Charity Spotlight: The Julian D. King Gift Foundation

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By: Lindsay Flanagan



WHO: Jennifer Hudson


CHARITY: Julian D. King Gift Foundation



Singer Jennifer Hudson founded this charity in honor of her late nephew, Julian King, who was killed in 2008 along with her brother and mother. Her sister Julia, Julian’s mother, co-founded the organization. Hudson was awarded the Samsung Galaxy Impact Award for her efforts in this foundation, although for Hudson it isn’t about the recognition. She told Variety Magazine in 2013, “Where I come from, it’s always about negativity and who shot who,” she says. “But to show them and to tell them, ‘Well, if I did it, I came from where you came from, you can do it too.’ That is our goal.” The foundation provides underprivileged children with school supplies and Christmas presents. Now is an opportune time to get involved.



The Julian D. King Gift Foundation is headquartered in Chicago. For more information, to donate to the cause or volunteer for an event you can go to their website. The foundation holds three annual events: Hatch Day, which honors Julian’s birthday on August 14th; The Christmas Toy Drive, where every child who would like a toy is invited; and the Christmas to Remember Dinner, which is being held on December 15th to honor scholastic achievements of students.



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