9-1-1 – Heartbreaker

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By: Danielle de la Torre


Valentine’s Day is upon as at the episode opens up with a high flying adventure as a couple flies a small plane over Los Angeles scenery. The plane soon goes awry and the pilot of the plane asks his girlfriend to remain calm and read the handbook. As she reads the handbook it becomes apparent that the seemingly in danger plane was just a ploy to set up his proposal to his girlfriend. When he ask her to marry him the girlfriend suddenly gasps for air. The boyfriend calls 911 and speaks to Abby (Connie Britton) she quickly tells him to land the plane. The boyfriend makes an emergency landing on a golf field where the team meets them. Henrietta (Aisha Hinds) and Bobby (Peter Krause) tend to the girlfriend. Evan (Oliver Stark) receives a phone call from Abby giving him some much needed crucial medical information about the girlfriend that ends up saving her life. When she comes too she accepts the proposal and then slaps her new fiancé.  Abby tells Evan “love hurts.”


Abby watches on in her kitchen as Carla (Cocoa Brown) helps Abby’s mother bake. Carla questions Abby on why she doesn’t go on a date with Evan. She goes on telling Abby that she deserves to go out on a nice date. Evan and Bobby make small talk about hating Valentines day as they answer a call of a flipped flower truck that has hit a fire hydrant.


Back at the firehouse Chimney (Kenneth Choi) is welcomed back in loving arms as the team throws him a welcome back party gifting him with a cake of himself with rebar through his head. Abby makes an appearance bringing homemade cookies and chats with Bobby before Evan greets her. Evan introduces her to the entire team as some like Henrietta introduce herself pressing Evan about where he is going to take Abby for Valentines day. Athena (Angela Bassett) joins in on the fun and grills Evan where he is taking Abby. Evan says that he is taking her somewhere nice. They smile at each other before the alarm sets off and the team must depart for a call.


We are taken to romantic dinner between a couple in a home before the boyfriend gives his girlfriend a box of diamond shaped chocolates that send her spinning out of control. She rants about spending all day getting ready for him and she is thanked by a box of diamond shaped chocolate. It is not long before the boyfriend tries to bail on her.  As she tries to block him from leaving he tells her that she is not the only girlfriend he has.  A 911 phone call is placed by the neighbor of the couple. Athena is sent to the home where the girlfriend answers the door. The girlfriend is obviously shaken and Athena enters the premises. Athena searches the home. She tells Athena she was dumped on Valentines day and they share sentiments over love. Athena wishes her well and gives her a card to call her is she needs her. As Athena leaves the girlfriend returns to her psychotic war path taking a clever to her boyfriend who is tied up in a closet.


Evan gets ready for his date with Abby with the help of Bobby who ties his tie for him. Evan asks Bobby for advice on his date and how not to screw it up. Bobby tells him that he will do just fine. Bobby tells Evan that Abby deserves a little chivalry and that he should not sleep with her.  He wishes Evan luck and Evan takes off.


A 911 call comes in about a pile up on the freeway. Athena answers the call. When she gets on scene she is briefed. She is told that there is a human organ that is in desperate need of being transported to the hospital for a waiting patient. As the doctor enters Athena’s car he notifies her that the organ is on a time crunch to get to the patient. Athena pulls a fast and furious speeding to the hospital so the organ can make it to the hospital on time. After some assistance from two motorcycle cops, Athena makes it to the hospital is enough time to save the life of a teenage girl. She receives another call as soon she gets back in her car and chooses to respond.


Athena finds herself back the girlfriends house who seems to be expecting her. When Athena enters the home the girl gifts her with chocolate. Athena thanks her but tells her that it isn’t really necessary for her to give her a gift. The girl insists telling her that she wanted to thank her. They talk a bit before the girl accidently spills her drink on Athena. Athena goes to the bathroom to clean up. Athena becomes suspicious of the girl and decides to further investigate. Athena finds an alarming amount of medications in the bathroom cabinet and checks the shower to see blood. Athena remains calm and starts to search the home. She checks a crafts room and comes across the girls now dead boyfriend on the table cut up. The girl sneaks up behind Athena putting a gun to the back of her head.


Evan and Abby dine at a fancy restaurant . They both go back in forth having thoughts in their heads about each other. Abby’s thoughts are on the side of seeing Evan’s muscles through his suit and his age. Evan’s are about trying not to think about sleeping with Abby and screwing up the date. After they toast Evan begins to choke. It gets worse when he takes a drink of water. He stops breathing and Abby makes a call to 911. Abby tries CPR but nothing is working. She makes another call to 911 and asks for her friend to walk her through an emergency tracheotomy. Abby successfully completes the procedure and Evan comes to.


A call is put in to 911 with a guy who believes he has broken his back. Bobby and Chimney take the call. They knock on the door. But a couple answers the door seemingly unaware of any emergency around or in their property.  Bobby and Chimney check the property and find a man in pain in the backyard. As they assist him it is revealed that he is the ex husband of the woman who jumped off the second floor to escape with the ex wife’s boyfriend came home. As they cart off the ex husband the wife and husband both declare they love each other.


Back at the crazy ex girlfriends house Athena is now tied to a chair while the crazy girl cleans her kitchen and argues with Athena over heartbreak. Athena tells her they system will go easy on someone who doesn’t hurt a cop. As Athena tries to reason with the crazy ex the scream of another woman comes from the basement. Athena tries to persuade that the other woman is innocent and they are both victims to the now dead boyfriend. The ex girlfriend is just a little to far gone down crazy lane telling Athena that she wants to cut out her heart and give it to herself. Athena distracts the ex girlfriend with the history of Valentines day while she tries to free herself from her duct tape tied hands. A knock at the door distracts the ex girlfriend and Athena frees herself in just enough time to knock out the ex girlfriend before she can stab her like she did her boyfriend. Athena opens the door to let in another scorned woman who storms in looking for her boyfriend. Athena must subdue her and contain the situation. She arrests the crazy ex girlfriend and calls for back up.


Abby now sits in the hospital with Evan as he recovers from his night of horror. Bobby shows up and chats with Abby before offering to stay with her and Evan. They soon leave Evan’s bedside to get a cup of coffee.


Athena arrives back home to find a Happy Valentine’s Day note from her family with wine and heart shaped cookies. The episode closes out with Athena settling in and sipping on her wine.

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