Arrow – We Fall

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By: Stacy Miller


In Star City, Councilman Grovner (Steven Garr)’s car goes haywire as does computers in the hospital and an elevator containing Frank Pike (Adrian Holmes).

At the Queen home, Oliver (Stephen Amell) and William (Jack Moore) are target practicing with toy bows and arrows. William hits every bullseye while Oliver misses. William comments that his father must be out of practice as he hasn’t been the Green Arrow in a while, not knowing that his dad is still secretly The Green Arrow.  William is going on a marine biology field and asks for Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) help with an extra credit assignment.  Felicity reads on her tablet about Councilman Grovner’s death and also learns that Frank Pike was a casualty due to being electrocuted in an elevator.  Felicity suggests that they get Rene (Rick Gonzalez), Curtis (Echo Kellum) and Dinah (Juliana Harkavy) up to speed by sharing information even though they are now on separate teams. Oliver agrees as both teams have the same mission. John (David Ramsey) is getting stronger due to Curtis’ chip that is helping the tremors.  Felicity tells him that Cayden James (Michael Emerson) seems to be hacking technology and causing car, planes and elevator crashes.

Rene, Curtis and Dinah are congratulating themselves on a recent mission when they receive the call from Felicity who brings them up to speed about Cayden James’ hacking. And while Curtis is suited up and out gathering more information on James, he runs into Vince (Johann Urb), who tells him about Cayden James’ plans. Vince tells Curtis that he (Vince) is undercover in Cayden James’ organization and further explains that he tried to tell Dinah.  Should Curtis believe and trust Vince?

Cayden James pretends to have an appointment with Mayor Queen and comes to Oliver’s office at City Hall.  Cayden James tells Oliver he wants revenge for the death of his son and that the city’s entire infrastructure is under is his control and unless Oliver wires ten million dollars by eleven o’ clock tonight and every night until further notice to an offshore account, Star City pays the price. Oliver insists that he didn’t kill Cayden James’ son. Cayden James tells Oliver that James was a victim of one of Oliver’s stray arrows. Oliver asks that if Cayden James wanted revenge, why didn’t he just out him as the Green Arrow. Cayden James says that it’s his understanding that was already done. Oliver insists that he will not negotiate with terrorists.

Felicity works hard to counteract Cayden James’ hacking and sadly realizes that she unknowingly helped James plant a virus. Curtis calls Felicity and tells her that Cayden James is planning to attack the subway system.  But he tells her that his team can handle it. Rene, Curtis and Dinah arrive at the subway and begin pulling levers to stop the subway trains from crashing. But that doesn’t work, so it’s up to Dinah’s canary cry. Fortunately, Black Canary’s screams work.

Meanwhile, the school bus containing William and his classmates becomes a victim of Cayden James’ computer hacking. William is able to get all of his classmates out of the bus and to safety. But he becomes trapped behind falling debris.  John and Oliver arrive. “That’s William’s bus,” Oliver says.  “You take care of William, I’ll take care of the others,” John tells Oliver.  Diggle helps a woman with a baby and several other people finds safety behind a door. Oliver finds William’s classmate trying to move debris. “Where’s William Clayton?” The Green Arrow asks the boy. “Stuck behind the sign,” the kid answers. Oliver tells the boy to run to safety then moves the sign and gets his son out.  Oliver and William make it to the door just as an explosion goes off behind him. The Green Arrow asks William whether he’s okay, and William realizes it’s his dad.

Back at the Arrow Cave, Oliver explains to William that John got hurt and he had to take over as Green Arrow and what’s everything that has been happening, he couldn’t leave John on his own.  Oliver promises that once John is back on his feet, he won’t be Green Arrow anymore.  But William can’t believe his father because Oliver has lied to him before.

Curtis tells Rene and Dinah that Felicity didn’t give him the information about the subway attack, he got it from Vincent Sobel. Curtis explains that Vince told him that he (Vincent) is working undercover to catch Cayden James. Dinah doesn’t believe Vince and refuses to work with her ex again. Rene and Curtis disagree and think that Vince could be help to the team.  But Dinah reminds that they all have to be in agreement in order for their new team to work.

Oliver meets with Thea (Willa Holland) and Quentin (Paul Blackthorne).  Mayor Queen speaks to the public and announces that safe zones have been set up throughout the city and these safe zones have analog, so they will be protected from Cayden James’ technology hacking. Watching Oliver’s news conference, Cayden James says that Queen is so predictable that he’s taking the fun out of it.

Felicity finds out that Cayden James received false information that Oliver killed his (Cayden) son.

Curtis asks Dinah that as a cop even though Vince is a complicated man, if he came to her with information, would she use it…Dinah can’t answer that question unless Vince has new information for them.

Felicity gives Oliver advice on how to deal with William. She tells him how all she ever wanted from her father was the truth and that’s all William wants from Oliver. Felicity assures that William can handle whatever Oliver tells him.

Curtis tells Rene and Dinah that Cayden James is using his (Curtis) T-spheres to send them a message in morse code.  It seems to be the newest location where Cayden James plans to attack.  “Suit up,” Dinah tells her team.

John and Oliver end up meeting up with Rene, Dinah and Curtis and both teams join forces. At the Arrow Cave, Felicity tells William how she’s loved Oliver since the first time she sat in front of a computer for him, which is a long time. She tells him how Oliver is really good at what he does and takes chances for what he believes in and believe in doing what’s right. Felicity adds that it’s okay to worry about those that we love, but we have to trust that they know what they are doing and will do anything they can to make sure they return to them safely. Felicity and William watch Oliver’s moves on the monitor, and William has to admit that his dad is badass.

Even though they worked really well together, Rene reminds Oliver that this doesn’t change anything.

Dinah meets with Vince and he assures that he is on her side. “So, what happens now?” Vince asks Dinah.

Oliver calls a family meeting and tells his son that he’s sorry that he lied to him. “But no more secrets and no more lies.  But if you need me to stop being the Green Arrow, I will,” Oliver says.  William tells Oliver that Felicity showed him tonight what he (Oliver) did and he realizes that the city needs Green Arrow.  He was worried about something happening to Oliver and becoming an orphan, but things are different now because now he has Felicity.

Oliver returns to his office in city and tells Thea “Wire the money.”

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