Blindspot – Gunplay Ricochet

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By: Jessica Wolff



In 1994, Marcus Dunn walks towards his car, starts it, and listens to a radio report about his latest manifesto.  As he drives away, the bomb in the back of his car explodes.  In the present, Kurt Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) pulls his last box out of storage and shows Jane Doe (Jaimie Alexander) that the box contains their wedding video.  He suggests they watch the video, but Jane tells him about Roman’s (Luke Mitchell) phone call.  Weller asks if Roman threatened her, but Jane believes that he’s just angry and lonely.  He tells her that he understands that she still cares about him, but Jane declares that she cares about them and that having their secrets in the open will help stop Roman.


Tasha Zapata (Audrey Esparza) checks on Patterson (Ashley Johnson), who is still struggling with solving the tattoo that led to Stuart’s murder.  Patterson goes over what they know about the tattoo, and she and Zapata try to work through the mystery together.  Zapata warns Patterson to be careful, and she promises to try.  Edgar Reade (Rob Brown) gives Eleanor Hirst (Mary Stuart Masterson) a University of Michigan sweatshirt for her to wear as a result of their bet.  He tells her about Roman calling Jane, and she warns him to be careful to not let Roman exploit the team.


Patterson calls the team together and explains that a different tattoo on Jane’s body points to the notorious bomber Dunn, who was known for writing a handwritten letter before each of his attacks due to his hatred of technology.  The team is confused as to why the tattoo is connected, as Dunn killed himself in a bombing to avoid police custody.  Patterson explains that there were several copycat bombings and that Jane’s new tattoo shows a pattern of a parking lot that is believed to be a target.  Weller approaches the vehicle and opens it to find a handwritten letter inside.  After analyzing the letter, Patterson concludes that it’s addressed to Dunn’s daughter, Claire Dunn (Wendy Hoopes), and warns of an impending attack.  Jane questions how it could be signed as Dad, but Patterson compares the handwriting to Dunn’s earlier letters to prove that Dunn is still alive.


In Jane and Weller’s wedding video, Reade and Zapata address the happy couple and Patterson photo bombs their message.  Patterson leaves, and Reade and Zapata comment that this marriage will be entertaining for all of them, express their love, and warn them not to screw it up.  In the present, the team laughs at Hirst’s sweatshirt and speculates on how Dunn could still be alive.  Patterson explains that Dunn got someone to die in his place and then had someone falsify the DNA test to confirm his death.  Zapata tells them that they tracked Claire and Hirst requests that they bring her in.


Roman poses as Tom Jakeman at a charity function and easily gets through security.  The host, Blake Crawford (Tori Anderson) approaches him and introduces herself.  He flirts with her and she tells him to enjoy the event.  When she leaves, he sneaks into the backroom and enters a staff only room.  In the interrogation room, Claire insists that Dunn is dead, but Weller shows her the letter.  She insists that she’s never seen the letter before, but Reade explains they intercepted it.  Weller warns her that she’ll go to prison if she’s been contacting Dunn, and she explains that she doesn’t know where he is.  She elaborates that they’ve been contacting each other through a third party and that Dunn instructed her to sit on a specific park bench if she needed help.


At the park, Claire sits on the bench as the team communicates from their vantage points around her.  Weller analyzes that the spot isn’t great for meeting, and speculates that the courier might not approach.  They spread out to look for him, and Jane spots him coming out of an apartment.  She follows him, but loses him before he points a gun at her back.  He addresses her as Remy and asks what she’s doing there.  In the wedding video, Weller expresses his love for Jane and calls her his North Star.


In the present, the man can’t believe that Jane can’t remember him and asks what he’s dealing with.  Jane distracts him, knocks the gun out of his hand, and knocks him into a table.  Patterson informs the team that the man is Rosmond Ott (Paul Guilfoyle), who is wanted in seven countries for many crimes.  In the interrogation room, Rosmond tells Jane that he was like an uncle to her, but Jane is adamant about finding Dunn before the bomb goes off.  Rosmond tells a story of Jane and Roman as kids and that he did her adoption.  Jane replies that maybe some things are better to forget and he asks if her mother took her memories.  Weller demands answers about Dunn, but Rosmond refuses to talk.


Patterson and Zapata search Rosmond’s house and speculate where his client ledger is.  Zapata uses her CIA knowledge to find it hidden in the seat of Rosmond’s car.  Jonathan West (Nicholas E. Calhoun) informs Hirst that the State Department is claiming jurisdiction over the case.  Weller attempts to argue, but West demands that Rosmond be transferred into their custody.  Patterson shows them the ledger, and Weller remarks that it’s gibberish.  She explains that she has cracked the code to reveal that Dunn’s client name is Mosquito and found a property in Ithaca she believes belongs to Dunn.


