9-1-1 – Worst Day Ever

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By: Danielle de la Torre


We open to a seemingly normal plane as it makes its final descent into the airport.  The flight attendant makes her rounds picking up trash and reminding people to prepare for landing. Most people have other agendas including drinking more alcohol, joining the mile high club and showing the flight attendant a magic trick. A seemingly normal descent turns into a nightmare as the plane begins to crash with an engine on fire. The last we hear is the flight attendant telling everyone to prepare for an emergency landing.


The episode cuts to Henrietta (Aisha Hinds) making a meal and Evan (Oliver Stark) eating off her plate. Evan points out that Bobby (Peter Krause) is doing “it” again. By “it” he means Bobby is staring into his book of saves again. Evan asks why Bobby is so obsessed with the book and Henrietta tells him to stay away from it. Evan asks Bobby what the deal is with his book and Bobby shrugs him off. Evan reveals that he knows what’s in the book and asks why there is space for 148. Bobby pins Evan to the wall and tells him to never read his book again. Henrietta shakes her head as the alarm rings for them to get ready. A 911-phone call comes in from a passenger of the plane.


Henrietta, Evan and Bobby arrive on scene where the plane has crashed just off the beach. Bobby gives order to first responders as they all board and boat and head out.


Athena (Angela Bassett) sits in her patrol car and watches the girl that is bullying her daughter enter a house party. Her husband listens to her rant on the phone and tells her she is crazy. What she is doing will not help them get their daughter back from social services. Athena claims she failed her daughter once and she won’t do it again.


Athena crashes the party and gives Laila (Genneya Waiton) a tongue lashing of nasty insults. Laila is informed that Athena is the mother of the girl who she bullied. When Athena asks her how she feels about her daughter almost killing herself she replies good. Athena now laced with rage arrests Laila for carrying edibles.


Later at the police station Laila’s parents arrive and demand their daughter be released. Athena informs them that their daughter is a nightmare because of their failed parenting skills. She then proceeds to tell them to get out of her precinct as the alarm goes off to inform all police officers they are needed for an emergency.


Athena arrives to the airport to greet an airport security officer who is in way over his head. He tells Athena that planes are grounded and arrivals have no where to go. People approach Athena begging her to give any updates on the plane crash. Athena informs them that there are first responders out doing everything they can. They are informed that a plane that has arrived has a passenger that is out of control. Athena is put on the case to deal with him.


Back at the plane crash the team surveys the situation. Bobby tells the team that the plane will not be long before it goes down.  Henrietta deploys an emergency raft and tells people to jump for it.  Inside Bobby and Evan work to save passengers from various trapped places on the plane. Evan and Bobby come across a little boy with his mother who is pinned. Evan gets the boy to safety as Bobby helps the mother. Henrietta hears two people stuck in the bathroom and works with Evan to quickly save them. The boat begins to rapidly sink as Bobby still works to free the mother. Bobby calls for all emergency personel to clear the plane. Evan tells Bobby to leave too but he refuses. The mother tells Bobby that she died momentarily when she gave birth to her son because a boy needs his mother. She doesn’t want to leave her son. Bobby tells her that if she goes down he is going to go down with her. Evan comes back in the plane to try to help but is carried out by the rising water. Bobby is left trapped with the mother he tries to free. A rescue plane soon comes in and clips into Bobby and lifts him out. Bobby frees the mom in just enough time and lifts her out with him. The plane sinks.


The episode goes back to mid plane crash where Abby (Connie Britton) listens to a passenger leave a message for his pregnant wife. His line cuts out before he can finish his message.


Back after the crash Bobby rides with the mom back to the beach where she is reunited with her son. He keeps his gaze on her until Henrietta shows up to tell him that he saved at least one family and that is something to feel grateful for. He agrees and walks off. Evan is caught by the couple that was trapped in the plane bathroom and thank him for saving them. They tell him they are getting married and he congratulates them. Abby calls Evan to talk about the plane crash and ask if Evan is ok. He says he is and she asks him for a favor. To find the passenger that left the message for his pregnant wife. Evan says he will see what he can do.


Athena boards the plane to confront the angry passenger but finds him duct taped to his seat. The police officer responsible for subduing the passenger claims that the individual was out of control and assaulted him. A passenger replays what actually happened to Athena and she questions the officer. Athena tells off the officer, who turns out to just work for the airline and tells him to untie the passenger. When he tries to place a hand on Athena’s shoulder she really gives a tongue lashing to the pretend officer. The passengers cheer for her. She decides to place all the passengers under arrest so they can fall under her custody. She tells everyone that they are all leaving the plane.


Evan chats up another officer to see if he can find the name of the passenger on her list of survivors. The officer tells him that the guy is on the other list implying that he did not make it. Evan calls Abby to tell her the news. When Abby hangs up grief strikes her hard as she replays the passenger’s message to his wife.


We are brought to Bobby’s house after the crash where he is seemingly talking to his child while cooking. The scene cuts to just himself in the dark drinking.


We are brought back to Abby who meets with the now widowed wife. Abby gives her condolences for her loss and plays the message her husband left for her. When it’s over Abby consoles her.


Athena is called into the office of her boss who tells her that she was told to take action against Athena for removing the passengers from the plane. The captain tells her that she is off the hook for the passengers, but she is really there for her actions against Laila. The captain questions her about being present at the party and tells her that she exposed the precinct to a lawsuit. She tells Athena that she will be riding the desk from now on.


Henrietta and Evan make their way to Bobby’s house where he doesn’t answer the door.  Evan asks if he has ever done this before and Henrietta tells him that his is a recovering alcoholic. Henrietta opens the door to find Bobby crashed from his drinking binge. They get him up and showered. Then, they all convene in his living room. Henrietta asks Bobby whom he was cooking dinner for because there are four plates. He replies he doesn’t know because he was drunk. He claims he will be ok and that is was a one-time thing. Henrietta gives Bobby some words of wisdom and Evan tells him to ask for help every once and a while. It doesn’t take long for Bobby to reply help and break down. Henrietta and Evan are there to console him immediately in a very touching moment.


Abby returns home where the nurse tells her that she has put her mother down for sleep and Abby sends her home for the night. The nurse tries to stay and Abby snaps back at her to go home. After apologizing the nurse leaves. Abby and her mother speak for a few minutes before Abby falls asleep on the couch. When she wakes up she finds that her mother has taken off without a trace.

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