Blindspot – Lepers Repel

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By: Jessica Wolff

The season finale of “Blindspot” seemingly wraps up the Sandstorm arc while raising questions about next season.  Shaken by the revelation that Sandstorm’s plan is not over, Kurt Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) explains to newly appointed CIA Deputy Director Jake Keaton (Chad Donella) that each tattoo was placed on Jane Doe’s (Jaimie Alexander) body to help weed out corruption in the government and install the cogs necessary to replace the current government.  They surmise that Phase Two of Sheppard’s (Michelle Hurd) plan is to destroy the current government.  Jane is unable to reach Weller and FBI Acting Director Eleanor Hirst (Mary Stuart Masterson) introduces herself.  After checking in on her, she tells Jane that once the Sandstorm case is wrapped, Jane is free to leave the FBI and start a new life.  Jane is conflicted by the offer due to her feelings for Weller and her loyalty to the team. Hirst questions if that’s what she really wants for herself.


Back in the bunker, Weller and Keaton discuss how to warn everyone of the impending attack.  Weller is wary of trusting the wrong person, as anyone could be Sandstorm.  Patterson (Ashley Johnson) gets the lab results for the explosives used in the attacks and Jane asks her what she should do about Hirst’s offer.  Patterson tells her that she’s free to do what she wants, as Edgar Reade (Rob Brown) is planning to transfer to Quantico and Weller might relocate to be closer to his soon to be born child.


Weller and Keaton find a room upstairs with a telephone.  Keaton messes with the electrical circuits and Weller gets through to Patterson.  He manages to tell her that Phase Two isn’t over before Lawrence (Bernard Curry) shoots at him.  At the hospital, Tasha Zapata (Audrey Esparza) wakes up with Reade at her bedside.  Zapata asks about the mission and Reade tells her that they didn’t get Sheppard.  Back at the bunker, Weller puts the phone down and Lawrence explains that Sheppard is trying to build a better country.  After a momentary distraction, Weller throws the phone at him and he and Keaton fight Lawrence.  Weller gets his hands on Lawrence’s gun and shoots him as he tries to strangle Keaton.  Taking his badge, they escape the bunker.


Back at headquarters, Patterson tells Jane and Reade about Weller’s warning.  The three of them try to figure out what Sheppard’s next target is.  Jane suggests they figure out what Sheppard wants and they realize that the previous attacks were a catalyst to get all of the country’s leaders in one room together.  Reade goes to inform Hirst and Patterson finds a file with the chemical makeup of the bomb, rocket fuel.  She presents the sheet to Zach Riley (Mark McConville), who pretends not to know anything.  In the middle of questioning, Jane notices Weller come in and runs to embrace him.  They tell him what they’ve figured out, and Weller tells them that they will be working with Keaton.  None of them are happy to see him, but he tells them that they’re on the same side.


In Patterson’s lab, everyone pieces together details of Phase Two.  Keaton tells them that he knew of a nuclear arms deal in Bangkok that explains what Sheppard was doing there.  Weller gets angry with him for keeping information from them, but Keaton reminds them that the FBI has kept information from them as well.  Hirst stops the argument and reminds them that they don’t have time to argue.  Weller gives the team instructions and asks Patterson what she thinks of Hirst.  She tells him about her offer to Jane, and that she encouraged her to take it.  Weller is upset by the prospect of Jane leaving and Patterson encourages him to tell Jane whatever he needs to tell her sooner rather than later.


Reade takes a call from Zapata, who has been watching the news.  He avoids her questions and hangs up on her.  Spurred into action, she rips out her IVs and leaves the hospital.  Weller confronts Riley, telling him that his rocket fuel as well as nuclear material is being used in Phase Two.  Riley admits that Sheppard asked him to launch a satellite, but didn’t know about the nuclear material.  Patterson bursts in telling them that the satellite is the weapon.  They get Riley to admit that the weapon coming in contact with the nuclear material will destroy the entire Eastern seaboard.  Putting her plan into action, Sheppard is glad that Roman (Luke Mitchell) is helping her again.


Zapata is disturbed to hear that nuclear weapons are now involved in Phase Two, while Reade and Weller urge her to get back to the hospital.  However, Zapata tells them to stop mothering her and catch her up.  Keaton offers to help, and Zapata is unhappy that he is working with them.  Weller tells her to help Keaton find the nuclear bombs or go back to the hospital.  Patterson suggests that they say goodbye before they split up, but Weller assures everyone that this is not goodbye.  Zapata is not impressed with Keaton trying to explain the technology to her, and he asks her how she’s doing.  He admits that he admires her drive to come back to work the day after she was shot, and offers her a job at the CIA.  She turns down his offer with a hard no.


On the plane to DC, Weller confronts Jane about her possible departure.  Though she says that she hasn’t made her decision, he encourages her to choose her own path even though the team will miss her.  She considers LA and encourages him to move to Colorado, telling him that he deserves to be happy.  Hirst brings in two directors of NASA to assist with the mission, Eileen Baldwin (Tami Sagher) and Gary Lemarsh (Chris Gethard).  Patterson tells them that the satellite can only be hacked from space, but and that she needs their help to transmit a signal into space so she can hack in from Earth.  They agree to help her, and Hirst compliments Patterson on her brilliance.


