Arrow – Crisis on Earth-X, Part 2

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By: Stacy Miller



The wedding of Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) and Iris West (Candice Patton) turned a celebration into a battle for attendees from National City (Kara and Alex), Star City (Oliver and Felicity) and The Legends (Sara, Stein, Jackson and Mick) when Nazi aliens including doppelgängers of Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) known as Overgirl and Green Arrow (Stephen Amell) known as Dark Arrow from Earth-X invaded the wedding. It seemed that the Evil Supergirl had a deadly heart condition and needed Kara’s healthy heart, which Eobard Thawne/Dark Flash (Tom Cavanagh) wearing Harrison Wells’ face, planned to cut out of her chest. The superheroes managed to capture one of the villains and puts him in the pipeline at Star Labs. Oliver was shocked when he saw the man’s face.  It was Earth-X’s version of Tommy Merlyn (Colin Donnell), who is that Earth’s version of Prometheus. He tells Kara and Barry that Tommy is “Thea’s other brother and my best friend.” Oliver asks for a moment alone with Tommy while Felicity (who was also in the room), leaves with Barry.

In the lab at Star Labs, Sara (Caity Lotz) explains that The Legends broke the timeline and created anachronisms, which are people, animals and objects from across time that became stuck in their time. Iris asks why Nazis from 1945 want to crash her wedding. But Alex (Chyler Leigh) thinks that Nazi anachronisms would have targeted law enforcement or the military. But what if they aren’t anachronisms reasons Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker).  She thinks the Nazi could be from one of the alternate Earths in which there are fifty-two. Professor Martin Stein (Victor Garber) can’t image an Earth where people dress as Nazis. Harrison knows of one and that is the fifty-third Earth known as Earth X. Harrison gives Earth X’s history: It shares the same history as their Earth.  Except the Nazis developed the atomic bomb and used it to obliterate France and England. Then, set up Nazi outposts all over the rest of the United States. Earth-X, Harrison says is a place so horrible that no one ever considers visiting it.

Meanwhile back in the pipeline, Tommy tells Oliver that on his Earth he was born into the Fatherland where there aren’t summer camps but youth groups and military training. Tommy explains that on Earth-X, Oliver is his best friend. But Oliver says that his Tommy was his brother who died for him (Oliver) trying to protect the woman they both loved.  Oliver thinks that even though this Tommy is from a different Earth, he can’t be that different from the Tommy that Oliver loved.  Oliver begs Tommy to tell him where they can find the other Nazis.  Tommy says that if he does that, the Führer will kill his parents.  When Oliver promises that he won’t let that happen, Tommy laughs and calls Oliver weak and swayed by sentiment. “The Reich will change that.  Your entire world will be enslaved but you won’t be around to witness it,” Tommy smiles as he continues to taunt Oliver “He’s going to feel your skull crack under the weight of his boot.  Everyone you care about, everyone you love are all going to die in agony.” Then he says “I really wish I could live to see it” before taking a suicide pill.

Meanwhile, Dark Arrow gets a signal in his compass and tells Dark Flash and Overgirl that Tommy is gone. Dark Flash smirks that Merlyn was always weak. An angry Dark Arrow tells Dark Flash to find the prism.  But when Dark Flash orders Dark Arrow to watch his tone, Earth-X’s Oliver grabs him and throws him against a wall, holding an arrow to his throat. Dark Flash laughs that he can end Oliver before Dark Arrow’s next thought. Overgirl warns that if Dark Flash tries it, she’ll kill him. Dark Flash then backs off.  It’s obvious they’re all emotional. He’ll stand down and tells Overgirl to stop breaking his wrist. “And you try to be ten percent less brooding,” Dark Arrow says to Oliver. Overgirl reminds that they are accomplishing nothing by arguing amongst themselves.  So, Oliver nicely asks Dark Flash to find the prism so the target can be located. Overgirl says that she is sorry about Merlyn. “He should have died in the church before allowing himself to be taken prisoner.” Overgirl urges him to trust in the plan because it was his plan. “And do you trust me?” Dark Arrow asks. “With all of my heart,” Overgirl answers before they kiss.

Felicity contacts Curtis (Echo Kellum) but tells him that she doesn’t need him to leave Star City but he can use their computer systems to try to track the Nazis.  After she hangs up, Oliver appears.  Felicity tells Oliver that she’s sorry about Tommy, even though it wasn’t his Tommy.  Oliver wants to talk about why she turned down his marriage proposal.  Felicity explains the reasons why she declined his proposal and asks “Please respect me on this.” Although not happy, Oliver agrees.

