Beyond – Knock, Knock

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By: Darryl Ley


Willa (Dilan Gwyn) is taking a bath when she is disturbed by intense knocking at her door. She grabs a robe and goes to answer to find an injured Holden (Burkely Duffield). As she tends to his wound she questions on him on why he lost control. Holden replies that he just freaked out then goes on to apologise for the things he said after the disastrous Sunday dinner. He goes on to ask why she acted that way and Willa replies that she too just freaked out.

The two of them are reminded of the day they first met and after Holden tells Willa he misses her the two share a kiss. As they continue, Holden asks if Willa is sure and she asks the same as it will be their first time. The two go on to have sex with Holden seeming to be distracted at one point and then we move to the title screen.

Things become awkward after the fact between Holden and Willa. While she answers a phone, Holden finds himself reminiscing about Charlie and the night they slept together.  Willa has received a call about her grandfather and is visibly upset while Holden’s father is looking for him. Willa distractedly leaves.

The Man in the Yellow Jacket (Peter Kelamis) is at the carnival with his daughter Emily (Ava Grace Cooper) handing in some prize tickets. She wants him to stay and take her back to the Carnival the next day, but he reminds her he is going on a business trip. They get each other gifts he gets a yoyo and she gets a bracelet. Emily asks who her father is going to see and he tells her that it is his mentor and then explains what that word means.

Diane Matthews (Romy Rosemont) is at the store picking up some things and texting Pastor Ian she drops something on the floor which coincidentally rolls to the feet of Charlie (Eden Brolin). Diane is surprised that Charlie is in the area, but Charlie quickly covers until the store attendant returns with a gun. Diane is surprised, but expresses an interest in learning how to shoot. Charlie assumes that there is a cooling off period, but apparently that is not the case in Kansas so she purchases the weapon and takes it away with her.

We learn that Willa’s phone call was actually from Daniel (Patrick Sabongui) informing her that her grandfather Arthur has disappeared from the house. Willa is equal parts frantic and furious and eventually leaves to go look for him.

Holden gets home and sees a note from his mother informing him that he is out when he calls out he realises that his brother Luke (Jonathan Whitesell) is home. Luke is playing video games and confirms that their father has been in touch regarding the incident. Holden explains a little about what happened at the warehouse and as Luke is consoling him Holden accidentally lays on an earring which belongs to Riley.

Holden doesn’t trust Riley and makes that clear to Luke. The two then have an argument about the nature of helping people and Holden’s choices regarding his life. Holden asks Luke not to help Riley with as he is convinced that she is going to let him down again.

Jeff (Jeff Pierre) is meeting with Special Agent Gale Borden (Amy Farrington) at the café. Diane filled in the Agent on Jeff confronting Pastor Ian previously,.Agent Borden then warns Jeff off of Pastor Ian and eventually asks Jeff about his relationship with Holden. Jeff stays quiet throughout the questioning and tries to dissuade the Agent from looking further into Holden and his connection to Hollow Sky. Agent Borden feels like there is a clear connection between Kevin’s death, Tess Shoemacher, Isaac Frost, Pastor Ian and Holden. As Jeff leaves Agent Borden calls him a liar under her breath and eats her burger.

Diane and Pastor Ian (Chad Willett) are having lunch in a restaurant together. He apologizes for her seeing Jeff’s attack on him and then asks about the status of her relationship with Tom. Diane makes it clear that they are separated and not getting back together. Pastor Ian calls their relationship friendly, but Diane questions him on that prompting him to take her hand and Diane starts laying on the charm. Diane tries to get him to open up about Hollow Sky.

Pastor Ian explains the Hollow Sky goal, using technology to bridge the gap between the living and the dead, they both agree it sounds cray, but Diane stays open minded and suggests that this is something she will need to see to be able to believe. Pastor Ian suggests he can try to get her a tour of the Hollow Sky headquarters and Diane seems impressed.

Charlie is at a gun range trying out her new gun but not having a lot of joy in terms of accuracy. The man (Keenan Tracey) next to her stall offers some tips. He advises her to “stop thinking,” we see them both move to the parking lot where he offers her some of his moonshine and the two talk. Charlie admits that she is thinking of killing someone, but her new friend assumes it is a joke at first until she starts revealing more about her relationship with Arthur. As he again tries to help her shooting accuracy she asks if he has any better alcohol.