When they arrive, Sheriff Hannon (Royce Johnson) tells them that they found a bomb on the property.  He shows them the disabled bomb, and Zapata finds it suspicious that Dunn knew they were coming.  When Hannon’s men attempt to lift the bomb, Weller realizes that it’s a decoy and tells everyone to run as the real bomb explodes.  In the wedding video, Jane tells the camera that she’ll save her non PG-13 comments for Weller for the honeymoon.  She admits that she never thought this would happen, and calls the day perfect.  Weller joins her and tells her that he won’t let her out of his sight.


In the present, Weller frantically looks around the house for Jane.  After confirming that Zapata and Reade are okay, he finds Jane lying on the ground.  She wakes up and assures him she’s okay.  Weller tells Hirst that there was no trace of Dunn at the house, but Jane and Zapata explain that they found tools for bombs and letters.  Patterson believes that Dunn also attempted to forge something, and Hirst questions why he would need thermometers.  Zapata suggests talking to Rosmond, but Hirst reminds her that he’s about to be transferred.


Weller finds Jane tending to her bruises, and Jane declares that she done with her past as it’s only brought her pain.  She tells him that she wishes they could live in their wedding day forever.  Weller assures her that they’ll have a lot more perfect days in their future.  Blake runs the auction and introduces a wish bracelet made by an African refugee.  She pleads that it’s for a good cause, and people start bidding.  Roman jumps in and bids $20,000 for it, and Blake is impressed by his generosity.


Patterson tells Zapata that she has Intel on Operation Cuttlefish, the name she has decided to call their investigation into Stuart’s murder.  She shows her that Stuart’s phone records show an unsent text on the day of the murder, and speculates that the data was tampered with.  Patterson presents her theory that Stuart’s investigation into the tattoo was also tampered with.  Reade interrupts the conversation to tell them that Dunn’s latest manifesto is believed to be targeting a university in the next hour.


In the wedding video, Hirst tells them that she thinks they make a great team despite not knowing them long.  She gives them advice, but Patterson bursts in declaring that it’s time for shots.  Patterson drunkenly tells the camera that she met a man, and Hirst toasts to the couple before drinking the shot.  Weller informs everyone that they’re evacuating every university in the area, but Patterson narrows it to New York Metro University.  She explains that fibers on Dunn’s desk match the school colors and she believes that he was forging a student ID.


Blake gives Roman his bracelet, and questions who he is.  He explains that he’s a veteran who wanted to use his newly acquired wealth to change the world.  She explains how the wish bracelet works, and he gives it to her, determining that she needs the wish more than him.  Blake asks to buy him a drink, but Roman tells her he has a plane to catch.  She thanks him for his generosity and calls him a good man.  He pulls out his phone to activate the tracking device in the bracelet that he snuck into the backroom to put in.


Hirst asks Patterson the progress on finding the bomb’s location and she tells her she’s still working on it.  After Hirst makes a comment about codes, Patterson realizes that Roman tattooed the answer on Jane.  She overlays the tattoo on the letter and the points of the sea urchin reveal the location of the bomb.  Hirst questions how Roman would know the code on a letter that hadn’t been written yet and Patterson realizes that Dunn used the same code in his previous letters.


The rest of the team arrives at the University and Reade tells them to split up to evacuate the building and search for the bomb.  Zapata spots a man walking away from everyone else and follows him, reporting him to Reade.  Dunn attacks her with a gurney, but Reade shoots Dunn before he can shoot Zapata.  Weller and Jane find the bomb, and they find out they have to figure out how to disarm it without Dunn’s help.  In the wedding video, Patterson compares Jane and Weller to Dungeons and Dragons and explains that she means they can defeat anything together.


In the present, Zapata informs Jane and Weller that they have eighty-two seconds to disable the bomb.  Weller sets a timer, and Jane tells them to keep evacuating the building.  They realize that the bomb has an anti-tampering device using mercury and that they have to move the device carefully so the mercury doesn’t touch the bomb.  Jane and Weller work together and manage to move it.  Patterson gives them instructions and they disable the bomb just in time.  As they celebrate their success, they flirt with each other until Patterson reminds them she can still hear them.


Hirst informs the team that Rosmond has escaped, and Reade criticizes West for asking for help to correct his mistake.  West asks Jane if she knows anything do to her personal connection with him, but she insists they don’t have a connection in this life.  Patterson asks to speak to Zapata and shows her evidence of tampering with the FBI tip line and both suspect West or someone from the State Department is involved.


Jane and Weller watch the wedding video, but the video cuts to a recorded message from Roman.  He warns Jane and Weller that she’ll never be happy and that their relationship is built on a foundation of lies.  Roman warns them that there is more pain coming before toasting to them.  Jane questions why he would do it, and Weller believes it’s to prove he’s still in control.  Zapata spots Reade exiting a building with West and watches them get into a car together.  Jane sees that an envelope slipped under their door and sees that it’s from Rosmond.  She opens it to see what she believes is her birth certificate, but on further inspection she sees that it’s a document showing that Jane has an eighteen-year-old daughter.

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