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By: Jessica Wolff


A naked man (Brad Bradley) runs through the city, yelling to the sky that he did what was asked of him. Jane Doe (Jaimie Alexander) drinks with Clem (Steve Kazee) and apologizes for leaving things the way she did. Jane confesses that she’s struggling with what happened with her daughter, Avery (Kristina Reyes) and can’t look at Kurt Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) without being reminded. Clem reminds her that it was an accident, but Jane tells him that Weller not telling her the truth wasn’t. Clem puts his hand on her thigh, and Jane insists that she should go. He offers to let her sleep over while he takes the couch, but Jane turns him down.


Patterson (Ashley Johnson) shows Weller that she found security footage of multiple meetings between Avery and Roman (Luke Mitchell). They conclude that the two of them are planning something, and Patterson gets an alert that her Wizardville app keeps glitching. Weller sees footage of Avery meeting with the gangster that they had been looking for, Max (Andrew Long). Patterson uses facial recognition software to determine Max’s true identity, Dedrik, and Weller asks her to keep digging.


Edgar Reade (Rob Brown) and Tasha Zapata (Audrey Esparza) hang out together and comment on the Wizardville glitches. Patterson plays a 911 call from Dedrik’s property and Weller recognizes the voice as Avery’s. Jane asks what’s going on, and Weller tells her that they have a recording of Avery. She reminds him that Avery is dead, and Weller tells her that the call is from four days ago, meaning she’s alive.


Outside, Jane is unable to believe the possibility that her daughter is alive. Weller tells her there is evidence of Avery and Roman working together, and theorizes that Avery faked her death the same way Jane faked her death previously. Jane gets upset about the situation, and Weller assures her that he will try to make things right. Reade tells the team that finding Avery is their top priority, Zapata questions why she was kidnapped if she was willingly working with them. Weller admits they don’t know, and Patterson shows Zapata proof that Avery is actually Jane’s daughter.


Jane refuses Reade’s offer of sending an FBI team to Dedrik’s property, insisting on running the operation without Weller. She tells them that she wants to bring in Clem, but Reade tells her he can’t authorize it. Weller attempts to argue, but Jane declares she’s doing this with or without the FBI’s help. Reade promises that he will vet Clem and that if he is approved, he will work with both Jane and Weller.


Patterson tells Rich Dotcom (Ennis Esmer) that she’s worried because someone hacked into her app. Rich states the potential consequences of people’s information being compromised, and Patterson tells him this isn’t making her feel and better. Rich reminds her that she asked for his help, not to make her feel better and they work on finding the hacker.


Weller is upset to hear about Jane’s affair with Clem, and Jane justifies herself by telling him that she thought she would never see him again. Jane tells him that they should stop trying to protect each other, as they keep getting hurt. Clem joins them and introduces himself to Weller. As Weller glares at him, Clem tells them that his sources have told him that though a nearby factory is used as a front for Dedrik’s operation.


Patterson and Rich show Reade and Zapata videos of people being forced to do stupid things. Reade questions how it relates to Patterson’s app, and she explains that she has access to subscribers’ phones and somebody is using it to blackmail people. Reade orders Patterson to shut down the app. Clem shows Jane and Weller the factory’s blueprints and he and Weller disagree on how to approach the factory. Jane decides to go with Clem’s idea, as she knows it works from their previous missions.


Patterson finds that her app was turned back on and she was locked out, giving the hackers free reign to users’ phones. Jane, Weller, and Clem enter the factory and they split up. Weller shoots at a gunman before he can shoot Clem, telling him they need to move fast. They reunite with Jane, who runs towards an explosion. She sees Avery get dragged into a van but is unable to stop the van from driving away.


Jane decides to put out an amber alert, and Clem criticizes Weller’s shooting of the gunman. Weller reminds him that he would be dead if he hadn’t shot him, and Jane breaks up their argument. Jane finds the gunman’s phone, and Clem suggests cracking the phone’s password as Weller argues with him. Weller takes the phone and uses the gunman’s finger to unlock the phone.


Zapata asks Patterson about her progress and informs her about Dedrik taking Avery away. Patterson comments how hard all of this must be for Jane. Zapata tells her that she is still struggling with her feelings for Reade. Rich interrupts their conversation and recognizes the hacker’s signature as Boston’s (Josh Dean). Patterson confesses that she hired Boston an initial Wizardville coder.


Jane, Weller, and Clem call Dedrik, and Weller insists on doing all of the talking as Clem traces the call. Dedrik demands that the amber alert be removed and they provide him with a way to escape or else he will kill Avery. Weller questions how he can trust him, and Dedrik comments that Avery is a good actress. Jane refuses to comply with his demands until she has proof Avery is still alive, and Dedrik points the camera at a tied up Avery before hanging up.


Reade points out that Patterson shouldn’t be shocked that a known criminal has taken advantage of her. Patterson attempts to narrow his location, but Rich insists that Boston can’t be found. However, Patterson gets an alert that Boston is there and they greet him as he insists they need to talk. They confront Boston in the interrogation room, and he tells them that the hacking was his boyfriend’s idea. After Boston reveals that his boyfriend is Sanjay Bonthala (Sanjit De Silva), Rich is angry that he’s dating him.


