Beyond – Two Zero One

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By: Darryl Ley



We open on a massive storm ravaging Fort Reed and then move to a young child’s bedroom. His name is Edgar and he is counting the distance between him and the storm, it is clearly getting closer and quickly. This is a flashback which takes place back in in 1983. As the storm intensifies, we see Edgar’s father come into his bedroom grab him and attempt to get them both to the storm shelter. After a couple of close misses, the two of them get pinned under a collapsing roof. The next morning Edgar wakes up gets out of the debris but can’t find his father anywhere. As his agitation grows, all the debris in the room begins to float in the air and then a blinding light comes from outside and the scene ends with Edgar still shouting for his dad.

Holden (Burkely Duffield) and his parents Tom and Diane (Michael McGrady and Romy Rosemont) are buying him a new bed. Diane reminisces about Holden’s youth. Holden and his brother Luke (Jonathan Whitesell) are attempting to assemble his new bed and talking about Holden’s plans now that he has begun working at his father’s business as well as touching on what happened at the end of last season, the destruction of the bridge.

At dinner later that night with his family, Holden covers for the fact that Charlie has his truck and Luke asks about Pastor Ian who had been dating Diane, unaware of what his parents found out about his connections to the conspiracy. Diane offers to drive Tom home when in reality they are heading to a café for a clandestine meeting.

They meet Sheriff Dayton (Toby Levins) and FBI Agent Special Gale Borden (Amy Farrington) who seems to know all about Hollow Sky. While their parents are at their meeting, Holden and Luke are playing basketball outside. Holden expresses concern about their parents’ behaviour and gets rattled by a black car with tinted windows that drives past. He admits to his brother that he feels something is coming, something bad. After he brother goes in Holden practices his telekinesis.

Back at the café, Agent Borden tells Tom and Diane that nine people are missing and that she believes that Hollow Sky are somehow involved. She wants Diane to re-establish a relationship with Pastor Ian in order to find out what Hollow Sky wants from Holden. Tom is upset and leaves with Diane.

Holden has a dream where he sees a similar “monster” to the one encountered on the bridge. He wakes up and we see that he tied himself to his bed frame at night. The next morning Holden explains his dream to Willa (Dilan Gwyn), but she attempts to dismiss it as just a dream – though from the conversation it is clear that Holden has had similar dreams since the events of the season one finale. Willa confirms that Holden is coming over for dinner later. After Holden leaves for work Luke talks to Willa who admits that she may not know how to cook.

At work Holden attracts the attention of Stevie (Tom Stevens) who mocks him for being the son of the boss, but he keeps his cool and earns the respect of at least on of this new colleagues in the verbal confrontation. Lenny (Matt Finochio) talks with him later, cautioning him on not having children and reminiscing about the good old days at a local dive bar with his co-workers which he can’t go to now he has children.

The next scene sees Charlie (Edin Brolin) in a pre-natal class making small talk with Robin (Aliyah O’Brien), though she identifies herself as Natalie. Holden and Jeff McArdle (Jeff Pierre) are at the store buying baby supplies for Jeff’s nephew. Jeff asks if Holden’s powers might be passed down to any children he and Willa might have in the future and Holden admits that they haven’t been intimate yet. Jeff questions if Charlie is affecting Holden’s relationship with Willa. Holden had asked for Jeff to track her down to see that she is safe from Hollow Sky. Jeff advises Holden to stop thinking about Charlie and concentrate on his relationship with Willa.

Charlie continues talking to Robin and learns her due date as well as her birthday. At Holden and Willa’s dinner the food is too spicy and the two awkwardly make conversation about work before Willa finds a string in her food. The two give it up as a loss before heading to a bar suggested by Lenny called Wayne’s.

Wayne’s is a dive bar, but the two are having fun playing pool badly until they are interrupted by Stevie who does his best to antagonise Holden. Stevie reveals that he remembers Holden from school before the coma and suggests that Holden is only working at the warehouse so his father can promote him up the ranks. Before the situation can become violent Willa intervenes and challenges Steven to a pool match.

The match is close until Willa misses the final pot leaving the black over the pocket only for Holden to use his powers to push the ball in. Stevie is enraged and suspects that Holden cheated so he punches Holden in the face, sending him to the floor. We see Holden begin to channel his powers but Willa stops him and proceeds to beat up Stevie and his minions leaving them bloody on the floor before leaving with Holden.

Charlie heads back to the truck removes her fake pregnancy belly and begins taking notes from her conversations with Robin when the man in the yellow jacket (Peter Kelamis) steps into the cab for an update. He ensures Charlie keeps to the plan by threatening Annabelle. Charlie assures him that she will get him what he wants and he eventually leaves.

Willa drives Holden home, they kiss and Holden asks if Willa enjoyed beating up Stevie and his crew. She admits that she enjoyed the adrenaline rush of the feeling of power that the confrontation generated. Holden indicates that he wish he had left it to her and Willa disagrees reminding him that he showed restraint and admitting that they might not be able to be like those other normal couples. He invites her in, but she declines saying that she needs to check on Arthur.

Willa checks on Arthur (Alex Diakun) who is frustratedly working on something in his home. Holden heads to bed and ties himself down again. A nurse takes food into the room of a mental health ward. The name reads “Edgar Abbot” on the door. She makes small talk with the patient who is an adult Edgar from the opening scene (Jay Paulson). He doesn’t respond so the nurse gets ready to leave, but when she is almost to the door he says the name Holden Matthews and then says he needs to find him. He becomes more insistent and then his room goes up in flames. As orderlies rush in to open the door and fight the fire, we see Dr. Coleman (Karin Konoval) ask the shaken up nurse what was the name Edgar was asking for.

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