Keaton and Zapata struggle to find the nuclear weapons, and Zapata wonders if Sheppard hid them to avoid detection.  Keaton realizes that lead can block the nuclear signal and switches the satellite to look for lead.  As Patterson works to disable the satellite, the NASA directors notice that satellite has started its firing sequence and that there is no time to stop it.  Zapata sends Jane and Weller the coordinates of Sheppard’s stockpile encased in a lead-lined ambulance.  Sheppard notices two cops behind the truck, and dispatches Roman to take care of them before driving away.  Patterson and the NASA directors decide to reroute their satellite to block the path of Sheppard’s satellite.  The satellites collide, buying them six more minutes.


FBI vehicles surround Shephard’s truck, and Weller demands she stop the vehicle.  Sheppard complies and puts her hands up at Weller’s orders.  A man jumps out of a nearby building and shoots at the FBI, causing a shootout.  Jane kills the man and approaches Sheppard with Weller.  They find the vehicle empty as they search, but Sheppard jumps off the top of the truck and fights with Jane.  As Sheppard knocks Jane to the ground, Weller shoots her and announces to headquarters that they got Sheppard.  Unfortunately, the satellite launches and Patterson estimates that they have thirty minutes until it reaches the Capitol.


Patterson tells them that they can use the homing beacon to redirect the bomb into the ocean.  Weller searches Sheppard for the device, but can’t find it.  Zapata finds a less populated area to take the nuclear device, but warns them that they won’t survive the impact.  Weller tells Jane to stay with Sheppard as he takes the truck, but Jane argues that she should be the one to do it.  Patterson tells them that they both have to go, as they have to find the beacon or else they’re doomed.


Weller handcuffs Sheppard and looks for the device in the truck as Jane drives.  Patterson sends a program to Weller’s phone to detect the beacon.  As Weller continues his search, Sheppard assures him that his honorable morality led her to choose him for her plan.  He snaps at her and tells her that she knows nothing about him and the phone detects the beacon on Sheppard.  He realizes that she swallowed the device during the shootout.  A police car driven by Roman collides with the truck.


In the aftermath, Patterson gets in touch with Weller, who tells her about the crash.  He pulls a bit of metal out of his leg and tells them that Sheppard swallowed the beacon.  Seeing a defibrillator on the ground, he prepares to reach the beacon using the paddles.  Jane regains consciousness and runs to Weller.  Roman approaches her and they fight outside the truck.  Weller demands an answer from Patterson after using the paddles on Sheppard, and she tells him that it didn’t work.  He shocks her again and the device reroutes.  Everyone at headquarters celebrates as Patterson tells Weller that the bomb is now being redirected to the ocean.  Jane grabs a gun during her fight with Roman and he begs her to kill him.   She flashes back to memories of them as kids and is unable to pull the trigger.  He says goodbye to Jane as he walks away.  Weller tries to run after him, but falls down.  Jane rushes to him and he begs her not to leave, professing his love for her.


A day later, Weller returns to the FBI and is welcomed with applause.  Patterson, Reade, and Zapata greet him and Weller asks where Jane is.  Hirst tells him that Jane is in medical and congratulates him on a good job.  He tells the room that they all had a hand in stopping Sandstorm and saving the country and thanks them for their hard work.  Sheppard is strapped to the lie detector machine and injected with drugs as a triumphant Nas Kamal (Archie Panjabi) prepares for her questioning.  Zapata asks Weller why Roman wasn’t brought in with Sheppard, and he tells her that Jane didn’t have the shot.


Patterson and Reade have celebratory drinks, and Patterson breaks down admitting that the job has taken a toll on her.  Zapata joins them, and Patterson admits that she doesn’t enjoy her job as much as she used to.  Reade empathizes with her, but declares that the job does a lot of good and brings them together as a family.  The three of them make a toast to family.  At Weller’s apartment, the team continues their celebration.  Jane arrives and asks to speak to Weller privately.  Out in the hall, she declares that she wants to stay and that she loves Weller too.  They kiss and go back inside.  Patterson, Zapata, and Reade sense that the two want to be alone and make excuses to leave.  Finally alone, they have sex for the first time.


Two years later, Jane climbs a mountain and an elder female monk (Ching Valdes-Aran) approaches her at the top.  The monk tells her to return home, but Jane insists that she can never go back.  Later that night, Weller comes to her tent and Jane is happy to see him.  They embrace and Weller is glad to have finally found her.  Jane apologizes for what happened and remarks that he’s still wearing his ring.  Weller tells her that she needs to come back and that Patterson, Zapata, and Reade are all missing.  Jane suspects Roman, and Weller pulls out a box that has “Jane Doe FBI” inscribed on it.  At her touch, a drawer on the box opens to reveal a piece of metal.  As they both touch it, it reveals an image of Jane’s bird tattoo.  Placing it to her neck, it lights up Jane’s tattoos, leading both to wonder what it could mean.

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