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Amanda – America’s Next Top Model

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Amanda is the 12th Eliminated Contestant in the episode that aired Wednesday,
December 15, 2004

AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL, airs Wednesdays at 8 PM ET/PT on UPN



Q) Who is your favorite designer?


A) My favorite fashion designer is Jean Paul Gaultier. He has so many different styles and his technique, his vision and creativity and everything about him is just incredible.


Q) Why did you decide to apply for the show?


A) I really figured it was my last chance at modeling and if I didn’t take it that I would be letting this huge opportunity go by. I saw the girls from season 2 and thought, “Well, shoot, if those are the girls from season 2 than I can definitely get on the show and I’m going to go for it.” And I did!


Q) What was your interview process like for the show?


A) I went through my local UPN affiliate in Greenville, SC and I was one of fifty girls there. I went to Atlanta and had an interview set up with the casting director because she saw my interview tape and really liked me.


Q) What was it like meeting Tyra Banks?


A) The first time we saw her in LA while we were auditioning, it was the coolest thing because I was just star struck! She’s the biggest star I’d ever seen or met or anything! It was just incredible to see her walk out and float out in her pretty dress.


Q) What did you learn most about modeling from being on the show?


A) I learned most that no matter how tired you are you have to look good and be on point. You can’t let any of that be an excuse for not doing your best.


Q) What did you like most about living in the loft at the Waldorf Astoria?


A) It was so beautiful! Just the way it was decorated was incredible. I never lived in anything that luxurious before. It was just so neat and so pretty.


Q) What did you learn about doing interviews from the publicist?


A) I learned to be myself, but to also hold myself with poise and grace and dignity. You can say whatever you feel and act however you want and people will think you’re a good classy person as long as you carry yourself in the right way.

Q) Do people recognize you on the street from the show?


A) Not so much in North Carolina, because it’s a very small town, but when ever I travel anywhere I get recognized.


Q) How did it make you feel hearing Nigel say that no one would hire a blind model?


A) I think he was just assuming and when you assume…you know what happens. I’m really looking forward to having a large agent and I have a couple lined up so it’s definitely not the end.


Q) What was the most important thing that you learned about the Japanese culture?


A) Respect is a major thing there! I knew that before, it is just being there and experiencing just gives a whole other meaning to it. It’s not just acting respectful or being respectful to another person, it’s respecting everything around you. I love it so much. It’s great because I really brought it home with me.


Q) What was your favorite part of life in Japan?


A) I really liked the food. I love Japanese food so authentic Japanese food was great.


Q) What was it like in the Japanese hot springs?


A) It was so nice! It was beautiful and relaxing and spiritual. Everything was just so great!


Q) How was it being away from your son and husband?


A) I missed Mother’s Day and my son’s birthday, but after a little while I realized that I needed to focus on what I was doing there so that I wouldn’t be wasting my time there and then missing him for no reason. I held my emotions on the inside so that the girls wouldn’t see that as a weakness.


Q) How is your vision been since being on the show?


A) It hasn’t noticeably deteriorated since the show. I realized that technology within the next five years that there is probably going to be a cure. I am looking forward to that and I am really hoping to get out as much information to the public about the disease in general and how to contribute and stuff like that.


Q) What are you going to do now that you are no longer on the program?


A) I will be moving to New York after the beginning of the New Year and I’ll have an agency by then. I’m definitely going to work on my career and give it everything I have and work as hard as I can for as long as I can.


Q) How did it make you feel being chosen so frequently to enjoy competition winnings?


A) I loved it! It was great. Yeah, I would have like to win stuff, but it meant a lot to me knowing that a lot of people viewed me as a friend and somebody they would like to share with.


Q) Who do you plan on keeping in touch with from the show?


A) I plan on keeping in touch with most of everyone, but most of all Ann and Yaya. Ann and I are really good friends and talk almost every day.


Q) What was your favorite competition to participate in?


A) I think it was the tea ceremony. I loved it! It was so inspiring.


Q) Do you have any advice for future contestants?


A) I would just say to be yourself, have your best personality shine through whatever problems you have and have a good attitude and a good outlook. Don’t let the criticism get to you because as soon as you let it affect you, that’s when it is all over.


Q) What would you like to say to your fans and the show’s supporters?


A) Thank you so much and I really appreciate all the kind words and the art people have made for me. It is just really touching to know that people can see through all of the BS of the show and still know that I’m a good person inside and that I’m funny and really kind of still see who I am. I appreciate it a lot.

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