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It’s that time of year, the last Web Series Wednesday of 2017! During this time of reflection, I thought that I would look back on the Web Series Wednesday articles I was fortunate to write for Starry Constellation Magazine in 2017 and share with you my top five web selections that I reviewed. Please note, I did not write all of the Web Series Wednesday for Starry Constellation Magazine this year so I will only be choosing my top 5 from web series that I personally covered.


  1. Special Skills

I chose this series as one of my top picks because the writing is funny and smart, the chemistry between the two leads is on point and I love being able to see Marina Squerciati be goofy and funny.

This series is created by Marina Squerciati, Patrick Webb and David Pasquesi about two friends Marina and Patrick who are aspiring actors. Each episode starts with Patrick and Marina attending a new audition.  The episodes of Special Skills are filmed in Chicago around the filming schedules of “Chicago PD” and “Chicago Fire.”

WHERE CAN I WATCH?  Special Skills can currently only be seen on YouTube and their website.


  1. After Pluto

For me this was the clear choice for my list! This series hasn’t even released the entire season yet. As of right now only the pilot has been released. So, that right there should tell you how impressed I was with the story and the acting. The writing is smart and poignant without being esoteric for esoteric sake. The chemistry between the two leads is undeniable and the story is unique and interesting. I can’t wait to see more of After Pluto in the new year!

WHERE CAN I WATCH?  After Pluto can currently be seen on YouTube. Episode One is currently available along with many behind the scene videos, interviews with cast and crew and vlogs.


  1. Haunters

I literally just watched this series a week ago and immediately fell in love with it. It absolutely had to be my Number 3 pick for this year. You had me at “musical web series.”

Haunters is a 20-part musical horror-comedy web series. The music is…Well, hauntingly beautiful. And it is an excellent means of sharing exposition with the audience and keeping the episode going along at a quick pace.  For a horror-comedy the themes of acceptance, identity, belonging, sacrifice and the consequences of our actions and our words on others are beautifully strewn throughout the entire season.

WHERE CAN I WATCH?  Haunters the Musical can be found on YouTube, their website and on KindaTv_.


  1. Unfortunatly Ashly

I cannot say enough good things about this series. In fact, over the past two weeks they just released Season 2 and I loved it even more than Season 1. This is just such a fun story to watch. And in case anyone is wondering, I am team Avery all the way!  Star Ashly Perez is awkward and endearing in all of the best ways. No topic is off limits for Unfortunatly Ashly. This series handles issues such as vent squatting possums, bird stalkers, synched cycles, awkward crushes and more.

WHERE CAN I WATCH?  Unfortunatly Ashly can be found at BuzzFeed and on YouTube.


  1. Barbelle

In my mind there was no debate whatsoever as to which web series I would deem my Number One pick for 2017. I LOVE this series and can only hope that we get a Season 2 in the new year. Gwenlyn Cumyn and Karen Knox are a dynamic duo. This series is smart, funny and it has so much positive and realistic LGBTQ+ representation. It also brings to the forefront serious societal issues such as alcoholism, eating disorders and social anxieties. I am still in awe at the grace of which Cumyn and Knox wrote a series that has so much heart and depth while also being so funny and enjoyable.  Oh, did I also mention that they sing in the series? So much wonderful pop singing. I LOVE the singing.

WHERE CAN I WATCH?  Barbelle can be found on KindaTv_ and on YouTube.




Thank you for joining me in 2017! I look forward to discovering new web series together in 2018!


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