Blacklist – The Endling (No.44)

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By: Robert Warren



In the green range of Cork Ireland, an extraordinary racehorse named Fitz steps its hooves quickly around the field as Irishman Malloy and Nirah Ahmad (Poorna Jagannathan) stand side-by-side watching the horse run swiftly across the grass. Into the stable, Malloy walks the extraordinary horse discussing stud fees of 150,000 euros for Fitz. Nirah shake hands on the decision to purchase Fitz. After buying the horse, Nirah opens a drink and hands it off to Malloy which knocks him dead of poison. In a wickedly evil way, Nirah talks to the horse Fitz and says, “You`re a beautiful creature. Too beautiful for this world,” and lights the stable full of horses on fire. Fitz panics, snuffs and looks in shock as smoke fills in the huge blaze as casually Nirah walks out shutting the doors of the stable to trap the smoke. Smoke pours out the windows and fire heats up as Nirah walks out unharmed.

The Endling (No.44) begins in the Keen house with Tom (Ryan Eggold) cooking lunch and Elizabeth ‘Liz’ (Megan Boone) getting ready for work as Tom receives a call from Nik Korpal (Piter Marek) who has information on the DNA search ran on the bones. Korpa tells Tom he will talk later.  Liz explains frustrations with calls during lunch to Tom and then she gets a call from Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington (James Spader).

Liz shows up to Reddington`s three day rental space where she is handed a newspaper by Reddington. The newspaper article is titled “Champion Racehorse and Trainer Die in Stable Fire,” going over the horse Fitz who was burned in the stable at the start of the episode. Reddington thinks it was murder because Fitz had some of the best horse breeding genes, was set to sell at 150,000 euros, was conveniently the only horse covered up at the time of the fire and now is dead with the owner.

Reddington points out that now Fitz is dead the person getting rewarded from that is the owner of Fitz`s offspring because it is the last of its type for a specialty racing horse. The reason the horse owner is on the Blacklist is because that creature is the endling, the last of its type.

Liz arrives to the Federal Bureau of Investigation to talk about the situation. Agent Donald Ressler (Diego Klattenhoff) mentions that before the fire the owner of the stable had a visitor who was in her thirty’s and of Middle Eastern descent. Her alias name is Alicia Grey. Boss Harold Cooper (Harry Lennix) mentions that in order to find her they should try to find people who may benefit from what she did. Cooper tries to find out who the owner of Fitz`s only offspring is. What is the name of the owner? Caleb Hess (C. David Johnson.)

Agent Samar Navabi (Mozhan Marnò) and Ressler start interviewing Hess for information. Hess says that he gave the offspring to his son which makes Ressler willing to talk to his son to get to the bottom of this. Hess wants his son out of this. Ressler pushes Hess for information and finds out the person who did this was Princess Sonya of Montenegro (Rezeta Veliu). Hess mentions she uses aliases and decoy vehicles wherever she goes.

In the lab, Dresner (Geoffrey Owens) is looking at blood samples when he receives a call telling him to prepare for stage three. The scene cuts.

Back to the FBI headquarters, they figure out the Princess Sonya has a hotel in Washington, D.C. under the name Elise Wolf. Ressler and Navabi enter the hotel to find the princess while Liz enters the hotel to the way of the security feeds.

Ahmad starts taking off in different directions while Ressler and Navabi look for her. In the security room, Liz tries telling Ressler and Navabi which ways to go. Ahmad sneaks to the hotel breaker and cuts off several of the security cameras along with the power to the fifteenth floor that Navabi and Ressler are on. A small bomb starts clicking and sets off a small explosion on Navabi and Ressler`s floor knocking them to the ground. A slight blaring alarm is going off as police sirens are heard in the background.

Ressler and Navabi get up and keep running, meeting up with Liz as they head to grab Princess Sonya. Liz sees Princess Sonya and directs her to come with them.

Ahmad tells Ana Dewan (Francesca Root-Dodson) to come with her because she is security and the princess needs her. Ahmad gets Dewan to get in a car then proceeds to Taser her and they take off.

Pete McGee (Karl Miller) is meeting with Tom and Korpal about DNA on the bones. Miller can run a test illegally to match a person but needs an FBI agent to sign off for the identity. Tom suggests just using Liz`s credentials without even telling her.

Reddington is eating peanut butter in an empty apartment when he sees two burglars out and about. Dembe Zuma (Hisham Tawfiq) is there helping Reddington. Dembe brings one of the burglars to the ground and then yet another. The scene cuts.

Reddington uses Proverbs 21 verse 10 to confront a burglar with Dembe to see who hired him. Sven (Joseph Mancuso) is quoted by name from Reddington to see if he is an honorable man. Sven says all he knows is the mailman (Lenny Venito) sent him so Reddington dunks him in the bath to get where they can find the mailman.

At the FBI headquarters they figure out that Ana has a super rare blood type called golden blood and there are only seven people in the world who have that blood type.

Reddington brings in the mailman to figure out what is going on.

Liz finds out that the endlings name is Nirah Ahmad and has a sick child that needs a heart transplant so that is why she is attacking is to finance the procedure.

Liz tells Reddington she needs to find out where the procedure is taking place. Reddington goes to grab his hat. Redddington, Dembe and Liz enter a shop to pick up a labradoodle who Reddington claims dog walker Hiram Toomey dropped off. Reddington and Liz enter a hospital to see Dr. Melissa Lomay (Alicia Minshew) whose employee Dr. Felix Dresner is someone they are looking for.

Ressler and Navabi are on search with direction from FBI headquarters.

Back to the hospital, Liz and Reddington enter guns up and tell all the doctors to put their hands up and they see Ahmad who is pointing a gun back at them. Ahmad is above her son who she will not let die. Reddington tells Ahmad to come with him so her son does not die and she agrees because if she stays authorities will come and she is there her son will die. Reddington leaves.

Reddington meets up with Korpal and grabs him by the shoulder telling him that he needs his services.  Korpal, Ahmad, Liz and Reddington end up back at the hospital. Korpal is looking at Ahmad’s son who needs the heart of a golden blood. Reddington hands a gun to Ahmad who takes her own life so that her heart can be used to save her son. As the procedure goes through, Reddington talks to Liz and tells her, “Given the same circumstances I would like to think I would be as brave as her.”

Cooper confronts Liz about Reddington doing an unauthorized procedure, but Liz explains a criminal died to save the life of a child. Cooper says he is concerned by her actions and is watching her.

Tom is trying to find out what is going on with the bones over the phone as Liz enters their home.

Reddington talks to the mailman, Anthony, about taking over his business as Dembe watches over. Reddington tells him he will still get a cut.

Tom and Liz talk about Korpal and in a separate location a robber enters Korpal`s house and is killed. The question is, who killed him?

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