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By: Jessica Wolff



Jane Doe (Jaimie Alexander) marries Kurt Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) while Edgar Reade (Rob Brown), Tasha Zapata (Audrey Esparza) look on and Patterson (Ashley Johnson) officiates the ceremony.  Everyone is all smiles during the wedding and the reception, where dances and toasts are shared.  Not long after, Jane and Weller say goodbye as they move to Colorado.  After a long road trip, they arrive at their new home and work on renovating it.  Weller enjoys taking care of his daughter when Alison Knight (Trieste Kelly Dunn) is working and asks Jane if they should have a child of their own.


Their domestic bliss is interrupted by a telephone call from Jake Keaton (Chad Donella) warning them to get out of the house.  The lights go out and Weller pushes Jane out of the way of a gunshot.  Jane and Weller easily fight off their assailants with items from around the house, but wake up the baby in the process.  They calm her down, and Keaton arrives to inform them that a Sandstorm loyalist has put a bounty on Jane and multiple assassins of the dark web are after her.


Keaton offers Jane and Weller a chance to go into hiding while they work to stop the bounty.  Weller insists that there has to be another way, but Jane tries to convince Weller that they should take the offer.  When Jane declares that she won’t be safe there, Weller declares that he’s going with her and that they should face the threat together.  Jane agrees, but sneaks out in the middle of the night, leaving her wedding ring.


Eighteen months later, Eleanor Hirst (Mary Stuart Masterson) visits Weller in his New York apartment, and informs him that Patterson, Reade, and Zapata have been kidnapped and that a mysterious briefcase was left in Reade’s apartment.  They see that it has Jane’s name on it and that she is the only one who can open it.  Luckily, the box has the coordinates of Jane’s location on the back.  Weller finds Jane and they embrace.  He tells her about the situation and their mutual touch opens the box and reveals a metal tool.


The tool shows an image when they both touch it and Weller presses it to the corresponding tattoo to reveal that Jane’s body glows with brand new tattoos due to bioluminescence.  Jane realizes that whoever did this applied the new tattoos after she lost consciousness because of an accident a couple months before.  They decide to start with the tattoo in the location of the first tattoo they solved.  It’s a quote from Dante’s Inferno and they realize that it’s pointing to the location where Weller proposed to Jane.  Despite Weller’s warning that the bounty is still on her head, Jane declares that she has to go to help their friends.


On the plane to Italy, Weller calls the FBI and sends the pictures of the new tattoos.  Rich Dotcom (Ennis Esmer) requests nudes to get the whole picture of Jane’s tattoos, and Jane is surprised to hear his voice.  Weller explains that Reade is now running the New York Office, Zapata is working for the CIA, Patterson is developing apps in Silicon Valley, and Rich works with the FBI.  Rich suggests the clue in Italy is a trap, but Jane tells him that whoever wanted her dead could have killed her when she was unconscious.  Reade and Zapata wake up in a cell, but neither understands what’s going on.  Zapata accuses Reade of not talking to her since she left for the CIA.  Their conversation is interrupted when a guard throws Patterson into the cell with them.


In Italy, Weller tells Jane that this was the first place he looked for her.  She apologizes, and explains that she didn’t want to endanger his life.  Weller notices numbers on the building similar to the tattoo and they run to the roof to find a briefcase with an envelope, two syringes, and a phone.  Jane calls the number on the phone and Roman (Luke Mitchell) answers, telling her that he is getting revenge for being wrongfully imprisoned.  He takes credit for the tattoos and explains that they are penance for what she did to him.  Weller demands to know where their friends are, but Roman tells them that he’s arranged a meeting with the person who put a bounty of their heads.  He tells them to inject Jane with a chemical that temporarily stops her heart, and deliver her body to remove the bounty.  The other syringe contains an antidote and Roman tells Weller that he can figure out how to get it to her after he’s handed over her body.


Jane and Weller realize that they can hear the local church bells through the phone.  They run to the crowded street as Jane talks to Roman.  As Jane and Weller split up, Jane comes face to face with Roman and chases after him.  Weller looks for Jane, and Roman pushes a man out of a boat.  Weller runs to the top of a bridge and jumps onto the speeding boat.  After much struggle, Weller climbs aboard while Jane procures a boat of her own.  Weller and Roman trade blows, but Roman kicks Weller off the boat and speeds away.  Jane pulls Weller into her boat, but they are unable to catch up to Roman.


Weller criticizes Jane for taking off without him to chase Roman, and Jane admits that she’s out of practice working with a partner.  She apologizes, and Weller shows her that he got Roman’s cell phone in the struggle.  Jane is confused about Roman’s method of revenge, but Weller reminds her that rescuing their friends is more pressing.  She suggests going through with Roman’s plan to remove the bounty, but Weller opposes it.  Stuart (Jordan Johnson-Hinds) informs them that the chemicals work as Roman claimed, and Rich warns them that Jane will die if she doesn’t get the antidote in ninety minutes.  Jane tells Weller that she’s tired of running, and Hirst informs them that the man in charge of the bounty is Leslie Doorhaus (Jeremy Crutchley).  Despite Hirst’s suggestion of surrounding the perimeter of the meeting place with agents, Weller believes the idea is too risky.  Jane injects herself with the syringe and begs Weller to go through with the plan.


