Beyond – No Es Bueno

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By: Darryl Ley



The episode opens on a medical drip and it is eventually revealed that this is a medical ward. A young man who is in a coma and on life support stirs to consciousness and then begins to remove his breathing tube. As the young man falls out of his bed and moves around we learn that he is in a hospital in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He crawls to the bathroom sink and thirstily drinks down some water. As he looks into the mirror his face changes into a horrifying visage which causes the young man to lash out smashing the mirror repeatedly. The disturbance finally attracts the attention of nurses who restrain the young man called Diego (Oscar Camacho).

Holden (Burkely Duffield) is in the restroom of his workplace having gone there seemingly directly after waking up in the forest. He washes himself in the sink and then gets dress and heads out onto the warehouse floor. As he heads to his desk he meets Stevie (Tom Stevens) who chides him because he is late. They argue back and forth. Stevie then tells Holden that his father wants to see him and Holden heads up to his office with a woman delivering some items. Stevie makes a crack that suggests his father is interested in the delivery woman.

Luke (Jonathan Whitesell) is busy at his job at the coffee place. His supervisor comes up and talks to him impressed by the hours he is doing. Mr. Franklin asks if Luke would be interested in doing the closing up of the café tonight and Luke agrees quickly. Luke calls out an order for “Riley” who happens to be Riley (Jacky Lai), his ex-girlfriend. Riley wants to talk some things over with Luke and after a brief hesitation he.

Back at the warehouse, Tom (Michael McGrady) is being flirted with by the delivery woman as he signs off on the delivery before their talk is interrupted by Holden. Tom makes it clear that being late is unacceptable and reflects badly on him as well as Holden. He introduces Holden to Veronica and then hands over a part of the Rick Waring plane, which is for an important client.

Back in Argentina, the scene moves to Diego’s home where he and his parents Franco (Armando Canales) and Camilla (Wendy Martinez) are returning from the hospital. Diego’s mother calls out to their dog to come and greet Diego now that he is back home but the dog begins growling as soon as he gets close to Diego he begins to growl menacingly. As Diego’s father tried to calm the dog down, Diego begins to concentrate staring directly into the dog’s eyes. After a few moments, the dog whimpers and retreats leaving Diego’s parents somewhat confused. Without a word, Diego wheels himself into his room and closes the door on his parents.

Jeff (Jeff McArdle) is visiting his sister-in-law Christine (Parveen Kaur) to drop something off and check in when he notices the care package that Pastor Ian dropped off last episode. He reads the card while Christine is putting the baby down and then questions her on her involvement with Helping Hands. Jeff becomes angry when Christine makes light of it and annoys her by making her feel like he is treating her like a child.

As the two continue arguing, Christine accuses Jeff of being preoccupied with one of his conspiracy theories. Jeff agrees that in the past he has had issues in the past, but then reveals that Pastor Ian may have been involved in Kevin’s death. Christine is upset with Jeff for bringing up Kevin’s death and orders him to leave immediately.

Back at the café Luke is on break and talks to Riley. She is trying to apologize for getting him kicked out of college and she claims that she is a better person now. Luke is still angry during their conversation, but before he can leave Riley reaches out to him and again apologizes. She expresses an interest in seeing him.

Diane (Romy Rosemont) is nervously waiting in Pastor Ian’s (Chad Willett) office for him to return. She starts by apologizing for interrogating him about Helping Hands and Hollow Sky last season. She says that she feels that wanting to blame someone for Holden’s illness led her to it and then tells him that she misses him.

The Pastor explains that he feels that it is the best if they keep their relationship as it is. Diane is trying her best to convince him otherwise when Jeff bursts in and immediately begins choking Pastor Ian and warning him to stay away from Christine. Diane eventually manages to talk Jeff down and he leaves. Ian is thankful for Diane managing to talk to Jeff down.

Tom and Holden are busy working on the warehouse floor, but when Holden gets back to his desk he once again starts having his panic attack/visions of that burning world. Sounds around the warehouse become louder and on his computer screen the vision flashes up and his keyboard begins to smoke and is too hot to touch. While Holden is trying to control himself, Stevie comes over and tells him to hurry up and asks for the power pack, which was the item that Tom handed to Holden earlier, but Holden can’t find it or remember where he put it.

Stevie reminds Holden of the importance of the client that the part is for while Holden is still suffering through the effects of the panic attack/vision visibly sweating and struggling to contain himself as Stevie rants about Holden screwing things up for him.

