Chesapeake Shores – Secrets, Lies, And School Supplies

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By: Jessica Wolff




Abby O’Brien (Meghan Ory) bails Trace Riley (Jesse Metcalfe) out of jail.  Trace tells her that he needs to get to the hospital to see his father, Lawrence Riley (Tom Butler).  Abby asks why he was arrested and he explains that he was pulled over for speeding and arrested for an outstanding warrant in Nashville.  She questions the warrant, and he explains that charges were filed after the accident.  Abby questions why he would be arrested for an accident, and he tells her that he was sleep-deprived.  He admits that he never should have driven that night and wishes that he would have stayed and been there for John Rawl (Bradley Stryker).  Trace asks Abby to drive him to the hospital, and Trace arrives to find his father resting.  He embraces his mother, Dee Riley (Karen Kruper), who tells him that his father had a heart attack.


At the O’Brien house, Mick O’Brien (Treat Williams) explains the lantern festival to Caitlyn and Carrie Winters (Abbie and Kayden Magnuson).  Connor O’Brien (Andrew Francis) interrupts Mick and tells the kids that the festival signifies the end of summer.  Mick continues his story, and Abby gets notification that she has to go to work early.  She apologizes to her daughters for being unable to take them school supply shopping and the girls are disappointed.  Mick offers to take them shopping instead.  Abby agrees telling them that Mick will take them today, and that she will finish their shopping trip on the weekend.


Abby remarks that Jess O’Brien (Laci J. Mailey) keeps texting her and Bree O’Brien (Emilie Ullerup) comments that the B&B is full for the first time.  Mick tells them not to coddle Jess, as she needs to figure out how to deal with things on her own.  Abby gives Mick a shopping list, but he insists that he doesn’t need a list.  Mick gets a business call and Kevin O’Brien (Brendan Penny) asks Bree if she has decided to move back to Chicago.  She is excited about the prospect of participating in the writer-in-residence program.  Despite insisting that she is done with Martin Demming (Kyle Cassie), she then admits that things may not be entirely over between them.


Connor asks Kevin about an apartment that he’s looking at, and Kevin denies that they’re moving in together. Connor insists that it would be good for both of them since they will both be working in Baltimore, but Kevin reminds Connor that he hasn’t gotten the job yet despite Connor’s confidence.  Bree asks about Trace, and Carrie and Caitlyn ask who Trace is.  Abby tells them that he’s just a friend, and tells them to go upstairs.  Once they are gone, Abby explains that the girls have enough transitions to go through without introducing Trace to them as well.


Abby arrives at the B&B and Jess is frazzled because she is overbooked and everything seems to be going wrong.  Believing that she is in good hands with David Peck (Carlo Marks), Abby tells her that she is late for work.  Jess doesn’t believe that she can do this, but Abby boosts her confidence.  Trace sits with Leigh Corley (Brittany Willacy) and his lawyer, who tells him that he is being charged with gross negligence.  The lawyer tells him that he has to go back to Nashville to face the charges and gives him a name for a lawyer in Nashville.  Bree sees Martin at the bookstore, and tells him that she wants their relationship to be strictly professional.  He is understanding, but says that he’ll make it up to her.  He hands her his notes on her play and she sees that he crossed out every line.


Mick tells his associate to work on the property known as the O’Brien family trust, and tells him that his brother is looking for a loophole to turn one of his properties into a nature preserve.  His associate questions whether his brother can stop the construction as part owner of the property, and Mick tells him that he can’t, but developing the property can prevent him from trying.  At work,  Del Granger (Serge Houde) gives Abby her next assignment and she is not happy to see that the project might take her weeks to finish.  Trace’s father wakes up, and Trace checks up on him.  His father tells him that it was a heart attack, and that heart attacks run in their family.  Trace tells him that he has to go to Nashville, and his father tells him to be back in time for the lantern festival, as he normally goes every year.


Megan O’Brien (Barbara Niven) arrives at the B&B, and David tells her that the inn is overbooked.  She introduces herself as Jess’ mother and David introduces himself.  He tells her that Jess is great.  Jess is surprised to see her, and Megan asks to meet for lunch.  Once Jess tells her that she’s overbooked, Megan tells her that she wants to talk.  Jess tells her that they don’t do that, and Megan tells her that they can now that she is moving back to Chesapeake Shores.  She asks why, and Megan explains that it’s a good time now that all of the kids have moved back into town.  Jess is angry that she needed all of the kids to decide to reconnect, and Megan tells her that she never stopped being her mother.  Megan tells her that she wants to make things right, but Jess tells her that she’s too late.  Jess tries to call Abby, but can’t reach her.


Trace takes Abby to his family’s home, and look through all of his old childhood things.  He tells her that he wanted to put everything behind her when he went to Nashville.  Turning on the light, he finds all of his childhood lanterns from the festival hanging and comments that he left behind what he needed the most.  Abby assures him that his Dad’s going to be okay, and he kisses her.  He tells her that she is the best decision that he’s ever made.


