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By: Stacy Miller



The episode No Way Out opens with JT (Austin Basis) and Heather (Nicole Anderson) working to scrape together money to get Cat (Kristin Kreuk) out of prison. Heather tells JT she has about four thousand dollars in the bank noting “I rounded it off.” “Two thousand three hundred does not round out to four thousand,” JT says. If it’s this hard getting the money to bail Cat out of jail, how will they afford to pay the lawyer’s fee for the trial? JT reminds her that they are way past getting Vincent exonerated. So, once Cat and Vincent are freed they have to stick with the original plan and disappear.

Meanwhile, Agent Olivia Dylan (Anastasia Barzee) visits Cat in her prison cell. She says that she’s sorry to see that Cat chose to flush her career down the toilet, but instead she attempted to run away with Vincent when she could have been the one to bring her fugitive husband in. Cat learns from Dylan that it’s now more than about the murders of Agent Hill and the others, Vincent is being accused of being a terrorist. Under The Patriot Act, he could be looking at life in prison without the possibility of parole. The guard enters to let Cat out because her lawyer arranged for her release. “I’m not the bad guy here and neither is my husband,” are Cat’s departing words to Dylan as she leaves to find out what’s going on.

Heather apologizes to Cat for what Kyle (Michael Roark) did, but Cat doesn’t have time to talk about Kyle. With DHS treating Vincent like a terrorist instead of a murder suspect, she needs to get to Tess (Nina Lisandrello) to see what her friend knows. Tess is talking with JT on the phone and learns that he sold his computers and borrowed against his pension to get Cat out of prison. Both Tess and JT are worried because no one knows where DHS took Vincent as he’s not in a federal prison or a DHS detention center. Tess ends the call when Cat arrives. She gives her friend and drink and tries to comfort Cat who blames herself for believing that they could have pulled it off and for hesitating getting on the plane as they were worried about the new beast out there. But the question still remains – where is Vincent?

When we see Vincent, it looks like he is in a dungeon and he’s carving names such as Braxton on the wall. He’s taken from the cell and interrogated. Vincent is accused of being a terrorist seeking revenge on a government and country that forsaken him. He’s then tortured.

Cat tries to discourage Tess from going to DHS to see what Agent Dylan knows. “It’s more about law and order, it’s about doing what’s right,” Tess says. Once at DHS, Tess catches a glimpse of the information they have collected including an apartment address for Vincent. She’s caught by Agent Dylan and lies that she was looking for her files. Dylan warns Tess that unless she does the right thing she’s as dirty as her former partner ex-Detective Chandler. Tess says she has every intention of doing the right thing then leaves the office.

The physical and mental torture of Vincent continues as he’s accused of agreeing to take part in the super solider program as a way to get revenge for everything he lost.

Cat and Tess go to Vincent’s alleged apartment. Tess breaks the fire alarm to get everyone out of the building. Inside the apartment someone has obviously done their homework by compiling information to make it look like Vincent is planning his terrorist revenge. They reason that it must be Braxton’s beast. “So, let’s find Braxton’s beast so we can save yours,” Tess tells Cat.

Vincent’s torturer takes a different approach. He says to Keller that if he loves his wife Catherine he’ll tell them what his terrorist target is. Otherwise, his wife will be scarred as she’ll have to live with the fact that she was married to a terrorist who killed innocent people. When he is alone, Vincent recalls happier times with Cat.

Heather sadly realizes that even if they find Vincent and he and Cat get away, she loses her sister forever. Cat and Tess arrive and tells Heather and JT that they have to find Braxton’s beast. They also think that the second beast is going after the fourth Kabul member to get revenge against everyone who turned him into a beast. If they find that person, they can stop the attack.

Cat visits her mother’s grave where she is joined by Heather. She tells her sister that everything changed the night their mother was killed. Cat was going to be a lawyer, but became a cop instead to get justice. “You did get justice, you took down Muirfield,” Heather reminds. Cat cries that she kept fighting for justice when she already had it, she always had to do more and no matter what she did “I could never bring mom back and now I might lose Vincent, too.”

Meanwhile, JT is searching for the fourth Kabul member even though if they discover the name of that person and the second beast goes after him, they won’t be able to stop it without Vincent.

Vincent has a hallucination of Cat in which she encourages him not to let things end this way, they can figure out who’s trying to set him up together. “Think about it Vincent, who would want to set you up more than anybody and who knows exactly how to do it?” the Cat hallucination asks. Vincent looks at the name scratching on his cell wall and his eyes zero in on the name at the top: Braxton. He beasts out, busts out of the cell and finds himself swimming to shore. Next, Vincent goes to the morgue where he examines the body that is supposed to be Braxton.

JT discovers that the fourth Kabul member is a crown prince who happens to be coming to New York. JT and Tess fill Cat and Heather in when they arrive with takeout. All are surprised to see Vincent, who makes an announcement “There is no beast, it’s Braxton. He’s alive.” Cat asks Vincent what they did to him while he was locked up. “They tried every trick in the book to try to get me to confess. Don’t worry, they didn’t break me because of you” Vincent says, explaining that she helped him figure everything out.

Later, Cat, Vincent, JT, Tess and Heather talk about how Braxton was behind everything and made up a story of the second beast to throw them off his track. Now, they have to find Braxton. Cat and Vincent go to the apartment that Braxton set up as Vincent’s. Cat gets a call from Heather who tells them that Braxton is coming out of the building. Heather decides to follow Braxton, despite Cat’s warning not to and when he spots her, Braxton shoots her! Cat and Vincent rush to Heather’s aid, but Vincent has to take off before the police come.

At the hospital, Cat tells Heather that she will be okay because the bullet didn’t hit any vital organs. Cat assures her little sister that she’s not mad at her, saying “And I’m not mad at Kyle. Kyle wants what’s best for you. Promise me that you’ll forgive him.”

JT and Tess have a drink together. JT tells Tess that they stop Braxton and everything will work out for Cat and Vincent. Like JT, Cat tells Vincent they have to stop Braxton saying, “It’s like we’ve come full circle. It has to end Vincent. One way or another.”

How will it end? Next week, the finale.

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