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Q) What do you think it is about “Devious Maids” that hooked so many people?

A) I think it’s a guilty pleasure. I think it’s really campy. But I think the hook we have is the cast is so good. We’re able to sort of take material that may be really over the top and unbelievable and bring something to it. I think the cast is just extraordinary and I love this group of actors, from Rebecca Wisocky to Tom Irwin. Now we have new family this season and I have new people in my storyline. I chalk it up to this really incredible cast and the fact that there is something for everyone. There is always a mystery going on – it is a Marc Cherry show. There is always a mystery, beautiful women, hunky men and comedy. It’s always a lot of fun! It’s in the vein of “Dynasty” and all those amazing shows.

Q) We have gotten to say a great campaign this season for the show featuring Jason Derulo and his song “Talk Dirty.”

A) That was such a shocking surprise to see how beautiful that promo came out! We shot it quickly and the director was so fabulous. The way it was shot, we really had no idea what was happening! The director was like, “Walk up the stairs! Walk up the hall!” We were scrambling and it was complete chaos. To see how beautiful and fun it turned out is just amazing. Then, they have a long version and a short version and the song is so catchy. I wonder what came first, the song or the promo idea!

Q) With the song and the promo, do you think it will bring in a younger audience?

A) I hope so! I think that would be really exciting for us. I know just from talking to my Twitter fans and people who enjoy the show, there does seem to be a lot of young people. That’s so exciting! We’ve got this really young fresh faces this season. Edy Ganem who plays one of the maids is an incredibly fresh face and a huge talent. She’s one to watch. The people in her storyline are these hot young guys fighting over her this season, which is really fun. For me, it would be a real kick for that to happen and I hope that the promo does bring in younger viewers. It’d be really exciting. Just from judging the people who are reaching out to me on Twitter, it does seem to be a lot of young people. Also, what strikes me as so cool is that it is a really diverse group of people. It’s not all Midwestern kids or whatever. It’s a really delicious mix of all different kinds of people, which I think is so exciting.

Q) What is it like working with new costar Mark Deklin?

A) This is what I mean by the cast. I just feel so lucky to be working with Mark Deklin and Joanna Adler (who plays the maid in the house). Then, the young actor I was talking about who plays one of Edy’s new beaus is an actor named Colin (Woodell). He is just so fabulous and wonderful! Mark Deklin just raises the bar. Every time I walk into a rehearsal or scene we get to really play and really have fun. I’m so comfortable with him and with Joanna. We really are just having some devious fun because Joanna’s character puts the “devious” in “Devious Maids.” She puts it right back there!

Q) We left off with Marisol’s son being set free. What puts Marisol in the frame of mind for love now?

A) I think Marisol’s whole life has been taking care of her son and being the good, straight arrow. That’s been her main focus. Now that he’s off at grad school and taking care of his life, she has been alone for a long time. She has been alone for a long time in her life. And she is a passionate woman, but that’s the side she’s kept under lock and key. Here comes this amazingly dashing, funny, kind, fabulously wealthy man who holds the same interests as her and is seemingly in love with her. He just sweeps her off her feet and encourages her to be her full self. So, now she’s writing a book and he is supporting her one hundred percent. He is believing in her. For her, that’s been an amazing turn of events because she has always been the one to push people, like her kid or making sure to put one foot in front of the other. Now, someone comes along and wants to take care of her. It makes it impossible for her to resist. All sorts of red flags come up for her this season. There is the mystery this season, of course, but then there is also her trying to reconcile her love for this man with all the dangers she sees. She kind of puts blinders on when it comes to him.

Q) How has the dynamic between the maids/friends changed this season?

A) It’s funny because with these five women the dynamic has definitely changed, but the one thing that remains the same is their sort of bond and their honesty with each other. With Rosie, we’ll see what happens with her immigration status right away. It happens in the first episode. With Carmen, talk about single minded. She’s so focused on becoming a star that she’ll go to any lengths. She has us to sort of pull her back to Earth when she starts going too crazy. We’re definitely sort of her grounders and we’re always straight up honest with her. In the exact same vein, the girls are really honest with me about my new love, especially Zoila. She’s the one is the most intuitive and she’s a really caring – but very straight forward. She really is the one for Marisol who is trying to warn her the dangers that lie ahead in the relationship she is in. Also, we are dealing with the fact that I do have money now and I am in a different social level. There is a tension that comes up with the girls over that too, which has been really fun to play.

Q) What is your favorite aspect of Marisol?

A) I think my favorite thing about her is loyalty. She has sort of a ferocious loyalty. When she believes in someone or something, it’s like she can’t see the forest through the trees. She just throws herself whole heartedly into her love for the people who are around her. That gets her into trouble. That’s why I think that’s the most fun aspect to her. It’s what leads her down these sort of crazy paths. I’m still waiting for Marisol to really let her hair down. There are still so many places to go and ways for her to grow that there is more of a wild side to her. I think it’s there. What is so wonderful about being on a TV show (and the same happened with “Ugly Betty) is that you have time [if you don’t get cancelled] to really explore your character and take your time to grow with it like you would in life. We’ll see what else is down the path for Marisol.

Q) Since you are a part of social media, are you enjoying the instant feedback you get after episodes air?

A) Yeah! I got dragged into it kicking and screaming, but Dania (Ramirez) is such a wiz that she took us by the hand, led us through and showed us the ropes. I’ve been getting so into it. I’m not into it as much as I should be, but it’s difficult when you have a family. You have to be careful of what you want to put on there and how you want to represent yourself. For me, it’s been a really interesting learning curve, but I’m having a lot of un with it. It touches your heart and I really haven’t gotten any unkind words or vicious anything. Everything has just been supportive, even people talking about past stuff they have seen me in. It just makes the world seem a little smaller and closer in a good way. I’ve been definitely getting into it and I have to thank Dania for that.

Q) Is there anything else about the upcoming season you would like to tease fans?

A) I would say to the fans, don’t give up on Marisol. She might be heading down the wrong path for a little while, but she’ll always come through in the end. I can tell you that there is a lot more mystery. There is always death, love, sex and crying. It’s going to be a really exciting season. I hope everybody loves it as much as we have. 

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