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By: Jessica Wolff


In the woods, two hunters are asked to leave by Dwire Lee (Calvin Dutton).  When they refuse, three disguised gunman shoot them as Dwire walks away.  Kurt Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) makes Jane Doe (Jaimie Alexander) breakfast and asks how she slept before noticing that she changed her hairstyle.  She notices a stack of envelopes with final notice bills, and Weller confesses that he spent all of his money trying to find her.  He serves her breakfast, but she tells him that she is vegan now.  Weller asks if there are any other surprises, and she lies that there isn’t.


Patterson (Ashley Johnson) criticizes Stuart (Jordan Johnson-Hinds) on his layout and operation of the equipment after she left.  He reminds her that it’s not her system anymore, and Patterson defends her video game app after Tasha Zapata (Audrey Esparza) makes fun of it.  Stuart asks for them to focus on one of the tattoos, and Patterson angrily declares that her system is designed for a holistic approach.  Weller tells them that he thinks he’s solved part of the tattoo, and defends himself from Zapata’s skepticism.  In a flashback, Roman (Luke Mitchell) blackmails Weller and then tells him which tattoo to prioritize.  Weller is suspicious of Roman’s motivations, but Roman gives a vague explanation of the new tattoos.


In the present, Weller explains that a tattoo of mythological figure Perseus has eleven fingers.  Jane understands what he’s getting at, and realizes that there are eleven Finger Lakes in Upstate New York.  Patterson imposes the tattoo on a map and finds that the images match up.  She rejects Stuart’s suggestion, but figures out that the lines meet at an intersection point.  They figure out that the intersection is an empty field, and Jane asks where the tattoo is on her body.  Once Stuart reveals that it’s on her left breast, they intersect the area with the previous tattoo to reveal a search radius.


Edgar Reade (Rob Brown) questions what they are searching for, and believes that it’s dangerous to play Roman’s game.  Weller argues that it’s dangerous not to, and Reade recommends that they be cautious.  When Weller suggests they hurry, Reade says that they don’t want the FBI to be manipulated again.  Weller takes offense, and Jane argues that her whole body is a manipulation.  Later, Reade is frustrated that their search has yielded no results.  He and Zapata decide to leave, while Jane questions if they got the search radius wrong.  A ball of light passes over them and crashes nearby.  The four of them find a satellite with numbers that match the ones on Jane’s tattoo.


Before they can do anything, a bunch of mercenaries drive towards them and open fire.  Dodging gunfire and explosions, they duck for cover and watch as the mercenaries open the satellite and steal a black box.  They bring the satellite into the lab and Patterson argues with Stuart.  Reade and Weller ask for Intel, and Stuart interrupts Patterson as she tries to speak.  They have no idea what the satellite is for, and Stuart suggests bringing in Rich to help.  Reade vetoes it, gives instructions, and asks to speak to Weller.  In his office, Reade is suspicious of Weller’s persistence on solving that particular tattoo.  He questions if there’s anything he needs to know, and Weller claims he just got lucky.


In Australia, Roman goes to a support group and talks about his struggle to move on and find a purpose.  Tom Jakeman (Daniel Lissing) approaches him afterwards and empathizes with his story.  Jakeman asks him to come home with him and share a beer.  Stuart and Patterson find that the satellite is linked to a private company, and Reade brings them in for questioning.  Nikhil Thakker (Sathya Sridharan) and Marci Booth (Amy Rutberg) introduce themselves and ask why they are there.  Nikhil identifies the satellite immediately as theirs, and Jane asks what the satellite’s purpose is.  Once Jane gives the number, Marci asks if they recovered the box inside.  Reade demands to know what’s going on, and Marci tells them they don’t have clearance.


After convincing from Weller, Nikhil and Marci reveal that they work for the Department of Defense and that the satellite is a missile-defense shield.  They explain that the black box allows them to turn off the shield and make the US vulnerable to missile attacks.  Zapata makes a call and Weller questions what the mercenaries will do with the box.  After Zapata returns, she reveals that the CIA has Intel that North Korea is planning a missile strike.  Reade informs Eleanor Hirst (Mary Stuart Masterson) of the situation, but she is skeptical.  Once Nikhil explains that their satellite stopped every previous attack, she decides to call the White House.  Weller figures that the North Koreans will turn off the shield from the US, which gives them time to stop it.


Reade gets notification that Stuart has found information on one of the mercenaries, and Patterson is surprised.  Stuart shows them footage of Dwire’s confrontation of the hunters.  Jane recognizes Dwire and explains that she did kidnapping and ransom work with him while she was on the run.  Zapata defends Jane from Reade’s concerns that Jane’s former work could compromise their operation, and Reade asks them to search for Dwire’s possible aliases.  Jane tries to talk to Weller, but he tells her he needs a minute.  Jakeman tells Roman about losing his best friend during service, and Roman tells him about his time in South Africa and his strained relationship with his sister.


