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By: Jamie Steinberg


Q) It was touched on a bit on the show, but how did you get into yachting?


A) I was looking to change careers and my friend Kate Chastain from the Caribbean seasons suggested I give yachting a try so that was that.


Q) What made you want to be a return this season of Below Deck Mediterranean?


A) I mean, it’s a blast! It’s so much fun a fantastic experience and who doesn’t want to go to Croatia!


Q) Were there certain parts of your life you deemed off limits to the camera?


A) Not really, I feel like I have a lot of friends at home and the way I look at it I wouldn’t act any different in front of them as I would in front of a camera…The way I look at it is everyone watching are just potential friends. [laughs]


Q) Is there much of a difference serving under a female captain than a male captain?


A) Not at all, a Captain is a Captain whether your male or female…Although, I may watch my manners a little more at the dinner table.


Q) What are some of your most memorable moments that you can tease from this season of Below Deck Med?


A) There were a lot of fun, wild and weird memories from this season, but the best would be the life-long friendship I have made with a few of the new cast members.


Q) We saw you seem to have some chemistry last season with Julia [D’Albert Pusey.] Do you feel the close quarters heightened your feelings?


A) I think the close quarters definitely can have that effect, but with Julia she was just fun and bubbly and I think anyone would like that no matter what the space was.


Q) Who have you stayed in contact with from last season?


A) I still keep on touch with Ben [Robinson], Bryan [Kattenburg] and Tiffany [Copeland] the most.


Q) Who would you have liked to have seen return to sharing a ship with you and why?


A) Definitely Ben. We got along great and still hang out together and then c’mon…his food amazing!


Q) You are a part of social media. Have you been enjoying the instant fan feedback you have been receiving?


A) Yes, it’s been so fun! There are definitely some haters out there, but the love is far more than the hate.


Q) The fandom is very interested in your personal and professional life. How does it make you feel to have so many people invested in you and your future?


A) It’s kind of motivating actually because it makes you not want to let anyone down and prove that I can do this.


Q) What is something that you want to be sure viewers know about you or that you’d like to clarify?


A) I want viewers to know that I’m always going to tell the truth about a situation. I don’t make up stories or tall tales. So, before people jump to conclusions I’d love for them to contact me on social media and would be more than happy to clarify an issue or question they might have.


Q) What do you want to be sure fans know about you and your time on Below Deck Mediterranean?


A) I want them to know that I’m having a blast and loving every second of it and it’s all because of their support of the show and how they support me along the way.



“Below Deck Mediterranean” premieres Tuesday, May 2nd at 9PM ET on Bravo

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