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By: Jessica Wolff



Eleanor Hirst (Mary Stuart Masterson) sits in her office, reflecting on recent events. She receives a call informing her that Van Gogh is dead, and then calls another number. She assures the mysterious man that she is doing everything she can to protect his interests, and asks for his protection in the event of something going wrong. He warns her that he will erase any evidence of their connection, and that she will be in trouble if she becomes a liability. Edgar Reade (Rob Brown) gets a call from Kurt Weller (Sullivan Stapleton), informing him of Van Gogh’s death. Hirst comes to his office, and he explains that he took Tasha Zapata (Audrey Esparza) off the case as requested. He tells her that he’s suspicious of the rest of the team, and she suggests that they support each other until they figure out what’s going on.


At Weller’s apartment, Jane Doe (Jaimie Alexander) expresses her frustration with their inability to form a case against Hirst. Patterson (Ashley Johnson) suggests going to the Justice Department, but Weller feels that their evidence isn’t substantial enough. Roman (Luke Mitchell) calls Weller and asks why Hirst hasn’t been arrested yet. Weller demands to know what he wants, and Roman tells him to murder Hirst.  Weller refuses, and Roman threatens to tell Jane about Berlin. Jane asks Weller who he was talking to, and he tells her that Roman is trying to get in his head. Roman meets Blake Crawford (Tori Anderson), and lies that a potential job fell through. She argues that he doesn’t need a job with his wealth, and Roman tells her that he wants a greater purpose and notices a man watching them.


Hirst demands that Rich Dotcom (Ennis Esmer) to hack into a laptop, threatening to send him back to prison if he doesn’t. He shows Weller, Jane, and Patterson that the laptop has documents framing Patterson for the murders of Stuart and Van Gogh. Patterson panics, and Rich tells Jane that he can’t hide the findings from Hirst. Jane suggests letting Patterson get arrested until they find evidence to implicate Hirst, but Weller argues that it’s too dangerous. Rich disables the security cameras using Patterson’s login, and Jane gets an APB notice for Patterson.


Reade and Hirst burst in, and Rich lies that Patterson disabled the security cameras. Hirst tells Reade of Patterson’s “crimes,” but Jane insists that she is innocent. Hirst asks Rich to track Patterson’s phone, and claims she is in the locker room. They search the room, but find that Patterson ditched her phone. Hirst orders the entire FBI to prevent her escape, and maintains Patterson’s guilt despite Jane and Weller’s arguments. Zapata calls Rich and asks what’s going on. He explains that situation, and she tells him to get Patterson out of the building. Rich goes to Patterson and unscrews the vent cover and gives her directions to the trash room, promising to bring her something to help her. Roman and Blake notice the man following them, and she explains that her father hired a bodyguard for her.


Two agents request a garbage man to open the trashcan he’s rolling. Rich runs up to them claiming that he needs the papers inside to be shredded today. The agents open the trashcan, but find nothing but paper shreds. The garbage man goes to a truck where Zapata is waiting for her. The man pulls off his mask to reveal that it’s Patterson, who complains about the mask and tells Zapata to drive. An agent tells Hirst they found two sets of fingerprints on the vents, and they are working to identify the second set.  Jane concludes that Hirst’s second phone is used for shady dealings, and concludes she’s not working alone. Rich uses Weller’s login to attempt to trace the phone, but Hirst arrests Rich for helping Patterson escape.


In the interrogation room, Rich insists that he didn’t do anything, but Hirst threatens to send him back to prison. He lies that Patterson put a gun to his head and forced him to help her, and then lies that Patterson is in love with him. Jane and Weller figure that the only way to gain access to Hirst’s phone without Rich’s help is to break into her office and steal it, and Weller gets an idea on how to avoid being caught. Hirst gets tired of Rich listing all of the places he and Patterson allegedly had sex and offers him full freedom in exchange for Patterson’s location.


Weller and Jane prepare for their break-in, and Jane expresses her fear of losing him. She asks what Roman told him on the phone, and Weller tells her that Roman demanded he kill Hirst or he wouldn’t see Jane again. He changes the subject and calls Patterson about their plan. She resists the idea, but calls the FBI to report a bomb threat inside the building. Hirst gives Rich the forms he needs to sign for their deal, and offers to give him the whereabouts of his ex, Boston, as well. He signs the form with “Suck it,” and declares his loyalty to his friends. As Hirst demands Reade take Rich back to prison, Reade gets a call about Patterson’s bomb threat. He tells Hirst that they need to evacuate when she doubts the seriousness of the threat.


Jane and Weller go the opposite direction of the evacuating agents as the bomb squad works to disable the bomb. Jane and Weller break into Hirst’s office and find that the magnetic door wiped their phones. Hirst gets notification that her office was broken into, and ignores Reade’s instructions to evacuate. The bomb squad realizes that the bomb is fake, and Weller throws Hirst’s phone down the office’s vent. He tells Jane to retrieve it and send the contents to Patterson. Jane escapes as Weller stops the agents from following her. Hirst orders the agents to take Weller down and they taze him as Jane collects the phone.


