Chesapeake Shores – Georgia on My Mind

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By: Jessica Wolff

A car pulls up to the O’Brien house and a woman (Ali Liebert) steps out. She introduces herself to Abby (Meghan Ory) as Georgia and says that she is Kevin’s (Brendan Penny) fiancee. Unable to mask her surprise, Abby introduces her to Mick (Treat Williams) and Nell (Diane Ladd). Georgia tells them that she met Kevin during his first deployment and that they have quietly been engaged since May. To everyone’s shock, Georgia and Kevin have made the decision for Kevin to finish the recovery process at the O’Brien home. In town, Jess (Laci J Mailey) rushes to greet Bree (Emilie Ullerup) and informs her of Kevin’s situation and his surprise engagement. A medical supplies truck arrives and Georgia asks Mick to turn the dining room into Kevin’s recovery room.


Trace Riley (Jesse Metcalfe) talks to his mother about his plans of buying the abandoned building to turn into a music venue. Upon arriving at work, Abby’s boss informs her that that a federal agent is waiting for her in the office. She greets him and slips on her stability ball chair as she tries to sit down. The agent asks her about the boxes that she had shipped from New York and upon questioning tells her that he is investigating a possible SEC violation. Abby excuses herself and calls Connor (Andrew Francis) as he is about to take his Bar Exam. He advises her to not answer the agent’s questions. Abby refuses to answer any questions until the agent tells her why she is being investigated and he walks out.


As Georgia prepares for Kevin’s arrival, Megan (Barbara Niven) arrives home. Before Bree can explain what’s going on, the ambulance arrives and everyone rushes out to greet Kevin. He is lifted out of the ambulance and wheeled into the house. Megan, Bree, Jess and Mick discuss Georgia and whether Kevin coming home is the right thing. Georgia gets Kevin settled in and the family comes in to see him. Kevin talks to them about Georgia, but is in extreme pain and Georgia tells him that he needs rest. As the O’Brien’s leave the room, Georgia closes the blinds before shutting the door.


Abby calls her former boss in New York and asks him about the investigator. He tells her that the agent came to his office and he answered his questions. He tells her that the agent asked about Abby’s former assistant and Abby asks why he didn’t inform her about the visit. Bree visits Trace to talk to him about doing some woodworking for her and then tells him about Kevin and Georgia. Trace tells Bree that he and Abby haven’t talked much since Abby saw him with Leigh Corley, though he insists that there is nothing going on between him and Leigh.


Georgia allows Mick and Megan to see Kevin and he admits that he’s in a lot of pain. Kevin asks about where everyone else is and Mick gives him a rundown. Kevin seems to have memory problems and his leg cramps up and he pushes away Megan when she tries to help. Georgia rushes in and tends to his leg and asks Megan to step out of the room. Back at her office, Abby breaks down. Her boss brings her a new office chair and Abby tells him about her worries with the investigation. He tells her about his cousin who also dealt with an SEC violation investigation and that he is now serving a prison sentence.


Trace rides his motorcycle into town and meets his father to discuss the property loan. He informs Trace that the property sold for asking price and that his loan application was denied. Trace asks why the loan was rejected and his father tells him that giving him a loan would be a risky investment, particularly since so much of his income is sent back to Nashville. Walking out of the bar exam, Connor’s study partner surprisingly kisses him.


Back at the house, Megan and Mick argue over whether Kevin should be in a hospital or not. Nell tries to stop the debate and Megan goes outside. She goes to see Jess and asks her to have a room at the B&B. Reluctantly, Jess allows her to stay and Megan tells Jess that she doesn’t like Georgia. Abby returns home and asks about Kevin before telling Mick about her problems with the Department of Justice. Bree comes into Abby’s room and they talk about Trace and the investigation before Bree admits that her boyfriend has been cheating on her.


The next morning, Megan brings Georgia some coffee and they talk about Kevin. Megan confronts her about her insistence that she not cry in front of Kevin and Georgia explains that she didn’t want her to upset him. She tells her a story about how distraught Kevin was for his mother after 9/11 and how she wants what is best for him. Trace shows Bree the completed project and Bree apologizes for being too nosy about Abby. Connor calls his study partner and they meet up. They kiss and she asks him to celebrate with her. He says that he wants to see Kevin, but kisses her goodbye before leaving. Kevin wakes up to find Nell praying by his bedside. He tells Nell about the dreams he has been having about his grandfather. He says that a man named Dylan O’Malley was mentioned in his dream and Nell is surprised to hear that name. She pretends not to know who he is, but kisses her ring and asks to the ether as where Dylan O’Malley is as soon as she leaves the room.


Jess brings Kevin some flowers and Kevin asks her how she got through her struggles. She tells him that she figured that Chesapeake Shores was a great place for her to heal and that is her safe haven. Kevin admits that he doesn’t feel safe here. Mick tells Nell that he has to leave for work, but Nell tells him that she believes something is wrong with Kevin. Mick believes that things will be worse before they get better and asks Nell not to worry Megan with her concerns. Nell tells Mick that she’s thinking about taking a trip. She starts to tell him about Dylan O’Malley, but Mick’s phone rings.


That evening, Trace meets his mother and is angry that his father is joining them. Trace’s father arrives and tells them that he was late due to a loan negotiation. He reveals that Mick is the buyer of the property that Trace wanted. Connor arrives home and tells Jess about the bar exam. Out of curiosity, Abby checks out an old video of Trace performing with Leigh. She is jealous of the chemistry between them and slams the laptop shut.

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