Over in Argentina, Diego’s parents have called in the physician in charge of his care. Doctor Torres (Francisco Trujillo) concerned about his behavior. In the next room we see Diego sitting on his bed staring at a TV displaying static and see a shattered picture frame. The doctor knocks and enters, crunching on the glass of the broken picture frame and tries to get Diego to speak to him. Diego reveals that he has been suffering from headaches and has been unable to sleep the doctor reassures him that this is to be expected from a patient recovering from a coma checks his eyes with his light only for his pupils to dilate in the light instead of contract. Diego reveals that he has been seeing visions of a world on fire and that he has been hearing voices which have been repeating the word “kill” over and over. The doctor wants to know when the voices started but Diego says he doesn’t know.

Willa (Dilan Gwyn) arrives at the café to speak to Luke. She asks first if the family is still talking about the somewhat mixed impression she gave at Sunday dinner and then asks specifically about Holden; whether or not he is still mad about the fight they had after the dinner. Luke instead suggests that she go for a run to clear her mind and suggests a running app to use.

Charlie (Eden Brolin) is meeting with her sister Annabelle (Raquel McPeek Rodriguez) outside their former home, which is currently for sale. Annabelle who is hearing impaired is obviously upset. After her business with The Man in the Yellow Jacket, we see Charlie now has Arthur’s address and Annabelle is upset with her decision to go after him. Annabelle also suggests that Charlie still has feelings for Holden, but Charlie laughs it off.

In Argentina Diego’s physician is speaking to his parents he agrees that Diego is not doing well. He would like to readmit Diego and tells his parents to bring to the hospital later as he is now sedated. Diane pays Jeff a visit and reveals her plan with the FBI to get Intel via Pastor Ian. The two speak about the past her Diane’s resentment of Jeff and tells she tells him that she has been filled in on his and Tom’s investigations which took place last season.

The Man in the Yellow Jacket (Peter Kelamis) is in his car looking up information on Shoemacher’s medicine when he gets a call asking him to come into Hollow Sky for a meeting. Luke and Riley are in bed together over at his place. Riley tells Luke that she has fallen out with her roommate because she accused Riley of stealing some pills. Eventually, Riley talks Luke into helping her get the pills back from the person who actually stole it, the roommate’s boyfriend. She also admits that they were previously involved so she knows where to look to retrieve the missing drugs.

Willa is out running using the app that Luke recommended and eventually heads over to the café to look for him only to be told that he has called in sick. This means he has stood up his supervisor who had asked him to do the closing for him.

Jeff returns to Christine’s house to apologize for his previous behaviour. He is surprised that Pastor Ian hasn’t contacted her to tell him about the attack at the Church they manage to reconcile. The Man in the Yellow Jacket meets with Tess Shoemacher (Erika Alexander) where he comments on the differences at the headquarters. The two make small talk and we learn that Tess ordered Charlie’s assassination, which he says has been done. He asks about the plans for Holden Matthews and Tess responds that he will be observed until he is needed again. The Man In The Yellow Jacket is surprised when Tess reveals that has no immediate plans to bring Frost back from the other world. Shoemacher says he wants him to take on greater responsibilities and asks if he is on board only for her to confirm a kill order on him after he leaves the meeting.

Stevie and Holden have stayed late at work to find the missing aircraft equipment and Stevie is angry at Holden’s mistake. Holden has wrongly input the code for the part so he is looking for it. Stevie wants Holden to quit because he feels that Holden doesn’t really wants to be there. Stevie keeps pushing Holden and he responds saying that being in a coma wasn’t a choice or his fault. Stevie responds to this by pushing Holden into a shelf and yelling that it is his fault because he lost the part.

When Stevie says it is his fault it causes Holden to flashback to the mysterious boy who told him he was responsible for the destruction of the other world, this causes Holden to lose his temper and control of his powers first leading to the overhead lights blowing up. Holden completely loses control and proceeds to trash the entire warehouse, blowing up computers, causing packages to fly around the room and starting the propeller on a plane.

When the propeller flies off the plane Holden manages to telekinetically push Stevie out of the way of the blade, which ends up sticking in the ceiling. As Stevie struggles to catch his breath the blade falls out of the ceiling. Holden telekinetically pushes him narrowly out of the way again stopping him from being killed.

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