Chesapeake Shores – Exes Mark The Spot

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By: Jessica Wolff


The season finale of Chesapeake Shores gives a satisfying, but open-ended ending for the O’Brien family. The morning after their date, Abby (Meghan Ory) goes to visit Trace Riley (Jesse Metcalfe) and kisses him before Trace’s mother, Dee Riley (Karen Kruper) interrupts them. As she walks away, Abby asks why she is at the house and Trace speculates that she’s having problems with his father. After Abby leaves, Dee tells Trace that she is pleased to see him and Abby back together and to see him happy. Mick (Treat Williams) arrives in Boston and meets with his business partner, who tells him about the problems with their development.


Megan (Barbara Niven) and Connor (Andrew Francis) discuss Megan’s return to the O’Brien house after so long and Connor tells her that he has a job interview for a law firm in Baltimore. Bree (Emilie Ullerup) shows Abby’s daughters, Carrie and Caitlyn (Abbie & Kayden Magnuson) how to do a cartwheel in the backyard while Megan talks to Kevin (Brendan Penny) about Jess’ (Laci J Mailey) party. At Sally’s, Jess breaks up with David (Carlo Marks), telling him that he has more in common with Bree than her. She offers him an audition to cook for the B&B, which leads David to call this “the best break-up ever.” Trace asks his mother if she’s considered divorcing his father, but she says that she’s fine. Mick goes to see another business partner and refuses to leave until he goes over the numbers for the project with him.


Abby has a blast with her daughters as they paint their new bedroom. However, they soon get bored and ask for a recess. Jess and Bree talk about David and Jess asks if she would be uncomfortable having David at the B&B. Bree says that she’s fine with it and Dave comes over and tells them that he’s quit his job at Sally’s. As they drive away, Jess gives Bree permission to date David and Megan walks out of realtor’s office. Abby gets a text from her ex Wes Winters (Michael Karl Richards) asking to meet and they go for a walk along the beach. After reminiscing about the early days, Wes tells her that he’s withdrawing his petition for sole custody and that she and the girls can live in Chesapeake Shores together. Then, he tells her that he’s moving closer to Chesapeake Shores so that he can see his daughters more often.


Kevin tells Connor that he’s planning to return to medical school and confesses that he doesn’t feel like he can get married anytime soon because he’s scared. Abby goes to see Trace and tells him the good news about the end of her custody battle. Their embrace is interrupted by Leigh Corley (Brittany Willacy) and Abby is clearly jealous of her. Back in Boston, Mick says goodbye to his business partner and tells him about Jess’ opening of the B&B. As Bree is working, her ex Martin Demming (Kyle Cassie) comes to see her and she is not happy with his arrival. Jess and Abby observe from the B&B and discuss what they should do about him. Jess reveals that Leigh is staying at the B&B and Wes pulls up the driveway as well. Wes’ car has broken down and Abby lets him stay after introducing him to Leigh. Trace pulls up as Wes goes inside. Martin tries to sweet talk Bree into taking him back, but Bree refuses. However, she invites him to stay for Jess’ cookout.


Abby takes Trace to their old makeout spot and she teases him about being afraid to make the first move all of those years ago before kissing him. She confesses that she used to come here by herself sometimes because she felt safe and Trace assures her that he will make her feel safe again. Connor asks Kevin to live with him in Baltimore and everyone gathers at the B&B for the opening cookout. Abby explains the awkwardness of having so many exes at the party. Trace gets a phone call and runs out of the party. Abby tells Connor that she and Trace have rekindled their relationship and David thanks Jess for the opportunity despite their breakup. On the road, Trace is pulled over for speeding and explains to the officer that he’s on the way to the hospital.


As Martin plays the piano, David tells Bree that she and Martin don’t seem right for each other. Leigh comes over to play the piano and Connor is excited by his crush on Leigh. Jess asks Kevin about his PTSD and admits that it will never go away, but it will eventually get better. Megan says goodbye to Jess and she finally opens up to her about her nightmares. Abby and Wes put the girls to sleep and Abby shows him Nell’s quilt and the girls’ new room, complete with a hand-painted mural. The police officer finds out that Trace has an arrest warrant and arrests him before he can reach the hospital. The rest of the party sits around the campfire and Martin announces that a Chicago theater group has offered Bree a job as a resident playwright. Mick comes over and joins them, but Abby is unable to reach Trace. Mick compliments all of his children on their progress over the summer and they all toast to each other around the campfire.

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  1. Jo

    July 21, 2017 at 10:17 pm

    This is a great tv series . I come from a big family. It hits close to home. Plz keep this series going. There is alot of family’s who has went thur the same. Love this series. Hallmark u put series that touches the heart. Keep it going. Chesapeake shores great.

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