Chesapeake Shores – Second Chances

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By: Jessica Wolff


Bree O’Brien (Emilie Ullerup) runs into a guy in town who she is clearly smitten with as they flirt. He mentions that he works at Sally’s and Bree tells him that she’s a regular there. Nell (Diane Ladd), Connor (Andrew Francis) and Carrie & Caitlyn (Abbie & Kayden Magnuson) tend to the garden. As Abby (Meghan Ory) comes outside on her phone, Connor throws her phone and tells her that he threw it for real this time. She runs to the river to find her phone and Nell chastises him for being a jerk. Carrie and Caitlyn show them a little fairy garden decorated from random objects. Abby’s phone rings in Connor’s pocket and he lets Abby know that he tricked her once again. Abby receives a call from Wes and agrees to meet him at Sally’s.


Back in town, Trace Riley (Jesse Metcalfe) confronts Mick (Treat Williams) about buying the property he wanted for his dream music venue. Trace tells him his plans and Mick is interested enough to offer to work with him to create the venue. At the B&B, Megan (Barbara Niven) tries to talk to Jess (Laci J Mailey), but Jess is still annoyed at her. Abby meets Wes Winters (Michael Karl Richards) and he reveals the reason for the Department of Justice investigation: the failed deal that his girlfriend had insider information on. Abby yells at him for putting them in that situation and Wes asks for her support. Walking along the road, Megan stops as Mick pulls up. She asks if family counseling for her and Jess would be a good idea. She objects to being considered the parent that left and says that she would have never left if Mick hadn’t made things difficult for her. Mick drives away and then stops the car, gets out and argues with Megan about what happened. She brings up what Georgia mentioned to her about Kevin after 9/11 and gets upset about it. Mick drives away and Megan keeps walking with her suitcases.


The family gathers around to listen to what Georgia (Ali Liebert) has to tell them. Kevin (Brendan Penny) comes walking out on crutches and everyone is happy to see his progress. Abby goes to visit Trace and encourages him to keep pursuing music because he loves it. Trace tells her that he smashed his guitar in the river. She tells him to not give up what he loves and admits that she was jealous of Leigh when she saw them together. Later, Georgia joins Kevin on the swing and she tells him that she wants to leave Chesapeake Shores. Kevin wants to stay though because he likes being around his family.


Bree tells Jess about her ex-boyfriend and his mistress. She expresses her sympathy for Bree’s situation and then admits that she has a date later. After Bree breaks down, Jess offers to cancel, but Bree encourages her go on the date. Jess admits that she’s excited for the date and Bree tells her about the guy she met in town earlier. Abby goes to see Trace and leaves a guitar at his door when there is no answer. As the family gathers for dinner, Nell yells at everyone for fighting with each other. To everyone’s shock, Nell announces that she is taking a trip to Ireland.


After dinner, Mick sits with Nell and asks about Dylan O’Malley. She says that it’s not important and encourages him to invite Megan to stay at the house for the summer. Trace comes home to find the guitar on his doorstep. Abby and Connor discuss the investigation against Wes and Connor is in disbelief that Abby is considering helping him. Their conversation is interrupted when Abby gets a phone call from Trace who thanks her for the guitar and invites her to come over. Connor spots Kevin walking out of the house and offers to drive him in the golf kart to get away for a little while. Connor drives recklessly on the beach and Kevin asks him to slow down.


Jess and her date, the guy that Bree met in town earlier, walk along the beach. The date goes well and he tells her that he wants to be a chef. He invites her to a cookout and Jess says that she will invite her sister as well. Trace plays the guitar as Abby walks up. They sit in his house and he confesses the real reason he stopped playing music, a car crash that injured his bassist. Abby hugs him and he sobs into her shoulder. As they drive in the woods, Kevin asks Connor to stop at their old treehouse. Despite his injury, Kevin climbs up and they discuss their time as kids. Connor asks him what happened in Afghanistan and Kevin tells him that he doesn’t want to talk about it.


Bree comes over to see Jess and she tells her about the cookout that her date invited them to. Dave (Carlo Marks) steps out of the house and Bree recognizes him from earlier. While Jess is in the house, Dave is confused as too why Bree is acting weird and Bree tries to explain that she was interested in him as well. The moment is very awkward as Jess comes back out and tries to get them to talk to each other. As Nell prepares to leave, Abby says goodbye and admits that she doesn’t think this trip is a good idea. Nell gives her the old wedding ring, but won’t tell her the story behind it. They embrace and she asks Abby to take care of everyone. As Connor and Kevin climb down from the treehouse, they slip and fall to the ground. Connor rushes home and alerts Georgia, Mick and Megan of Kevin’s fall and they all rush to get back to him.

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