Casey Willis – Archer – Comic Con 2014

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Interview By: Lynsey Tamborello



Q) How long have you been with this show?

A) I’ve been a producer on the show since the beginning and before that I worked with them on “Sealab” and “Frisky Dingo” as well.

Q) Can you share how you guys break the story? When do you come together to break the scenes and plot out of the arc of the show?

A) Yeah, that’s how most television shows work, but not ours. Adam had this idea and he was like, “What if they just sold cocaine for an entire season?” And then, as it progressed, he was like “You know, I want them to have the cocaine, but never sell any of it.” And never actually kill anybody.” So, through the whole season, they never sold any and nobody ever died. And at the end of the season, he knew he wanted Lana to have a baby. That was really the only arc.

Q) Did you originally know that Sterling was going to be the daddy?

A) We always knew because we planted the seed in season four. At the very end, she said that she had a plan of what she was going to do. So, we always knew.

Q) How do the events of season five effect season six?

A) Now they are trying to do freelance stuff for the CIA, which is pretty cool. And it’s back to the mission of the week model. There are the additions of the CIA and the baby both being present. So, it is cool because it’s kind of a reset, but there are kind of these lingering things they have to deal with from season five. And also, as you will see in the beginning of the season, it’s pretty great how they get the office back. That’s awesome!

Q) Can you tease any new guest stars for the season?

A) In the beginning of the season, we’ll see this person named Togo Igawa who was in Memoirs of a Geisha and in Last Samurai. Also, Allison Tolman of “Fargo” is a guest star as Pam’s sister. We are super excited! Also, Barry comes back! It’s going to be really hilarious. He’s crazier.

Q) Does Pam go back to pre-cocaine Pam?

A) Yes, she goes back to her large pre-cocaine self. And I don’t think we really explain it. 

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