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Q) Tell us about your new single “Christmas Time.”

A) I wanted to choose a Christmas song that was not your normal Christmas song and you could dance to it. Of course, in my video I incorporated dancing and it is something that everyone can enjoy. It brings spirit!

Q) What made you want to release just the song instead of an album?

A) I just dropped the five song LP so I thought I’d just do a single for Christmas. In the new year, though, I’ll be dropping another five song LP. Also, I’m in a movie called Sister Code that will be coming out in the end of March. You’ll see the trailers coming out very, very soon.

Q) What kind of fan reaction have you been getting to the song?

A) It’s been doing very, very well. I’m really glad everyone likes it because I love it! It’s on VEVO and also featured on their homepage. That was very cool and very excited to hear that news!

Q) What kind of feeling do you hope fans get from listening to your music?

A) I hope they get into the holiday spirit with my Christmas song and they have a really, really good time listening to it with friends and family. I hope that one day it will be a hit. I hope they learn to give back. Really early in the morning on Christmas all our friends and family go the mission and we give clothes, food, presents and sing Christmas carols to the homeless and their children.

Q) What kind of sound and feel will your upcoming LP be?

A) It will be the same genre, but there will be pop and R&B music. That will always be my music! It will be more dance music.

Q) What is it about pop and R&B music that makes it your favorite?

A) I’ve always liked pop and R&B music because I can dance to it and everybody feels it. It’s such good music. Beyonce, Destiny’s Child, Janet Jackson and Aaliyah inspire me. I always grew up listening to R&B and pop. I’ve always loved to do that kind of music. Coming from the dance world, I always dance to those songs as well.

Q) How do dance and singing intertwine for you?

A) They are both just amazing things to do. Singing helps me express myself and I feel free. That is something I’ve always wanted to do and now that I have been able to do it it is just amazing. It’s been such an amazing experience. I’m so blessed and thankful that God helps me through all of this stress. My mom, ever since I was eighteen months, it feels like we’ve been in the car. Dancing and singing have helped me express myself and I want to show the whole world that. I want to show the world you can express yourself through different things.

Q) What else would you like to do some day?

A) I’ve been acting for two years now. The trailer will be coming out soon in AMC and Regal theaters. I’m also up for another lead role, but I can’t share any information yet. Cross your fingers that I get it!

Q) We last saw you on “Raising Asia,” where we said you hoped to be able to spend more time with your sister. Have you gotten a chance to bond with her more?

A) My sister and I have been super close. Now, we do a lot of things together. Even though I’m still dancing, I always make time for my little sister. We made gingerbread houses and gingerbread cookies. We went to see the lights in Yormalinda, California. We also go to The Grove and when the holidays come around nothing can defeat me and my sister!

Q) What will we get to see upcoming for you on “Raising Asia?”

A) In the new year, January 1st, we’ll be talking about having a second season. I am really excited if it gets picked up. That would be awesome!

Q) What can fans do to help promote your music?

A) They can share on their pages on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter where I am @AsiaMonetRay. Watch my music video on VEVO. It will also be coming out on iTunes. You can write back on my social media and go to my website to follow what I’m doing!

Q) You dance, sing and act. How do you keep up with it all?

A) I think I was born a fireball! Ever since I was little I haven’t been able to just sit still in one spot. It’s been so hard for me! I like challenges. My dad sometimes makes me watch “Survivor” and he says I should be on the show! I say, “I can do anything else, BUT be on that show!”

Q) What would you like to say to your fans and supporters?

A) I want to thank them for always being there when I am on my shows and always supporting me. I’m so grateful that I have my fans. They are the best in the whole wide world. You’re an inspiration to me because it helps me work harder. As much as you guys love me, I love you as well. Enjoy my new music and my Christmas single. Check out my Asia Monet EP on iTunes, which can also be found on Amazon and Google Play. Thank you for always being there when I fall down. You keep motivating me!

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