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By: Jessica Wolff



Nils Bresden (Chance Kelly) demands information from three people he’s holding at knifepoint. Kurt Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) and Jane Doe (Jaimie Alexander) question Avery (Kristina Reyes) on her involvement with Roman (Luke Mitchell). Avery asks if she can go, asking if they will lock her up like Roman. Jane insists that the situation is different, but Avery reminds her Roman is family too. Weller asks her why she helped Roman, and Avery explains that Roman promised to help her avenge her father’s death. She explains that her father committed suicide after his boss fired him. Avery tells them that Roman reached out to her when she started looking for Jane, and told her that Jane wasn’t worth looking for. She then reveals that her father’s boss was Hank Crawford (David Morse).


Outside, Edgar Reade (Rob Brown) asks Jane and Weller if they can trust Avery. Jane isn’t sure, but Tasha Zapata (Audrey Esparza) tells them a background check corroborates her story. However, Zapata still believes that they need to question everything Avery says and suggests they give her a polygraph. Weller argues that Avery won’t trust them, but Jane tells Reade to do the polygraph. After Weller questions her decision, Jane reminds him that she’s having a hard time trusting him. Patterson (Ashley Johnson) gets a video message from an unknown source and opens it to see Roman doing a puzzle.


Reade asks Zapata about the progress of the CIA’s interrogation of Eleanor Hirst (Mary Stuart Masterson) and suggests Zapata attempt the interrogation herself. Patterson shows them the video and tells her that the pieces are scattered throughout the tattoos. She shows them that the pieces form a message and Weller assesses that it involves his old partner, Donald Shipley (Darren Goldstein). Jane asks about their strained relationship and Patterson shows them evidence that someone is bribing Shipley. After finding Shipley’s location, Weller suggests he approach him and bring him in for questioning.


Weller approaches Shipley, who tells him he needs to leave. Several vehicles approach and Shipley reveals that he’s running an undercover operation for Homeland Security. From a nearby car, Reade tells Jane to stay as they observe the scene. Ameni (America Olivo) demands to know who Weller is, and Shipley explains that he requested Weller’s help for the operation. Touting Weller’s expertise in electromagnetic weapons, Shipley and Weller convince Ameni to allow Weller to join the operation. She hands Weller the specs for a power plant and tells him that they need to take out the entire plant at once. Weller questions the plan, but Ameni tells him that she’s taken care of the potential issues and that he has twenty-four hours to construct the weapon.


Zapata visits Hirst, who comments that she’s always liked her. However, Zapata reminds Hirst of her attempt to get her removed from the task force. Hirst asks if she hurt her feelings, and Zapata tells her that she’s there to discuss Crawford. Despite Hirst’s insistence that she has no helpful Intel, Zapata tells her that she will be using a truth serum drug that the CIA is developing. Hirst asks if she’s desperate, and Zapata attempts to make a deal for her willing cooperation. In Morocco, Roman and Victor (Anthony Lemke) drive out to the desert. Victor tells him that their final destination is much more remote than this and Roman attempts to get answers about Crawford’s upcoming deal.


Reade and Weller question Shipley, who reveals that Ameni approached him about being her inside man for her operations causing him to make a deal to go undercover. Shipley details his work for her, and tells them that Homeland is more concerned with Ameni’s boss, Bresden. Patterson gives them information about Bresden and his anti-government militia group, The Regiment. Weller insists that they refuse to help them take out the power plant, but Reade tells them that this has become a joint operation between Homeland and the FBI. Zapata gives Hirst the drug and Hirst reveals that she has covered up many of The Regiment’s operations.


Weller and Shipley prepare the weapon for the operation. Their exchange is tense, and Shipley tells Weller that Ameni moved up their time of the attack. Crawford meets up with Roman and Victor and tells them that this desert land will be the center of their operations. He praises Roman for securing the coin, and Roman asks about the operation. Crawford doesn’t answer, and asks Victor about the status of Bresden’s operation. As Crawford drives away, Victor tells Roman that he knows he’s not really Tom Jakeman.


Homeland Agent Mackenzie (Medina Senghore) urges them to not delay the operation, but Reade is hesitant that Weller doesn’t know the weapon well enough to play the part. Patterson asks to speak to Jane, Weller, and Reade, and tells them what Zapata learned from Hirst. Reade and Mackenzie agree to move up the operation and strategize. As Avery starts the polygraph, Jane asks Patterson if she’s doing the right thing. Patterson assures her that they need to be sure they can trust Avery.


Weller and Shipley pull out the weapon at a warehouse, and Ameni demands they prove it will work. Jane tries to talk to Avery after the polygraph, but Avery is furious at her for not trusting her and not focusing her efforts on bringing down Crawford. Shipley makes conversation with Ameni, as Weller sets up the weapon. Weller successfully takes out the warehouse’s electricity and Reade and Mackenzie lose contact with Weller and Shipley. Mackenzie urges Reade to stick to the plan, and Ameni tells Weller and Shipley that the power plant was never the real target.