Meanwhile, Jackson (Franz Drameh) and Stein talk about Martin’s decision to leave The Legends. Jackson tells Stein that because he (Jackson) never knew his real father, Stein is the closest thing he ever had to a father.

After having an awkward conversation about their one night stand with Sara, Alex tells Kara how guilty she feels about sleeping with Sara so soon after Maggie. Kara reminds her sister that as Alex wants to have children and Maggie doesn’t, Alex made the right decision.  Meanwhile, Iris and Felicity talk about Ms. Smoak’s troubles with Oliver and why Felicity turned down his marriage proposal. Iris and Felicity see that the Earth-X Nazis have arrived. “I’ll call Barry,” Felicity says. Then, Supergirl and The Flash arrive at the location first with Oliver showing up on motorcycle later. “Super speed, I don’t have it,” Oliver reminds. Three of the Nazi aliens arrive. “You feel so confident with yourself that you think you can defeat anything that comes your way,” says the one dressed like Green Arrow. They all remove their masks. “How do you feel about us?” Dark Arrow asks. Kara, Barry and Oliver are shocked to see Earth-X’s Kara, Oliver and Thawne, wearing Harrison’s face. Dark Arrow calls Kara, Barry and Oliver weak.  Overgirl tells Kara how her (Overgirl) pod landed in the Fatherland, adding that Kara is perverted for falling for “saccharin Americana.” Oliver orders them to leave their Earth. Not until they get what they came for says Dark Oliver. When Kara learns that Overgirl is Dark Arrow’s wife, she’s says “Gross.” But looking towards Earth’s Oliver adds, “No offense.” Oliver shoots Overgirl with a Kryptonite arrow. “Why do you have a Kryptonite arrow?” Kara asks. “In case an evil you ever showed up,” Oliver answers. Dark Arrow asks whether Overgirl is okay. She’s pissed so Dark Arrow suggests she take it out on the nearby building under construction.  Using her laser vision, Overgirl causes the building to start to collapse. Supergirl rushes to hold it up while The Flash super speeds Green Arrow over to it. The Flash gets all the civilians to safety while using his arrows, Green Arrow helps to stabilize the building.

Dark Flash worries that Dark Arrow will choose Overgirl over the Fatherland.   But she assures that Oliver is loyal to the Fatherland and if he does become torn, she’ll take the decision from him.

Meanwhile at Star Labs, Alex learns that there is another Kara. The superheroes also learn that the prism that was stolen can be used to make a hydrogen bomb. But Overgirl’s blood from the Kryptonite arrow can be used to track her. Always having his priorities in order, Mick (Dominic Purcell) asks Caitlin how she can change into the other version of herself.  Caitlin explains that she becomes Killer Frost when she’s scared or angry.

Iris helps Barry deal with his emotions at seeing Thawne (his mother’s murderer) again. And Barry tries to help Oliver understand that even though Felicity turned down Oliver’s marriage proposal, she does love him.

The team suits up when they are able to track Overgirl’s location from Evil Kara’s blood. Once they arrive, Oliver tells the team to leave Dark Arrow to him.

Meanwhile, Harrison has to run for his life when one of the Nazis gets inside Star Labs. Mick orders Iris and Felicity to hide while Caitlin turns into Killer Frost to help.

The superheroes look to be no match for the Earth X crew and soon Oliver is down. Kara realizes that the metal creature with the Kryptonite heart is Metallo. Alex, Kara, Barry, Sara, Oliver, Jackson and Stein are captured. They learn that Overgirl has a weak heart and is dying. She tells Kara that as Supergirl’s mission statement is to save people, she (Supergirl) will save her by giving donating her heart to her (Overgirl).  Apparently, Overgirl flew too close to the sun and damaged her own heart so it’s a good thing they found a new one on this Earth. And the prism isn’t just for making a hydrogen bomb, it is also for creating a red sun which will weaken Kara so they can operate on her and take her heart.

Back at Star Labs, Iris tells Felicity that there’s always something that comes after she (Iris) and Barry.  But as long as Barry is by her side, Iris knows that they can get through anything. Their talk is interrupted when they hear a noise. It looks like Nazis have invaded Star Labs and have taken everyone except Iris and Felicity prisoner.

Meanwhile, Alex, Kara, Barry, Oliver, Jackson and Stein find themselves locked in an outside detention camp and Sara realizes “We’re on Earth X.”

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