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By: Jamie Steinberg



Q) How would you describe your sound?


A) We’ve gotten The XX meets imagine dragons meets Paramore so do with that what you will. I’ll say indie dance pop.


Q) Who are some of your musical influences?


A) I grew up on a lot of stuff across the board, growing up I listened to a lot of Fall Out Boy and Relient K and then if we go back even further I grew up on a lot of boy bands and pop music and then also some Simon and Garfunkel, The Monkees and The Partridge Family and whatever have you. Nowadays, I could say there’s a bit of anything and everything I listen to in my music, but oddly enough we always get compared to bands I nearly never listen to.


Q) Talk about the story behind your new song “Loaded Love.” What do you think it is about the song that fans will connect to?


A) The song “Loaded Love” is about having a very strong and passionate relationship that is very powerful and trying to keep that afloat while battling all the things going on in your head. A love is a “loaded love” when it feels like you have all the powerful mechanics of a gun within one relationship and that can either take on the world or take you down. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t.


Q) How will the music video play into the message of the song?


A) Well, you’ll see what happens throughout the video and I don’t want to give too much away, but I will say that the passing of time and the shift in mood and time in the video has the message in that.


Q) What is your song writing process? Do you need music before you can create lyrics?


A) Most times, Matt [Adam] writes the lyrics and I write the music. We’ll both tweak the other when necessary, but it really depends. Sometimes I’ll write when I’m feeling inspired regardless of where I’m at and bring those words to life with instruments later. Other times I will sit down and just unpack my emotions with an improv and record it and see what happens. Other times Matt will send me lyrics and I open them when I get to my piano and just read and hear a melody in the context of the content. It just depends.


Q) How much of hand do you have in the production of your music?


A) All of it! [laughs] So much so that once upon a time I basically got into an argument with one of our producers because I didn’t like the direction it was going in, over the tone of a synth in the background. So, if that tells you anything, I have to have a hand in just about every piece of it. There’s not a lot that’ll get me worked up, but I will say that my music is one of those things.


Q) What can fans expect from a live Aeves performance?


A) A fun atmosphere, a good time, bad jokes and maybe a soapbox speech if we’re in our feelings.


Q) Where are some of your favorite places to perform and what makes those locations so significant to you?


A) For us as a band, the hometown Spinelli’s will take a spotlight for obvious reasons. [laughs] But for me, personally, there was a show I played in Somerset where a lot of the listeners took a piece of what I wrote with them and we actually discussed the songs and such. That was a special one.


Q) Will there be an EP or full album coming in the near future?


A) We do have an EP in the works. Full album, eventually.


Q) Who would you most like to collaborate with on a song in the future?


A) Anybody I listen to on a regular basis is definitely someone I’ve thought about collaborating with. I am always down to work with new brains and new ideas. If there was one person I’d pick I would say Patrick Stump because as a songwriter he is truly phenomenal.


Q) What album/band are you currently listening to and why do you dig them?


A) There’s a lot of new stuff that’s come out lately that I’ve been super into. Manchester Orchestra, White Reaper, Oh Wonder, Will to Die, Shawn Mendes and Rozwell Kid have put out good albums this year. I know I’m missing a few, but those are pretty much all I’ve had on repeat the past few months.


Q) You are a part of social media. Why is that such an important way for you to connect with your fans?


A) Dude, I love social media, to an extent. Social media helps up develop personal relationships with people that we wouldn’t have been able to do in years past. It’s definitely been a tool that we’ve utilized. I find myself actually developing friendships with a lot of people who listen to our music due to social media. One second we’ll be talking about the music we’ve put out and the next I’m asking them to show me their art and songs they’ve written and how their day ways. It’s pretty cool.


Q) What would you like to say to everyone who is a fan and supporter of you and your work?


A) Well, to anyone who listens to us, thanks. Legit, I don’t have a lot of other sentiments other than gratitude. The fact that anybody AT ALL gives a crap about any art I make is so humbling. Thank you.





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