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By: Lisa Steinberg


Q) What are the recent projects that you are working on?


A) I’m constantly working on new episodes of “Star Vs. The Forces of Evil” and I’ll be voicing some characters in the new Far Cry 5, too! Of course, there’s a whole laundry list of things I’m not yet able to talk about, but there’s lots of fun stuff coming.


Q) What was it about “Star vs The Forces of Evil” that made you want to be a part of the series?


A) In all honesty, I had no idea from the beginning that “SVTFOE” would be such a popular show. What I did know was that Daron Nefcy, the creator, had such a cool style and vision for what she wanted it to be. I knew I really wanted to be a part of it. The show is fun, funny, exciting and has an anime-ish style that I really like a lot. Now, I’m just glad I’m involved because I get to know what happens before anyone else!


Q) How was Marco originally described to you? 


A) In the very early stages, Marco was described as super cautious, kind of a goody-goody and very astute. I think he’s all those things, but with any good character he’s also a LOT more complex than that.


Q) What have you found challenging about portraying him?


A) There are many moments that the humor is stripped away and there are some high stakes. It’s not that I necessarily find these moments challenging per say, but I do want to bring the kind of performance that elevates the stakes and really shows how big of a heart Marco has and how much love he has for others. It’s less about it being challenging to portray Marco and more-so just wanting to do him justice!


Q) Are there any similarities between you and your character?


A) Oh man, there are so many! We’re both Martial Artists, we both have girl best friends, we both love pizza with mushrooms, we both have red hoodies, we’re both safe kids who want to be “bad-boys” and we were both awkward as heck around the ladies at age fourteen.


Q) What can you tease is in store this season on “Star vs The Forces of Evil” and for Marco?


A) I’ve been sworn to secrecy! BUT you’re going to see so many new places and faces and get to know ones you already know even better. It’s going to get CRAZY.


Q) You frequently do a lot of voice over work. Do you have a preference between doing voice work or screen work?


A) I love everything! I’ve been so fortunate to have had many great experiences both on-camera and behind the mic. It’s all so fun and I love fun.


Q) What do you think it is about “Star vs The Forces of Evil” that has made it such a fan favorite?


A) “SVTFOE” is such an amazing show!! We’re in this era of cartoons where we’re finally getting in depth plot lines and super well-developed characters. The reception from the fans has been insane and, truthfully, it’s all been like a huge love fest! The cast, the crew, the fans, Disney XD casting, Disney XD execs – we’re all one big happy family. I have the best job and I think the fans love that.


Q) What have you personally taken away from your time working on the show?


A) I’ve taken away a huge sense of gratitude! I really love to have fun and enjoy the moment and all the fun opportunities that come along with being on such a great show! Everything from the events, to the sessions, to the interaction with the fans. I’m so grateful.


Q) You are a part of social media. Do you enjoy the instant fan feedback you receive to episodes?


A) I really do! The fan interaction is such an important part of this whole experience to me. I’m so grateful people have really gravitated to the show and to my character! I love hearing fan theories and reading fan fiction. There are some super talented fans out there!


Q) What would you like to say to fans and supporters of you and the show?


A) You guys are the best! Drink lots of boba! Get ready for new episodes! And #starco.



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