Beauty and The Beast – Au Revoir

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By: Stacy Miller

The episode opens with Cat (Kristin Kreuk) trying to make financial arrangements for Heather (Nicole Anderson) to guarantee she’s taken care of while Vincent (Jay Ryan) is trying to sell his truck. He knows that according to the Blue Book his truck is worth twenty-five grand; however, shady car dealer Dave will only give him fifteen in cash. “The cash is for a friend who sacrificed a lot for me,” Vincent says, trying to appeal to the man’s decency, but all he gets is a threat from Dave that he will call the cops to see why Vincent is so desperate for quick cash. “I don’t care about the cops or DHS or anyone else who’s after me,” Vincent counters before making his own subtle threat, basically scaring Dave that his heart may be ripped out of his chest. Vincent gets twenty grand in hundreds for his truck.

Meanwhile, JT (Austin Basis) and Tess (Nina Lisandrello) are trying to get information about the Braxton and the prince. Unfortunately, JT is dealing with an extremely slow computer while Tess is dealing with uncooperative people on the phone who refuse to give her information on the prince’s motorcade route despite the fact that she is a police captain. JT is frustrated that everything has to be so complicated. They need to find Braxton before Cat and Vincent get hurt or worse – killed trying to stop him. “We have to help them stop the last person who can make beasts so we can all move on,” Tess says.

At the hospital, Heather is trying to leave. She is restrained. Kyle (Michael Roark) arrives and asks how she got shot. Heather gives him the Cliff Notes version and tells him “If you ever want to have sex with me again you’ll get me out of here.” Yes, a bullet wound won’t stop Heather Chandler from helping her sister!

Cat and Vincent abduct Prince Abu’s personal assistant, Karim (Michael Benyaer), outside an expensive restaurant. They need the man to give them information about the prince with the hope of saving his life and getting him to testify against Braxton. The Kellers tell Karim that they want the names of all the people Braxton experimented on for the prince. They learn that Braxton had promised the prince that he could make his body guards extra strong so they could protect him. Prince Abu (Jay Ali) had no idea what Braxton was really doing to them. Across town, we see Braxton (Marc Singer) is working on a bomb. Since all Cat and Vincent can do now is wait for JT and Tess to come through, they decide to have one last rooftop date.

Tess goes to DHS Headquarters to try to get information from Special Agent Olivia Dylan (Anastasia Barzee) about the prince’s motorcade in order to stop the attack. But Dylan refuses to give Tess anything unless she tells her everything she knows. “Otherwise, you get nothing from me,” Dylan says before leaving the office. But thanks to JT, Tess really doesn’t need Agent Dylan’s help because she puts something that looks like a flash drive into Dylan’s computer. The device will help get the needed information from Dylan’s computer.

Heather and Kyle leave Eastside Pawn Shop with a suitcase that has wigs and burner cell phones inside. Kyle wants to know what they’re doing, but Heather explains that she can’t tell him because that would make him an accessory. Kyle admits he’s part of the reason Cat and Vincent are in trouble and wants to make it up to her by doing it right this time, assuring Heather can trust him. “You’re definitely high maintenance,” Kyle tells Heather. “But I’m worth it,” she says.

When Heather returns to Cat’s apartment, she finds her sister discussing her will with a lawyer. Upset, Heather runs out. Cat finds Heather in the park. Cat explains that she wanted to make sure Heather was taken care of, even though she and Vincent don’t plan on dying it could happen. Cat wants Heather and everyone she cares about to start living their lives again.

Vincent surprises JT with a new, state of the art laptop complete with facial recognition software. But JT knows what Vincent is doing and is angry. Vincent is leaving and he gives him a laptop?! JT doesn’t want Vincent to leave, they’ve been like brothers their whole life.

Tess was successful in getting the information on Prince Abu’s motorcade route from Agent Dylan’s computer. She tells Cat about the prince’s route and that Braxton is probably planning to blow up the bridge the motorcade is taking in Queens. Then, the two friends share their goodbye.

Cat and Vincent have one last rooftop date. This is more romantic than any other as the reality that they are never coming back sets in.

The next day while JT delays NYPD’s escort of Prince Abu’s limo, Vincent takes Cat’s hand and they make a beast dash to the limo. Once inside, they tell Prince Abu about Braxton’s plan to kill him and asks for his help in testifying against Braxton. Vincent realizes the bomb is underneath the limo so Abu better decide soon whether he will help them because once they get on that bridge, it’s over for all of them. Vincent orders Prince Abu to tell his driver to stop the car. The prince and the driver get out and Vincent takes over in the driver’s seat. “Trust me,” he says taking Cat’s hand and steering the limo off the bridge. JT watches in horror as it goes overboard and explodes in the water.

Later that night, Tess meets up with JT on the street and he tearfully tells her that Cat and Vincent are dead. “Where’s Braxton?” Tess asks JT through her tears. Braxton is trying to make his gate away with the small plane he chartered ready. “Braxton, you’re under arrest,” Tess says gun drawn. “Don’t move.” “Actually, please do,” JT adds, his gun also drawn. JT and Tess open fire on Braxton’s car, shooting him dead.

At Cat and Vincent’s funeral, JT delivers a touching eulogy to his friends who died how they lived their lives. After the service, JT is approached by a man offering him the position at the biotech firm he turned down weeks prior. Apparently, Vincent called the man a few days ago inquiring as to whether the position was still available. But how did Vincent know to send him there, the place of his own funeral?

When Heather can’t find the luggage they got for Cat and Vincent, she happily tells Kyle that they must have taken it with them because they needed it. “They’re alive!” Heather exclaims happily as she jumps into Kyle’s arms.

Six months later in Paris, Isabelle (Cat) is talking with her friends who can’t believe she passed the bar on the first try. Isabelle explains that she studied a long time ago when she realized she wanted to be a lawyer, but got sidetracked. Adam (Vincent) appears with a horse drawn carriage to take her on a romantic ride. It is Cat and Vincent’s first wedding anniversary. It’s hard to believe six months ago they were dead and now they are celebrating in the City of Love.

The anniversary surprises continue with a reunion with JT, Tess and Heather in a nearby bistro. JT and Tess have gotten back together and Heather is living in sin with Kyle. But when they spot a purse snatchers trying to make off with a woman’s purse, Tess’ urging to ‘”let the police handle it” falls on deaf ears. “Here we go again,” JT says as Cat and Vincent take off after the man, proving they will always protect the innocent.

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