Amber Nash – Archer – Comic Con 2014

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Interview By: Lynsey Tamborello



Q) What are you most excited about this season?

A) I’m excited to see how they recover from last season because it was so crazy! Things kind of get back into their groove a little bit in Season 6. I have to tell you, and I know I say this all the time about Adam Reed, his writing is getting even better! We’ve recorded four episodes so far and they are absolutely amazing. I’m super excited to see what everyone is up to.

Q) We hear that Pam has a sister.

A) She does! They’re relationship is the worst. They hate each other. We get to see Edie in Season 6. I asked what she looks like and they said they don’t know yet. So, I’m really excited to see what she is going to look like. She might look like Pam, but with red hair.

Q) Pre-cocaine Pam or post-cocaine Pam?

A) Pre-cocaine Pam!

Q) The EP’s have said you are returning. Are you excited about that?

A) I am! I think some fans were a little bit upset that Pam got really skinny. So, it will be really nice to see a heavier Pam again.

Q) Will there be any lasting effects on Pam from having done cocaine?

A) As far as I know she is invincible. So, there shouldn’t be an residual fallout from her eating all the cocaine. I can’t imagine what it would actually do to your body.

Q) What was your favorite part of playing Pam last season?

A) I was really interested in seeing how people would react to skinny Pam. That was a lot of fun and some people were really pissed off about it. And a lot of people weren’t happy with the Vice season. It was kind of fun, but I feel like if you’re going to do comedy you have got to be pushing boundaries all the time so it’s not stale. Some people were cool with it and some people weren’t. But good comedy comes from pushing boundaries so I loved it.

Q) What are your favorite Pam lines or moments?

A) The one thing that was like “Oh my gosh, guys! Is this going to make it?” Because she says a lot of terrible things – was “masturbate until my fingers bleed.” I couldn’t believe that it made it in. I couldn’t believe that it was in the script!

Q) How will ISIS be changing this season?

A) It hasn’t effected the dynamic of the group yet as far as I can tell. I don’t think that it will change much how they operate. They never follow anybody’s rules.

Q) So, we hear ISIS is getting back to normal, but there will some residual effects (including the baby). Can you share some of Pam’s babysitting techniques?

A) We just recorded a DVD extra with Pam babysitting baby AJ. She is singing in her own way how farms really work because that is where she grew up. I hope there are a lot of opportunities for Pam to baby-sit AJ because no one at ISIS should be taking care of a baby. Krieger kind of ends up with baby AJ for a while, which is terrifying to think about.

Q) What else in store  for Pam this season?

A) I still want Pam to be a field agent. We saw how awesome she was at it. I want her to keep kicking ass, getting into more trouble and go on more missions with everybody. I feel like when she goes on missions with Archer it’s pretty fun. 

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