Boston tells them that he only blackmailed people who were getting away with criminal activities, and Reade asks why he came in. He replies that Sanjay is doing hacks of his own, and Rich continues to be upset that Boston moved on from him. Boston ignores him and explains that he found out that Sanjay intends to make a deal. He comments that Sanjay has been uncharacteristically secretive over the past week, and Reade tells Patterson to look into it.


Clem and Weller struggle to pinpoint Avery’s new location. Jane sees that Avery is attempting to signal them using her finger on the video, and they figure out that Avery is in an abandoned tunnel. Patterson shows them that Sanjay’s target, John Sheridan (John Patrick Hayden), is a weapons manufacturer who has embezzled money. They figure that Sanjay will attempt to sell some of Sheridan’s weapons on the black market. Clem checks on Jane, and assures her that she will meet her daughter very soon. She thanks him for his help, and he admits that he’s been holding out hope that she would return to him.


Reade and Zapata tell Sheridan about the blackmail attempt, but he claims to now know what they’re talking about. They show him his phone records that indicate that Sanjay has been contacting him, and Sheridan threatens to call his lawyer. Reade threatens to call the IRS about his embezzlement, and Sheridan admits that Sanjay threatened him and requested white phosphorus bombs that he already handed over.


Patterson shows them that two of Sanjay’s associates were found in the city, and Boston recognizes one of the names, TJ (Patrick Brana), that Sanjay had mentioned. Boston suggests that he go to the sale with a wire, and Reade approves it. He returns home and talks to Sanjay, as the team sits in a van outside. Rich complains about Boston and Sanjay’s relationship, and Boston offers to go to the meeting with Sanjay for moral support. Sanjay tells him the meeting will be taking place in their apartment, and tells him to pack a bag, as New York won’t be safe after the sale.


Weller, Jane, and Clem arrive at the tunnel and split up. The team hears Sanjay mention that he has a bug detector in the apartment, and Boston disables his wire. Sanjay gets notification that TJ has arrived and tells Boston that he jammed the cell signal as Boston attempts to use his to contact the team. Jane and Clem find heat signatures behind a door, blast the door off, and take out Avery’s captors. Jane assures Avery, and she is in disbelief that Jane is there. Avery tells her that there are two more captors and Jane tells her to stay hidden until the coast is clear.


Sanjay begins the sale, and Boston offers to make TJ and his associates tea. Zapata notices smoke coming out of the window. Rich determines that Boston is giving them a signal, and Boston apologizes to Sanjay for the smoking teakettle. Boston attempts to stall the sale, and Sanjay is suspicious. The lights go out and the FBI shoots TJ and his associates before arresting Sanjay as Rich comforts Boston. Weller attempts to shoot at a glass wall but it is unbreakable. Roman steps forward, as Jane returns to find Avery gone. Turning around, she sees that Avery has a gun pointed at her.


Jane attempts to plead with Avery, putting down her weapon and insisting she won’t hurt her. Avery tells her that Roman told her Jane would try to manipulate her. Jane reminds her that Roman kidnapped her and that he is the manipulator. Avery tells her that she doesn’t trust either of them, but she knows Jane will try to throw her in a cell like she did to Roman. Jane tries to reason with her, but Avery accuses her of abandoning her. Jane explains that her mother stole her, but Avery responds that Roman said she would blame Sheppard.


Weller asks Roman what he wants, and declares that he has nothing on him anymore. Roman asks how Jane took it, and laughs when Weller doesn’t reply. Roman tells him that Avery knows she needs to do what is necessary, and that he has a lot of moves left. Jane tells Avery that she needs her to get out of there, and Avery replies that she’s survived her whole life without her. Jane begs her to come with her, promising she doesn’t have to talk to her once she’s safe. Avery breaks down and lowers her weapon.


Roman tells Weller that they are on the same side, as he needs the FBI’s help to bring down Crawford. Weller tells him that all of this will end with him being alone, and Roman comments that a life without all of this isn’t in the cards for him. Weller calls out Roman for manipulating Avery, and compares him to Sheppard. Roman remarks that he’s lucky the glass is there before leaving. Jane tucks Avery in on the plane and Weller apologizes for how he acted with Clem. Jane apologizes for not telling Weller about her affair, and Weller assures Jane that Avery is tough like her mother.


Reade thanks Boston for his cooperation with the FBI, but Zapata assures him that he will be on permanent house arrest. Patterson points out that he hacked eighty million people, and Boston asks if it matters that he’s sorry. He apologizes for betraying Patterson’s trust, and Rich confesses his love for him. He asks if they can be under safe house arrest together, but Boston tells him that he’s too late.


Weller apologizes to Clem for his behavior as they get off the plane. Clem admits he understands and that he hopes Weller and Jane work things out. Weller doubts it, but Clem tells him that Jane still loves him. Zapata approaches Reade, who shows her an engagement ring for Megan. She tells him she will love it, but is clearly heartbroken. Jane gets a call from Roman as she checks on Avery in the hospital. She tells him it’s over, but he warns her that her happiness will be short-lived.


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