We see Willa walking towards a house with a police car in front of it, Willa immediately asks the Officer (Sydney Bell) if Arthur (Alex Diakun) is ok and the Officer reassures her that he is. The police officer informs Willa that the owners of the house won’t be pressing charges as Arthur came into their garden while they were away and began digging it up. He then became hostile when they returned and approached him. Willa suggests that Arthur has been experiencing memory loss and the officer suggests that his condition will only decline.

The officer releases Arthur from the police car and he goes with Willa revealing that he had found a book that he had secretly buried there at his former home. The book contains details on the construction of the machine.

Over at the warehouse Holden and Stevie (Tom Stevens) are in with the managers to discuss what happened the previous night. The damage has been assessed at $513,000 and Tom (Michael McGrady) and Andy (Kevin Ohtsji) want to know what caused it. Stevie suggests that they ask Holden who apologises. Tom is clearly not convinced reminding Stevie that he was the one in charge and that he has always had a problem with Holden. Holden interrupts to take the blame himself saying that he got angry and caused the damage himself. Andy is not convinced that Holden managed to cause half a million dollars in damages by himself and he suggests he will cut both of their pay if he doesn’t get a real answer.

At this point Holden announces that he is going to quit and Tom asks for the room. Tom wants Holden to take responsibility and he feels that by quitting Holden is running away. Tom asks what is going on with Holden, but he refuses to open up and says he just wants to go home the two have a falling out and Tom leaves Holden alone.

The Man In The Yellow Jacket heads to the front door of his mentor’s house with a doll and a bottle of spirits. His friend (Jeff Fahey) opens the door and he is having barbecuing some food. He has the place to himself as his family is away. The two make small talk including about their children before TMITYJ’s friend reveals that he called him to his house to kill him. This is something which TMITYJ had suspected. The Man In The Yellow Jacket is a believer while his mentor is only interested in the money. He then threatens Emily, but gets distracted by timer buzzing and misses his shot. The two fight back and forth until the mentor gets on top and begins to choke him. TMITYJ finds the yoyo Emily won for him at the carnival and uses it to get the upper hand and to choke his mentor to death. Afterwards he takes a seat and grabs a beer putting his glasses back on.

At a Helping Hands meeting Christine (Parveen Kaur) talks about her late husband Kevin with Jeff there as well. The meeting is being run by Pastor Ian and he reveals to them the aim of Helping Hands/Hollow Sky to help them the grieving connect with their dead loved ones. After the meeting Jeff goes to Pastor Ian to apologize, but is told that all is forgiven and invited to return.

In Luke’s truck he and Riley (Jacky Lai) are going over the plan to get back the stolen pills she tells him where to find the keys and where the pills are in the trailer. She tells him to keep his phone on in case he comes back. Unfortunately, the dealer returns early and Luke fails to get out in time, he then gets beaten up and his wallet taken. The drug dealer then says that Riley’s debts are now Luke’s and if he fails to find the money he will pay him a visit at home.

Willa is waiting at the bar for Holden. He arrives and asks her how her day is she replies that she is glad it is over and he agrees. Holden reveals that he has quit his job. Willa asks about the promotion, but Holden says simply it was not working out. Holden wonders if what Luke says about him not being normal is right or not Willa tells him he is not normal. Holden wonders if he should do something with his powers, but Willa seems to not be in agreement.

Holden notices something is wrong and asks Willa what is up. She reveals that Arthur was arrested that day adding that he is probably something from Alzheimer’s or something similar. Willa is near tears because she feels that she cannot help him or whatever happens that Arthur will soon be gone from her life leaving her alone. She lashes out at Holden saying she needs to process her own problems before hearing about his. Holden asks why she didn’t say anything and she replies he never asked. She adds that the last time they saw each other she had to leave because of a family emergency that Holden hasn’t asked about since seeing her. Holden apologizes and says he doesn’t know how to be a boyfriend, Willa thinks that things would be easier if they were back in the realm and the two reminisce. Holden reminds Willa that she made him feel safe while they were there and the two have a brief moment before Willa pulls away.

Back at home Holden is playing basketball and practicing using his powers when his mother comes to check up on him and ask if everything is ok. He says it is and just before she heads back in she remembers that she saw Charlie that day and tells Holden about it.

As Charlie and her new friend play cards there is a knock on the door and we see that it is Holden who says hi while Charlie looks on speechless.

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