Jane apologizes to Weller for not telling him about her work, and explains that it felt good to save people.  However, he gets mad at her and realizes that he doesn’t know her anymore.  Patterson identifies Dwire as Adam Stone and informs them that he was spotted at an airport.  Zapata explains that they found three leases of property, and Jane is able to figure out which one he is staying in.  The FBI bursts into the house and arrests Dwire.  Jane declares that this is for Paris, and Weller picks up the box.  A North Korean Man (Jonathan Lee) tells his associates that the FBI has the box, but declares that there is another way.


Zapata asks to speak to Patterson, and tells her about her suspicions of Reade.  Patterson believes that she’s just struggling with the new situation and suggests that Zapata find a new normal.  She comments that she and Stuart hating each other is their thing, but Zapata doesn’t believe that Stuart believes that.  They check on Nikhil and Marci’s progress, and Patterson notices that Stuart’s focus on another tattoo is impeding their ability to work.  He tries to defend himself, but Patterson yells at him to focus on the task at hand.  Reade reports that Dwire is in custody, and gives instructions to the rest of the team.


In the interrogation room, Dwire asks for full immunity.  When Reade denies the request, he jokes around as Reade tries to ask him questions.  He looks up at the camera and says hi to Jane with a wink.  Reade gets nowhere in his questioning, and tells him that he can save a lot of lives with his help.  Dwire tells him that his loyalty is to money and immunity deals.  As they watch the interrogation, Weller criticizes Jane’s choice of work partners.  Jane tells him that she had no control over who she worked with, and some of them were good people.  She asks him if he’s ever worked with bad people to do good things, and he says that he works with Rich now.


Reade expresses his frustrations with the interrogation, and Weller suggests that Dwire doesn’t know who he’s working for.  After talking to Hirst about offering an immunity deal, Hirst suggests that he’s overcompensating since his old team is back together.  She tells him to be the leader that she’s seen him be and to trust his team.  Dwire accuses Jane of selling out when she enters the interrogation room.  She responds back with some insults, and questions how he got caught with his skill set.  Jane accuses his employers of setting him up, but Dwire suggests that they knew that the FBI was coming.  Outside, Jane suggests to Reade that the leak could have come from anyone.  Weller argues that few people knew the full scope of the case.


Nikhil is brought in for questioning, and denies any wrongdoing.  Jane presents evidence that he used his security badge to enter the satellite network, but he tells them that he was in the hospital when it happened.  He tells them that he asked Marci to let out his dogs and realizes that his badge was in the apartment.  Marci kills her driver, exits with the box, and calls someone requesting them to meet her in twenty minutes.  Jakeman tells Roman stories from his childhood, and Roman thanks him for the company.  Jakeman mentions that he inherited a large sum of money, and Roman tells him that he drugged his drink.  He explains that he targeted him and got him to tell his stories to help answer the security questions on his account.  Jakeman pleads with him, but Roman tells him not to make it harder for him.  He explains that he likes him, and promises that it won’t hurt before killing him.


Patterson tells Nikhil that they’re running out of time, but he thinks he can’t help them.  She tells him that he spent a lot of time with Marci, and together they figure out where Marci is headed.  On their way to the location, Weller admits to Jane that he believes Roman made her run into Dwire again to cause tension between them.  He tells Jane that they have to work together to stop him, and that they can’t lie to each other or let Roman push them apart.  When they arrive, Weller takes direction from Reade as the team splits up.  Patterson tells Weller that Marci needs a powerful computer located in the planetarium.  In the planetarium, they find Marci in the audience and confirm that she is dead.  Patterson tells them that the box was brought online, and gunman open fire.


Patterson tells them to hurry as they shoot at the gunman.  Weller asks her if she can hack them, but Patterson tells them that she wouldn’t be asking them to hurry if she could.  Reade and Zapata join them and Weller and Jane run into the computer room.  They fight the North Koreans inside and knock them out, stopping them.  Later, Patterson confirms that the shields have been restored and Hirst compliments their work.  Reade thanks them for their help, and declares they are a good team.  Roman steals Jakeman’s glasses and practices an Australian accent to impersonate him while the money transfers.


Weller sets off a smoke alarm in an attempt to cook Jane vegan food.  He tells her that he’s trying to make things right, and she asks why he’s trying so hard.  He tells her that he missed so much of her life, and she decides to loan him money from her stash in the vent.  Zapata visits Reade and asks to hang ou  and they apologize to each other.  Megan (Reshma Shetty) calls out to him and he introduces his girlfriend.  She invites Zapata to join them for dinner and refuses to take no for an answer.  Patterson calls Stuart to apologize for her behavior, and tells him that she’s at his apartment.  She goes up to his door and finds that the door is open.  As she opens it, she finds that the apartment has been ransacked and that Stuart is dead on the floor.

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