Chesapeake Shores – Grand Openings

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By: Jessica Wolff


Abby O’Brien (Meghan Ory) brings a picnic basket for a date with Trace Riley (Jesse Metcalfe), but finds that he is in the middle of performing with Leigh Corley (Brittany Willacy) and John Rawl (Bradley Stryker).  Once Trace realizes that she’s there, he stops playing and tells her that Leigh and John came back from Nashville with him before introducing her to John.  Abby is surprised that the band came with him, and Leigh tells Trace that they need thirty more minutes to rehearse.  Abby decides to watch them, but is clearly not happy about it.


At the O’Brien house, Caitlyn and Carrie Winters (Abbie & Kayden Magnuson) are sneezing.  Mick O’Brien (Treat Williams) notices that Abby looks tired and she tells him that she was up watching Trace and his band perform.  Mick is happy that the club is opening soon, but Abby says that she can’t do late nights.  Wes Winters (Michael Karl Richards) arrives to take the girls to school.  Trace and Mick go over the details of the club, and Trace tells him that he’s gotten most of the required permits but is having trouble getting the live music permit.  Mick promises to get the permit before the grand opening.


Jess O’Brien (Laci J. Mailey) and Bree O’Brien (Emilie Ullerup) talk about David Peck (Carlo Marks) and Jess is disturbed that she knows nothing about him.  Bree asks if she’s ever asked him any questions, but Jess tells her that he doesn’t answer when she tries.  David brings them breakfast and Bree asks if he does this every day.  When Jess says that he does, Bree tells her that she should marry him even if she doesn’t know who he is.  Jack asks Abby to stay behind after the meeting and tells her that she’s been offered a promotion at the firm.  He warns her that she’ll be taking on more work, and Abby is hesitant due to the increased hours.  He tells her that it’s her choice if she wants to take it, but tells her she deserves it.


Sarah Mercer (Jessica Sipos) approaches Kevin O’Brien (Brendan Penny) at Sally’s and they banter back and forth.  He tells her that he’s been calling her, and asks when they are going to get together.  She jokes that they are together right now, but he clarifies that he means a date.  They talk about his upcoming MCAT exam while she eats his food, and tells him that she admires that he wants to help people.  She leaves when she gets her food and Kevin asks her out again, but she jokingly calls him a romantic and walks away.


At the bookstore, Megan O’Brien (Barbara Niven) is not happy with the jobs available online.  Simon Atwater (Oliver Rice) approaches Bree and bluntly tells her that he wants her.  She makes fun of his pickup line, and he tells her that he’s full of them.  He admits that he came to Chesapeake Shores to see her and asks her out for coffeee.  Megan introduces herself as Bree’s mother, and Simon says that he thought she was Bree’s sister.  Flustered, Megan tells him that she bought his book and loved it.  She makes an excuse to leave, and Simon tells Bree that she inspired him after she called him a hack.  He tells her that he likes her honesty, and she criticizes his book and welcomes him to Chesapeake Shores.


Abby talks to Trace about her potential promotion while he is working at the club and he tells her that she can handle the extra responsibility.  She expresses her concern of being away from the girls but he thinks she can make it work.  She admits that she’s worried she’s going to fail, but he tells her that she won’t know until she tries.  Abby compliments his ability to make her feel like she can do anything and they kiss before being interrupted by Leigh and John.  They tell Trace that they were offered a gig in Baltimore that night, but Trace tells them that he has plans with Abby.  However, Abby gets a text that the girls are getting sicker and has to cancel.


The next morning, Sally asks Abby to get Simon to sign her copy of his book.  Trace, Leigh, and John walk into the restaurant as they talk about their gig.  Abby approaches them, and Trace tells her that he wishes she could have been there.  He asks how the girls are doing, and Abby tells them they’re not feeling well.  Connor O’Brien (Andrew Francis) approaches Danielle Clayman (Britt Irvin) and asks how her work is and offers his help.  Kevin notices Sarah run by and gets her atttention by commenting on their previous conversation.  She can’t believe he stopped her run for that, and he invites her over to the family dinner.  He assures her that he isn’t cooking, and she agrees to go.


As they walk, Simon tells Bree about his first book, but comments that barely anyone bought it.  He tells her that he’s working about a new novel about an author who meets a woman who calls him a hack.  Bree gets a text from Nell O’Brien (Diane Ladd) and tells Simon that she invited both of them to dinner.  As David wraps up for the day, Jess asks him questions about where he goes after work.  He avoids her questions by offering her a scone, but she refuses to get distracted.  David tells her that he doesn’t like talking about herself, but Jess doesn’t understand.  She persists and he tells her that he had a rough childhood and that he has a brother and a sister.  Seeing an opening, Jess continues to ask questions, but he doesn’t answer them.  She then tells him that she doesn’t want to know about him.


