Chesapeake Shores – Deals Undone

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                       By: Jessica Wolff



Coming back from her run, Abby (Meghan Ory) is served papers. She runs upstairs to wake Connor (Andrew Francis) and yells at him for telling her to ignore the Department of Justice’s questions. Abby checks in on Kevin (Brendan Penny) who is doing fine after his fall from the treehouse. Carrie and Caitlyn (Abbie & Kayden Magnuson) make breakfast as Mick (Treat Williams) gets a stressful business call. Connor apologizes for his bad legal advice and asks to see the subpeona.


Bree (Emilie Ullerup) walks out of Sally’s and runs into David (Carlo Marks) who talks to her about her writing and the awkwardness at Jess’ (Laci J Mailey) house the other night. Trace Rily (Jesse Metcalfe) receieves a visit from his father, Lawrence Riley (Tom Butler), who tells him about Mick’s conditions for the property that he wants to buy. They talk about Mick’s offer to go into business with Trace on the property and his father isn’t supportive at all.


The O’Brien children discuss around the breakfast table what is wrong with Mick. Georgia (Ali Liebert) asks the others to make sure that Kevin isn’t overdoing his physical therapy. As they argue, Georgia walks out and Jess follows her. Georgia asks her to watch Kevin for signs of PTSD and they talk about Jess’ high school years. As Carrie and Caitlyn argue, Mick yells at them for being loud during his business call.


Abby, Megan (Barbara Niven) and Wes Winters (Michael Karl Richards) take Carrie and Caitlyn mini golfing. As Georgia leaves to go back to work, she and Kevin say goodbye and he admits that he’s not ready to leave Chesapeake Shores yet. Georgia tells him to come home when he’s ready before she drives away. The rest of the family heads to the mini golf course and Connor confronts Wes about dragging Abby into his legal troubles. As Bree and Jess talk about Bree’s ex, David joins them. After walking away, Bree asks Jess about their relationship and Jess admits that they don’t have a lot in common.


Trace goes to see his father who tells him that he’s giving him the loan to open the music venue. His father admits that his wife convinced him to give Trace the loan and Trace gets angry about receiving a handout. He thinks that he should be respected for his hard work and his father says that he shouldn’t have to ask for respect. Trace refuses to take his money and his father pushes him against a wall and then demands that he leave.


Back at the mini golf course, Mick arrives but is still on the phone. Abby finds Wes and Connor discussing Wes’ case and she criticizes him for not spending time with the girls. Connor points out that the girls won’t be happy to see their father behind bars and tells him that he needs to testify against his ex-girlfriend Gabrielle to escape jail. Connor informs them that he invited the Department of Justice investigator over to talk about the case and Connor reassures Abby that he’ll be able to handle it despite not officially passing the bar exam yet. Jess, Bree and David ride the bumper boats and Jess feels like a third wheel as Bree and Dave discuss books.


Mick tells Megan that he needs to fly to Boston and they question why Nell (Diane Ladd) felt the need to leave for Ireland. Connor meets with the Department of Justice investigator and shows him Wes’ handwritten agreement to testify against Gabrielle. He tells Connor that it is against the law to practice law without a license and Connor shows him on the document where he represented himself as a law school graduate and not a licensed attorney. The investigator walks away without saying a word.


Trace and Mick check out the property and they discuss whether the property would be good as a music venue. They agree to go into business together and shake on it. Back at the mini golf course, Wes thanks Connor for his help and Connor tells him to back off on his custody battle with Abby. After Wes leaves, Abby thanks Connor for his help with the case.


As the family leaves, Bree and Jess argue over David. Wes tries to apologize to Abby, but she gets angry over all of the trouble he’s caused her. Jess goes to Mick and talks to her about her troubles with Bree and David. She admits that she feels inadequate compared to Bree. Their conversation is interrupted by another business call and Mick gets angry at the person on the other end. Connor shows Kevin the giant unicorn doll he won at mini golf course arcade and also tells him that he’s won his first case. Megan tells them that she’s staying with them while Mick is away on business. After Connor tells Megan about his visit with the Department of Justice, Megan warns him not to overreach like his father.


Trace calls Abby and asks her to go on a date with him, to which she says yes. Mick gets into his plane and flies to Boston. Abby talks to her daughters about moving to Chesapeake Shores full time and Megan assures them that they will still see her often if they move. Jess and Bree talk to each other about David and Bree admits that she likes him, too. Bree tells Jess that she doesn’t want to hurt her, and Jess tells her that she’s thinking of hiring David as a chef at the B&B. Trace takes Abby to the property and shows her what will become the music venue. He’s decorated the place for their date with lots of lights and they dance together. At the end of their dance, they share a kiss.


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