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By: Lisa Steinberg


Q) What can you tease about the new season and how your character fits in on “Austin & Aly?”

A) They open a new music factory and part of the reason is so Austin doesn’t have to keep working at The Mattress Kingdom! They want to teach kids all about music and different jobs that have to do with music. My character is one of the kids they are teaching. She is being taught a lot of different instruments and you’ll have to wait to see what she plays next!

Q) How did they describe your character Lily to you?

A) She is always a happy and peppy person. She is only sad when it is something very, very sad that happens. She gets very easily excited!

Q) Which of the characters will Lily be working with the most this season?

A) You will probably see her more with Ally, who is played by Laura Marano. She kind of works more with the instruments that Ally plays.

Q) What was your audition like for the show?

A) I had to do a taped audition and send it to them. I had to play an instrument. I play the trumpet so I just played that for the audition. They asked me to bring my trumpet to set, but I unfortunately never got to use it.

Q) Since “Austin & Ally” is a comedic show, is comedic timing something you studied or a natural ability to you?

A) It kind of comes naturally to me. There is a lot of laughter with a live audience and you kind of have to wait for them to stop laughing so they can hear you. You have to time yourself so that it is not too slow or not too fast. It’s kind of different from “Murder In The First” because that is a serious show. There was different timing to that.

Q) What is it like working with your “Austin & Ally” costars?

A) It’s always fun to work with them because they are such naturally funny people! Because their characters are funny, they are funny. They are very great to work with!

Q) What have been some of your most memorable moments from filming?

A) I liked the episode where they had to put together a band. It was really fun to work on because everyone is very funny!

Q) You are a part of social media. How have you enjoyed answering questions and interacting with fans?

A) I love social media! It’s a great way to talk to the fans and they can get to know me better. They ask me things about my life, my family and my pets.

Q) Is there anything else you want to be sure to share with fans?

A) I would like to thank my fans. Thank you so much for watching! Get ready for more coming up and a Season 2 of “Murder In The First.” 

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