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Alona Tal – Beyond the Sea

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Q.  What can you tell us about the current projects you are working on?

A.  Well, some of the current projects that I am working on are basically staying afloat.  Not really staying afloat but keeping busy because there is nothing really besides “Veronica Mars” at the moment that I can actually say, there is nothing definite at the moment.  “Veronica Mars” is basically my main project, and some personal things that I am trying to do. 

Q.  We recently caught you on the show “Veronica Mars,” with season two around the corner, will you be back?

A.  Yes, I will be back, I don’t know exactly what’s going to happen and I don’t know if I can elaborate.  I can tell you it’s not going to be the same.

Q.  We read producer Rob Thomas created the role of “Meg” for you?

A.  Because I’m from Israel, Rob knew my situation and he helped me out.  The role was supposed to be either way, it just so happened to be that I was the best pick for that and he knew that in advance.  He had met me in a business meeting beforehand and then he basically just told me that I would be able to do it.  That was just my biggest break!

Q.  What was it about “Veronica Mars” that made you want to be a part of this project?

A.  It’s just not your typical show, in this town any kind of work is blessed, and when it’s written perfectly and when it’s witty and just good material and good characters and storyline, you want to be a part of it.  I think that ever since it went on the air that people have agreed that it’s one of the best shows out there right now.

Q.  What is it like playing scenes inside a high school when you are no longer a student?

A.  It’s kind of like reliving it, even though I’ve never been to an American high school.  So, for me it’s like living it for the first time, it’s pretty accurate with the characters, the school and the sets and everything.  For me it’s like being there for the first time, because I’m not from here so it is completely different. 

Q.  Do you have a most memorable moment from your time filming on “Veronica Mars”?

A.  The first time I went on set because the first time you get to work here, seeing that I’m from a different country, it’s just like a dream, so you remember that.  I remember walking on set and seeing the many, many employees and all the people and the art department and the beautiful sets and I was just in awe.  So, that’s one of my most memorable moments and of course the first scene with Kristen  (Bell) who is amazing and I’m sure you know that!  She’s incredible and the first scene I did with her, she basically calmed me down and was so reassuring and I’ll always remember that.  She was in a towel and it was funny, the first scene that we shot was the one in the bathroom.

Q.  “Meg” seems to be the only genuine character on “Veronica Mars” besides Logan.  Do you think that is because viewers like to see more drama?

A.  I think it’s because the entire style of the show is to bring real characters and not over sophisticated.  Teenage people are just like any other person, they have their problems and their problems are the biggest.  They are not just teenage problems so and a lot of these teenage kids are a lot more mature then ninety percent of the grown-ups that I have come across.  I think that it’s just the style of the show, they have to be genuine, they have to be real, they have to be human.  Even “Meg,” she’s pretty genuine and nice, but she has her bad side, everybody has their bad side, it will come across more next season.

Q.  Were you given specific background information on “Meg” before auditioning for the role?

A.  Well, no not so much, it was a general information about where she is from, that’s she’s rich, that she’s in a cheerleading team.  It was my choice to make her a sweet human being but not dumb.  Because when you think teenager, you don’t think that they are sharp and intelligent and it just came across.  It was also in the writing, I had to give Rob Thomas the credit for this one, he created this character with everything she’s got.

Q.  When watching episodes of “Veronica Mars” do you ever think “I could have done this better” or “Wow, that didn’t turn out nicely?”

A.  That’s a funny one.  Everybody is human and especially actors are the most critical, judging people especially on ourselves.  So, naturally because I want to do the best job when you watch yourself you are like, “oh, damn it, I could have done this better.”  At the end of the day I’m pretty happy with what I have done.  I’m only human so I have my moments when I close my eyes and I can’t watch anything.  The first time that I watched it I had my hands over my mouth, I was embarrassed and I was red, I was blushing like a tomato.

Q.  Is there a summer movie that you are interested in checking out?

A.  I actually was very interested in watching War of the Worlds and I was very, very happy when I went to see it.  I actually did check it out and it was a great adventure.  I also want to seeCharlie and the Chocolate Factory, that’s what I really want to see.

Q.  What would you say is your latest obsession, are you into any particular book, music group, sport or activity?

A.  Yeah, a book I can tell you that I just started reading is The War of Art, but I forget who wrote it.  It’s about creating and being creative and staying positive. 

Q.  What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

A.  In my spare time I go dancing, take my dog to the dog park, I read, I hang out with my friends as much as I can, I talk to my family in Israel, basically normal things like shop because it’s fun. 

Q.  What would you like to say to people who are fans and supporters of your career?

A.  That I am so grateful that I even have people who know my name and they are the most precious things to somebody like me.  I only hope I make them happy when I do my job, I hope they continue enjoying the show.  If I do more things I just hope they enjoy them also, I am eternally grateful to each and every one! 


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