Patterson questions why they were kidnapped, and Reade suggests that the CIA is behind it.  Zapata takes offense, and reminds him that she’s been kidnapped too.  Patterson interrupts the argument and tells them that they need to focus on escaping.  Several guards bring in a giant safe and the Boss Guard (Teddy Cañez) tells them to open it or they die.  Weller drags Jane’s body in a bag and brings it to the meeting place.  A Thug (Fabrizio Brienza) searches Weller and tells him to wait.  Patterson believes that the safe is crackable, but Reade reminds her that they don’t negotiate with terrorists.  Zapata reminds him that they’ll be killed if they don’t, and Reade accuses the CIA of not caring about saving lives.  Patterson breaks up the argument and tells them they are really arguing because they’ve missed each other.  She tells them that they need to buy time to come up with an escape plan.


Doorhaus finally arrives, and identifies Jane.  He refuses Weller’s offer to help carry the body, telling him that they’ll burn the body there.  In desperation, Weller fights his way through the guards and injects the antidote into Jane.  The bag opens and Jane climbs out as the guards beat up Weller.  Together, Jane and Weller kill everyone and walk out of the building unscathed.  Rich tells them that the bounty has been lifted, and that decrypting Roman’s phone showed that their friends were sold into slavery to the Venezuelan government.  Stuart questions the method of rescuing them, but Hirst is insistent that she’ll get them back at any cost.


Reade and Zapata laugh about their terrible Mexican-Style Chicken Stew provided to them as Patterson works on the safe.  She opens it, and they realize that a CIA computer is inside.  The guards come back before they can hide it.  On the plane, Weller assures Jane that they’ll get their friends back and Jane questions what will happen afterwards.  He tells her that they will need to solve the new tattoos and that he hopes they can resume their marriage from when Jane left.  She tells him that leaving him was hard, but she rediscovered herself away from him.


The guards demand that Patterson decrypt the computer, and Patterson tells them that she’s out of practice now that she develops video games.  The guard tells her that she has six hours and they will kill Reade and Zapata if she doesn’t.  After they leave, Patterson comes up with an escape plan.  She explains that the Mexican-Style Chicken Stew comes with magnesium powder to heat it up and that they can use it to create an explosive when the powder comes in contact with the machine.  Meanwhile, Weller and Jane arrive at the military compound and start their search.


Patterson calls in the guards and explains that the computer has an overheating issue.  The guard turns on the computer and it explodes.  The three use the distraction to fight the guards, steal their weapons, and escape.  Weller and Jane hear the disturbance and Jane gets an idea.  The three make it outside and a giant tank rolls up next to them, causing them to put up their hands in surrender.  To their surprise, the tank takes out the approaching vehicles.  Weller pops out of the top and orders them to get in.  They are surprised to see Jane, and Weller drives the tank over an approaching car and through a tunnel.  They shoot a hole in the tunnel, creating a pile of debris.  The three ask what’s going on, and Jane tells them it’s a long story.  Reade quips that they have plenty of time since the tank is so slow.


Back at headquarters, Keaton argues that the CIA should handle the investigation of the new tattoos.  Hirst argues with him, but Reade convinces them that they need a joint task force.  Keaton questions if Reade just wants Zapata back, and Hirst warns him that she’ll punish him if it doesn’t work.  Everyone jumps into the investigation, but Patterson hesitates.  She concedes that she’ll help them get set up before she returns to her job.  Patterson is horrified to find out that Rich is working for the FBI, and questions him being there.  Rich insists that he is a changed man, and is defended by Reade and Hirst.  Stuart explains that Jane’s new tattoos are more complex and interact with the old ones.  Patterson insists that she’s staying because she can’t leave Rich and Stuart in charge of the lab.  Hirst tells Jane that she doesn’t have to do this, but Jane says that Roman knows she can’t walk away from it.


Weller takes Jane home to his old apartment, and tells her he can have her stuff moved back.  He tells her that he wants to do things right this time, and gives her the ring back.  She’s touched that he kept it, and kisses him.  Hirst asks Reade what it’s like to have all his friends back together, and he admits that it feels different.  She warns him that they might not still be the same people.  Zapata approaches Keaton and shows him one of Jane’s tattoos, a dragonfly.  He asks if it’s going to be a problem, and she replies that it won’t be if the others don’t find out.  Rich compliments Patterson’s performance, but she pushes him against a wall and warns him that nobody can know that they’ve met in the past few months.  As Weller goes to get them dinner, Jane stashes money and passports in a vent.  Outside, Roman is waiting for Weller and points a gun at him.  He requests help with one of the tattoos, and threatens to tell Jane what happened in Berlin if Weller doesn’t comply.  Weller asks him what he needs.

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