Ameni drives Weller and Shipley to the woods and Bresden and other members of the Regiment approach them. He tells them that their target is a hidden bunker operated by the Treasury Department. As they walk, Weller warns Shipley that disabling the bunker will allow any criminal to make transactions with no detection. Shipley points out that they are outnumbered, and believes there is no way to stop the operation. Reade insists on raiding the power plant, and Mackenzie insists she’s going with him. Patterson gets a message from Reade informing her of their lost contact with Weller, but they picked up a member of the operation, Merrick (Lucas Dixon), they can question.


Weller suggests that he stay outside as the Regiment approaches the bunker and opens it, but Bresden tells him they need everyone inside. Khalil (Abdellatif Chaouqi) arrives at the desert and Crawford greets him. He expresses reservations about the deal, as the land has been in his family for generation. Crawford gives Khalil the coin, which he recognizes as his grandfather’s, before telling him that he has people in New York working on the wire transfer for the deal. Crawford invites Khalil into a hut for scotch, and Victor explains to Roman that he ran his fingerprints. He explains that he kept digging into him until he found someone from Tom Jakeman’s therapy group that recognized that Roman wasn’t Tom. Victor expresses his joy at exposing him, and Victor assesses that he killed the real Tom and is using Blake to get to Crawford.


Bresden and the Regiment order that everyone in the bunker put up their hands at gunpoint. Weller orders Ingrid (Shelley Thomas-Harts) to come with him, and whispers that he’s really FBI and asks her to lie that there are more people in the bunker. Ingrid lies that there are some people in the service area and Bresden sends some Regiment members to investigate. Weller sets up the weapon and Bresden demands the access code to a door in the bunker. Ingrid tells him she has it once he holds another employee at gunpoint, and opens the door to the server room. Bresden points his gun at Ingrid, but Weller tackles him as Shipley tackles Ameni. Shipley is shot in the leg during the ensuing gunfight and Weller tells Ingrid to lock herself in the server room. Weller tells Shipley to draw the Regiment’s fire and he runs through the bunker.


Zapata continues her interrogation of Hirst, and Hirst admits that she doesn’t see a problem with bending the rules sometimes. Zapata tells her that she crossed a line, and Hirst tells her that the line isn’t fixed. Bresden calls Victor about the problems with the FBI, and Victor orders him to handle it. Shipley apologizes for his past behavior and tells Weller he wouldn’t blame him for leaving him there. However, Weller tells him there’s other ways to fight and together they take out the remaining Regiment members using stealth.


Jane and Reade question Merrick about the power plant attack, and Reade asks what the real target is. Merrick plays dumb, but Mackenzie tells him that an undercover agent has witnessed his involvement firsthand. He tells them that he doesn’t know what the target is, he is just supposed to pick up Bresden at a certain location. Merrick gives them the highway marker and Reade tells Jane and Patterson about the treasury bunker located there. Zapata tells Hirst that the interrogation is over for the day, and Hirst wishes her luck. When Zapata tells her that she doesn’t need luck, Hirst warns her that their investigation will put them on Crawford’s map. Zapata insists she isn’t afraid of Crawford, but Hirst warns that she will be soon.


Weller and Shipley shoot at Bresden, Ameni and the Regiment as they sneak up on them and then run away as they continue shooting. Shipley runs out of ammo and insists the end is near. As they are surrounded, Jane and Reade arrive to take out the remaining shooters and help carry Shipley out of the woods. Khalil storms out, insisting that the deal is off. Crawford begs him to go through with it, but Khalil takes the failed transfer as a sign to not sell the land. As he drives away, Victor promises to make Bresden pay but Crawford insists Bresden was setup by the FBI.


Crawford announces that someone close to him is working for the FBI, and talks about how he prides himself on recruiting trustworthy people. Crawford kills Victor and Roman asks how he knew Victor was the traitor. He explains that he discovered that Victor was making calls to the FBI, visited Berlin, and sent a video to the FBI that morning. However, Roman switched his phone with Victor’s and used Victor’s phone to frame him. Crawford apologizes to Roman for having to watch Victor’s murder, and stresses how much he values loyalty.


Reade, Mackenzie, Weller, and Shipley discuss the operation as Shipley lies in his hospital bed. After Reade and Mackenzie leave, Shipley admits that he’s missed working with Weller. Shipley discusses his insecurities and apologizes for leaving. Weller admits that he still struggles working with a partner sometimes, and Shipley advises him to not let the past affect his current relationships. Jane asks Avery if she wants to get dinner, but Avery insists she’s not hungry. Avery angrily tells Jane that she has company, but Jane tells her the security guards are for her protection. Avery tells her that this is a prison and tells her that Roman was upfront about holding her captive. Jane shows her the evidence they have on Crawford, insisting they’re on the same team. Avery tells Jane she wants to be there when the take down Crawford.


Jane goes to Weller’s apartment and tells him that she refuses to let Roman succeed in tearing them apart. She admits that Weller has a long history of being let down, and that she still feels betrayed by his withholding the secret about Avery from her. However, she admits that she wants to trust Avery, work things out with Weller, and that she wants love back in her life. Roman sits with Crawford and asks if he’s giving up on the deal. Crawford tells him that he doesn’t give up and hands him a folder. Roman sees pictures of Jane, Weller, Zapata, Reade, and Patterson inside, and Crawford requests that Roman kill them so they don’t interfere in his operations anymore.

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