Jess catches up to Abby on her morning run and yells at her for not returning her calls.  Jess tells her about Megan’s decision to move back to Chesapeake Shores, and Abby is not surprised.  She tells Jess that Megan told her that she was thinking about it, and Jess asks why she would do this.  Abby tells her that it makes sense since everyone else moved back, but Jess says that it’s too late.  She reminds her that it’s not just about her, and Jess accuses her of taking Megan’s side.  Abby tells her that it’s not about sides, and tells Jess that she has to get to work.  Jess tells her that she’s drowning at her work, and Abby suggests that Megan help her.  She tells Abby that she doesn’t need a mother, just someone who answers her calls.


In Nashville, Trace meets with his attorney, Kyle Hadden (Ash Lee), and Judge Evelyn Patrick (Candus Churchill).  The judge questions why he missed his arraignment hearing, and Hadden tells her that his client returned to Nashville as soon as he found out about the arrest warrant.  Trace takes full responsibility for the accident, but Hadden stops him and tells the Judge that Trace is not a flight risk.  On their shoping trip, Mick tells Carrie and Caitlyn about the history of the lantern festival.  Norm Fisher (Ted Cole) approaches them and introduces himself, explaining that he works for Mick’s brother.  He asks about the development of the O’Brien family property, but Mick downplays the construction.  Mick tells him that he’ll talk to Thomas when he returns, and that he’s in the middle of making lanterns with the girls.  Fisher gives him a warning, but Mick refuses to talk to him.


Bree tries to talk to Abby about her potential move to Chicago, but finds that Abby is too distracted to listen.  The O’Brien siblings gather around the campfire, and Abby tells them that Jess is freaking out about Megan moving back to town.  Connor believes that it’s too late for her to move back, and Jess is relieved that he agrees with her.  Kevin suggests that they give her a break, and Abby tells Jess to grow up when she tries to argue.  She tells Jess that she can’t blame everything on her mother, and leaves the campfire.  Jess tells the remaining siblings about her struggles at the B&B, and Kevin suggests that she figure out how to solve her problems in her own way.


Jess gives an elderly couple Bree’s cottage.  Jess explains to Bree that she had to rent out her room.  Bree is not happy and tells Jess that she should have talked to her first.  Jess argues that she couldn’t reach her and that she’s moving soon.  Jess asks David to help the couple and she and Bree talk about David.  Bree comments that he and Jess can now find out if they really like each other, and Jess asks if that’s because she is out of the way.  Bree says that Jess can have him, but Jess says that she doesn’t want him.  Trace calls Abby and tells her that he needs to stop running.


At family dinner, Bree tells everyone that Jess gave her room away.  Jess argues that she also gave up her room.  She brings up that Megan is moving back, and Mick is surprised by the news.  To the judge’s surprise, Trace takes full responsibility for the accident.  The judge gives Trace a letter sent by John that advocates for him.  The judge reduces the sentence to a fine, and tells Trace to thank John.  Mick goes to see Megan with flowers, and suggests she figure out her real reason for moving back.


Kevin and Connor tells Mick that they will not be moving in together.  Abby shows Del her findings, and tells him that all the projects look okay except the one on her family’s property.  In Nashville, Trace visits John and thanks him for the letter.  He tries to apologize, but John refuses to accept it.  John explains that he wrote the letter for himself, as he wanted to move on.  Trace tells him that he’s sorry, but John tells him that he showed his true colors when he abandoned him.  He tells Trace that he is nothing to him, and shuts the door in his face.


Jess tries to apologize to Bree by giving her ice cream, but Bree tells her that it will take more than that.  Undeterred, Jess hands her the carton and she gives in.  Abby joins them, bringing her own spoon.  Mick, Carrie, and Caitlyn arrive home, and Abby confronts her father about the property he’s developing.  Carrie and Caitlyn show her their new backpacks, and Abby tells him that she wants to talk about it later.  Bree tells Mick that she’s not going to Chicago, and Mick tells her that he thinks she should.  He compliments her writing, and gives her a laptop.  He tells her that they are her words and only she can write them.  He explains that he calls her Bree O’Brien because she used to sign all of her notes with her full name as a kid.


The family goes into town for the lantern festival and are surprised to see that Nell O’Brien (Diane Ladd) has returned.  Mick asks how her trip was, and she talks to him about Thomas, telling him that she doesn’t want their fight to destroy the family.  The town walks to the shore, and Aunt Mary Flannon (Frances Flanagan) tells them that her daughter is getting married.  Jess offers her B&B as a wedding venue, and she agrees.  Trace joins Abby at the shore, and she introduces her daughters to him as a friend.  They offer him a lantern and everyone holds out their lanterns on the shore.

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