At her job interview, the interviewer tells Megan that she is overqualified and doesn’t believe that she would want to do the job.  Megan assures him that she wants to go back to work, but he is worried that she would be bored.  He tells her that she can have the job if she wants it, but asks if she really does.  She confesses that she doesn’t.


Abby and Trace have their date, and Abby comments that she wasn’t expecting a buffet.  He tells her that he needs to pick options for the club and asks what she thinks of the pasta.  She comments that it’s nice to have a moment alone with him and asks how much longer Leigh and John will be there.  Trace admits that he doesn’t know because they’ll be working on new music after the opening.  She tells him that she hasn’t seen him a lot since he returned from Nashville, and he reminds her that she’s been busy too.


Abby tells him that he seems like a different person with the band, and that she doesn’t know what’s important to him anymore.  He reminds her that she’s a professional musician and isn’t going to give music up.  She tells him that she’s fine with the music, but she’s worried about his change of personality when he’s doing it.  Trace assures her that everything is fine with them, and promises to make her more of a priority.


Jess goes to David’s house and peeks through the window when nobody answers the door.  David comes home and asks what she’s doing.  She apologizes for lying that she didn’t want to know anything about him, and then apologizes for looking through his window.  He tells her that he’ll see her tomorrow, but she stops him and invites him to Nell’s family dinner.  David is hesitant, but Jess tells him that he can make stuff up about himself if he’s uncomfortable talking.  Realizing that she won’t back down, he reluctantly agrees to go.


Megan tells Mick about her job interview, and Mick is optomistic that the right job will come along.  He asks her for help with getting the music permit for the club, since the person in charge doesn’t like him.  Mick tells her to talk up the importance of the arts, and ask for the permit.  Megan comments that this is the first time he’s ever asked her for help, and he admits that was a mistake.  Connor hands out brochures and then asks Danielle to the family dinner.


At the family dinner, Mick tells the story of the year he tried to fry a turky for Thanksgiving and failed miserably with the help of his kids.  Nell leads a toast about the importance of spending time as a family and thanks everyone for coming.  Trace gets a text and announces that he has to leave.  He arrives and finds John performing for a crowd in the club.  He turns off the power and kicks the crowd out before asking John what he is doing.


Kevin and Sarah walk along the lake and Kevin tells her that Nell loves her.  They sit on a bench, and Sarah comments that he is the one holding everyone together.  He admits that’s what he has to do, and she thinks it’s nice.  Nell talks to Simon about his book, and tells him she loved it.  She tells him that Bree is a good writer and gives him a story that Bree wrote in eigth grade.  Megan asks Bree if she likes Simon and she says that he is less irritating than his books.  She asks what he thinks of her writing, and Bree admits she hasn’t shown him anything because she is afraid.  Megan reminds her that she has nothing to be afraid of since she doesn’t like his writing.


Connor and Danielle sit on the porch, and she tells him that his family suits him.  He laughs at the idea, and says that the family is good at appearing to get along.  She says that they get along better than her own family.  Danielle says that she likes this side of him and he kisses her.  David tells Jess that the dinner wasn’t so bad.  He tells her it was much better than his dinners with his family and goes into detail about his struggles.  She thinks that it’s sad, but he tells her he made all of it up before saying that he’s kidding.


Megan talks to the councilman about the permit and makes a passionate speech about the importance of the arts.  He mentions that she dropped off her resume earlier, and she is surprised.  She plays along with it and he gives her the job.  John apologizes for the night before, and Trace tells him that he’s gone if he does it again.  He tells him that they have to mature and do things differently if they want to succeed this time.


Mick approaches Megan and asks how the talk with the councilman went.  He pretends to be surprised when she talks about someone sending her resume to him.  She tells him that the permits now go through the new Arts Liasion Coordinator.  She thanks him for getting her the job, but he continues to deny it.  Simon approaches Bree and asks her to dinner.  She reminds him that they just had dinner, but he admits he’s hoping for something more private.  He gives her story back and she is horrified that Nell gave it to him.  Calling her writing brilliant, he can’t wait to see how she writes now.  He gives her his original novel to read so they are on equal footing.


As the club opens, Abby admires the club and Trace thanks her for her support.  Their kiss is interrupted by Leigh calling Trace to the stage.  Mick introduces him and he addresses the crowd before beginning his performance as the O’Brien family cheers him on.  Abby gets a text that her daughters have a fever and she goes home to take care of them with Wes.

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