder that Hannah used to make the tapes. Tony tells Clay he needs to know what he’s doing because they said they’d be in this together. Clay asks Tony if he trusts him and Tony says that he does. Clay says that he can’t tell Tony what he’s doing just yet but he has a plan. Hannah wants the tapes to get all the way through to number thirteen, but if they go to whoever is on number twelve it will stop there. Who is on number twelve? The suspense is killing us!

Back alley deals.


What is Tyler doing in a back alley meeting a shady character you ask? Well, he’s buying a gun. Yes, we said a gun. The rest of the crew is meeting at Monet’s. Tyler crashes their meeting and tells them that he deserves to be there. So far Sheri (Ajiona Alexus) has not received a subpoena. Instead of joining the group at Monet’s, Sheri calls the police to report what she did. Zach tells the group what Justin did the night before at Bryce’s. First, they all still want to protect Bryce, but by the end of the meeting they want to throw Bryce under the bus and make him the scapegoat for everything.


Alex is the voice of reason to the group. He tells them that they have to tell the truth. Ryan (Tommy Dorfman) says they have to let the truth land on them. Courtney is still in denial about who she is. She doesn’t want people to know that she is gay so she says that Hannah’s truth is not her truth. Mrs. Baker (Kate Walsh) shows Tony the piece of paper that she found in Hannah’s closet and she wants to know why the kids from school are on it. She wants to know why he’s on it. Tony tells her that Hannah had secrets. Mrs. Baker tells Tony that Hannah’s secrets are why she’s dead.

I had a friend, her name was Hannah.


Tony finally tells his boyfriend about Hannah and the tapes. He’s been keeping it from him and he finally tells him everything that’s going on and tells him he doesn’t think he’s been doing the right thing. Hannah tells her parents that she lost the bank deposit. Her mother is beyond upset. Hannah feels like everyone would be better off without her because she keeps screwing up everything. Hannah decides to go for a walk because she couldn’t sleep. It wasn’t a short walk, she walked all the way to her old neighborhood.


Hannah found a party. It was a party at Bryce’s. She knew in her head not to go to the party, but she went anyway hoping…Well, she didn’t really know what she was hoping for. Clay goes to visit Bryce telling him he wants to buy weed since what he had was confiscated at school. Is Clay really there for weed? Clay tells Bryce that he bets he has some awesome parties at his house. Bryce says that they’re legendary. Back at the party, Hannah is surprised to see Jessica at another party, but she was also surprised to see herself at another party. This was one party she shouldn’t have wandered into.

Bryce Walker, welcome to your tape.


Jessica talked Hannah into going into the hot tub. Hannah didn’t have a suit so she was just in her bra and underwear but so was everyone else. Sitting under the stars Hannah finally felt at peace. Everyone left the hot tub and Hannah was alone until Bryce got in with Hannah. Instantly she was uncomfortable. Bryce immediately started flirting with her and when she tried to leave he grabbed her. Bryce turned Hannah around and forces himself into her, still in the hot tub. Hannah fought him for a while and then just went limp. Hannah died that night, emotionally. If you think there is more Hannah could have done, put yourself in her place and then judge.


Clay didn’t come to get weed from Bryce. He came to get him to admit what he did to Hannah. He tells Bryce to admit what he did and he’s not leaving until he does. Bryce tells Clay that Hannah came to his party, made eyes at him and she was asking for it. Clay hits Bryce and Bryce proceeds to beat the crap out of Clay. Once Clay is unable to move and is a bloody mess Bryce tells him: “She wanted me. Me. She was practically begging me to f**k her. If that’s rape then every girl at this school wants to be raped.” WOW. Total D-Bag alert! Once Clay was able to get up off the floor he asks Bryce again if he raped Hannah and he admits it.

How do you go on when something so precious has been taken from you and you can never get it back?


When Hannah gets home and begins to take off the clothes she has on she’s covered in bruises. Bruises from the attack she suffered at the hands of Bryce. She thought she could forget, but thanks to Bryce she’d lost the one thing she’d been holding onto to keep her reputation intact: her virginity. Now in her mind, Hannah has lost of her control. She has no power over anything. Jessica is finally trying to heal from her attack as well now that she knows that it happened. She pours all of the liquor out and scrubs herself clean.


Alex’s dad (Mark Pellegrino) is trying to get him out of the deposition. Courtney is finally telling her dad about what happened between her and Hannah. Justin has been kicked out of his mom’s house again and none of his friends were answering their phones when he needs them for a place to stay. He leaves his moms with a wad of cash and a handgun. Clay’s mom fell asleep on the couch and when she wakes up she goes to Clay’s room and realizes that he’s not home. She wakes up Mr. Jensen (Josh Hamilton) in a panic and tells him that Clay isn’t home and they have to find him. Meanwhile, there is an ambulance racing by with a 17-year-old inside with a gunshot wound to the head. Who could this be? Is it Clay? Justin?


This was such an emotionally charged episode but we know the season finale is going to be even more so! Join us next time when we recap Tape 7, Side A to find out who is in that ambulance!


If you or someone you know is a victim of sexual assault please contact RAINN 24 hours a day at 1-800-656-HOPE or www.rainn.org

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