In a nightmare, Roman tells Weller that time is running out and to kill Hirst or lose Jane. Weller insists that he’s not a murderer. Jane asks Weller what he did, and he tearfully admits that she won’t forgive him. She tells him that he’s not a murderer, and Hirst tells him that he can make this go away. He sees that he’s holding a gun, and shoots Hirst despite Jane’s pleas. Weller wakes up with his head on Rich’s shoulder, and Hirst asks him where Jane is. He calls out her interrogation methods, and Hirst insists that she can’t trust anyone but Reade. Weller warns Reade about Hirst, but Reade replies that he doesn’t trust him.


Jane breaks into the lab and connects Hirst’s phone to Patterson’s computer. Zapata tells Patterson that she has a text from her lab associate, and is surprised that Patterson still has lab access. She replies that she created a “spare key” and realizes that Jane connected Hirst’s phone. Roman and Blake escape her bodyguard, and she calls him amazing. As Blake invites him upstairs, she gets a text from her father asking to meet for dinner. She invites him to dinner, and he agrees. Zapata expresses concern for Reade as Patterson downloads the contents of Hirst’s phone, causing Patterson to realize that Zapata has a crush on Reade.


Reade tells Weller to confess, asking why they stole Hirst’s phone. Hirst suggests that they plan to plant evidence incriminating her, and Reade accuses Weller of being compromised due to his connection to Jane. Weller tells him that he’s wrong, insisting that his feelings for Jane are irrelevant. Reade tells him to give him concrete evidence, and Weller tells them to search his desk and locker to prove he has nothing to hide. Reade asks about Weller’s apartment, and believes that Weller is dumb enough to have incriminating evidence there.


Patterson decrypts Hirst’s phone, and Zapata gets a Wizardville message from Reade warning them of the FBI’s arrival. However, Patterson finds a contact list and refuses to leave until she decrypts it. She tells Zapata to leave, decrypts the contact and sends the information before the FBI arrives to arrest her. In the interrogation room, Hirst demands to know where Jane and Zapata are. Zapata investigates the address Patterson decrypted, and gets a text from an unknown number. She finds a camera inside a stuffed owl and asks the person watching if they can hear her. Zapata gets a confirmation text, and asks for their help. She gets a text to look inside a bleach bottle and pulls out what she needs under the lid.


Jane attempts to sneak into headquarters, but is spotted and chased immediately. Several agents corner her, and Briana (Amy Margaret Wilson) gets a call from Zapata. Briana tells her that she’s busy, but Zapata asks her to access the intercom. Hirst and Reade arrive to arrest Jane, but the recording from the night of Stuart’s murder plays on the intercom. Hirst demands that Briana turn it off, but Reade insists that it continue to play. They listen to the murder and Reade tells Hirst that she’s under arrest.


As they walk, Hirst tells Reade that he will be releasing her. He gets a text with a picture of Zapata bound and gagged, and Hirst warns him that Zapata will die if she’s not released in thirty minutes. Jane frees Weller, Rich, and Zapata, and Briana asks them where Reade is taking Hirst. They question why he would do that, and Hirst orders her agents to chain Reade to the pipe of an empty room. She grabs a gun and promises that Zapata will be released once Hirst leaves.


Reade asks why she’s not killing him, and she insists that she doesn’t kill people she doesn’t have to. He asks how she’s planning to escape, and she explains that she has help from Rossi. She insists that she’s playing a larger game, and that she’s working for a very powerful man. Reade suggests that Hirst is keeping him alive to replace her, and Blake takes Roman to meet her father, Hank Crawford (David Morse), the man Hirst works for.


Jane tells Weller that there was a 911 call reporting a woman matching Zapata’s description being stuffed into a trunk. Roman sits down with Blake and Hank, who tells a story about not trusting people. He is suspicious of Roman for stealing Blake away from his bodyguard, but Roman insists that the bodyguard is to blame for not being able to stop him from evading his watch. Roman presents a challenge to prove his abilities, but Hank fires the bodyguard and offers Roman the position. He refuses, insisting that his feelings for Blake create a conflict of interest.


Hirst watches as a car pulls up and the driver pulls Zapata out of the trunk. She sees Jane approach them and shoots at her. Jane shoots at Hirst’s agents, and Hirst slaps Reade when he tells her it’s game over. Weller approaches them, and Jane climbs over the car to take out the driver and rescue Zapata. Hirst tells Weller to shoot her, insisting that things will be worse for her if she lives. She refuses to tell him whom she works for, and Weller arrests Hirst. Rich is in awe of Weller’s apartment setup, and Jane insists that they don’t have to keep the operation a secret anymore. Reade apologizes to Weller about what he said in the interrogation room, and expresses his frustrations to Zapata about Hirst.


Blake convinces Roman to take the bodyguard job, reminding him that he’s looking for a purpose and asks if guarding her body would be so horrible. Weller gets a call from Roman, who comments that Hirst is still alive. Roman tells Weller that they have more work to do, and that he won’t tell Jane the truth for now. Weller decides to tell Jane the truth, confessing that she won’t be able to find her daughter because he killed her.

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