Chesapeake Shores – The Royal Court

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By: Jessica Wolff



Trace Riley (Jesse Metcalfe) performs with Carrie and Caitlyn Winters (Kayden and Abbie Magnuson) for Abby O’Brien (Meghan Ory).  Abby applauds the performance and the girls excitedly announce that they are part of Trace’s band.  She thanks him for picking the girls up from school, but Trace assures her that it was no problem.  Abby asks him to pick up some party supplies for Carrie’s upcoming birthday party, and Trace is happy to oblige.  She is surprised that he’s not excited about the increased views of his performance, but Trace tells her that it’s not his first rodeo.  The girls talk to Leigh Corley (Brittany Willacy) and John Rawl (Bradley Stryker), and Abby is not happy about their arrival.


Under the counter, Bree O’Brien (Emilie Ullerup) questions Jess O’Brien (Laci J. Mailey) if she can manage the bookstore while she’s gone.  Jess assures her that she knows what to do, and Connor O’Brien (Andrew Francis) joins them.  Kevin O’Brien (Brendan Penny) also joins them, assuring Bree that she doesn’t have to go with him on his trip if she doesn’t want to.  Bree assures him that she does, and Abby tells them to be quieter as she and Caitlyn join them.  They quiet down as Carrie walks into the kitchen and Megan O’Brien (Barbara Niven) follows her with a video camera.  Nell O’Brien (Diane Ladd) greets her and wishes her a happy birthday.  Carrie asks where everyone is and the group jumps out from behind the counter.


Abby gives Carrie a princess crown and Megan tells her that all of the girls in the family wore the crown before her.  Nell gives Carrie special pancakes and Abby works out the final details for her birthday party.  Mick O’Brien (Treat Williams) comes in and remarks that he missed the surprise before wishing Carrie a happy birthday.  Carrie and Caitlyn excitedly introduce themselves as the new Trace Riley band to everyone but Abby’s delight.


Trace, Leigh, and John sing on their walk and discuss their plans.  John suggests that they forgo their plans to release independently in light of their video’s success.  Trace resists the idea of giving up creative control, but John suggests that they might be able to get a better deal with their newfound popularity.  Trace reminds him that they agreed as a band, and John suggests they take another vote.  Trace is surprised when Leigh suggests that they shouldn’t waste this opportunity.  Bree asks Kevin what his friend, Tom was like.  Kevin tells her that he was a great guy, and comments how different his family was from theirs.  He talks about how well they got along.  Bree thanks him for letting her tag along on his trip to meet Tom’s mom, and they start their trip.


Jess reads a book about relationships, and David Peck (Carlo Marks) asks what she’s doing.  She admits that she’s trying to learn the secrets to a long-lasting relationship before she ruins things, explaining that there are eight steps they need to get through to ensure their relationship lasts.  Jess resolves to get through all eight stages in two days.  They both agree that they pass the first stage: Infatuation.  Before they can work on Stage Two, Jess realizes that she needs to order the new books for the store.  David nuzzles her neck as she makes the order.


Mick goes to see Abby and she informs him that Matt Fox is pulling out of the deal.  She tells him that his decision not to attack Thomas O’Brien (Gregory Harrison) in the public forum convinced Fox that Mick didn’t have killer instinct.  Mick is offended that his decision to protect his brother lost the deal, but Abby reminds him that business is business.  He insists that he can try to talk Fox back into the deal, but Abby doesn’t believe that it’s possible.


Mark Hall (Jerry Trimble) observes Trace and his band performing. He compliments the club, but Trace tells him to cut to the chase.  He apologizes, admitting that he made a mistake of letting them go.  Leigh tells him they’ve moved on, and Trace calls him out for what he did, convinced that the only reason he’s there is because of the video.  Hall tells him that he was surprised to hear that they were looking for a new label instead of going independent.  Trace is surprised as well and John admits that he mentioned the possiblity of signing with a new label to a couple people.  Trace angrily reminds him that they agreed to release independently, and John tells him that he has bills to pay.


After making their way through Stage Two, Jess announces to David that they need something to fight about to get through Stage Three.  She sees that a large amount of boxes are being dropped outside the bookstore and sees on the delivery slip that she ordered ten times more books than she was supposed to.  She blames David for distracting her while she made the order.  He apologizes and Jess is excited that they completed Stages Three and Four.  Jess then freaks out that Bree is going to kill her for her mistake.  Mick meets up with Thomas, and shows him a plan that might allow compromise.  Thomas comments that it’s strange that construction hasn’t started yet, but Mick avoids telling him the truth.


Carrie, Caitlyn, Nell, Abby, and Megan have a tea party in honor of Carrie’s birthday.  Megan distracts the girls by offering to read their tea leaves while Abby and Nell leave the table.  She tells the girls that the leaves say that they are not ready for the party.  Nell and Abby then present them with princess dresses for the party.  As Nell takes the girls to try on the dresses, Abby mentions to Megan that Trace has been helping with the party planning and Megan comments that the girls seem to like him.  Abby comments that she never thought her family would be like this, but Megan tells her that there’s no such thing as normal when it comes to family.


In Philadelphia, Bree is annoyed that they’ve been waiting outside Tom’s mother’s house for the past three hours.  Kevin believes they have the right address, and Bree talks about her novel.  He is surprised to find out that the novel is about their family, and asks what would happen if people read about them.  Bree admits that she hasn’t thought of that.  At Trace’s club, Connor tells Danielle Clayman (Britt Irvin) that he is enjoying working for Thomas.  Trace greets them, but their conversation is interrupted by a record executive, Scott Adams (Randy Parker).  Trace explains to Connor and Danielle that several record executives are there to see the band play and then goes on stage to perform with the band.


Bree and Kevin discuss what they’re going to do now, and Kevin wants to continue his search for Tom’s mother.  Bree comments that they spend a lot of time dealing with their pasts, and Kevin tells her he’s unsure of his future.  He admits that he’s having trouble seeing himself as a doctor.  Kevin gets a call that Tom’s mother is back home.  Thomas tells Nell that he thinks he and Mick are starting to come to an understanding.  Nell is happy to hear it, and Thomas comments about the strangeness of no construction at the site.  She tells him that Mick hasn’t given up because she heard him on the phone yelling at Fox.


Trace complains to Abby about his frustration that the executives were telling them what they think they want to hear.  Abby asks what he does want to hear, and Trace admits he’s not sure but that he’s heard it all before.  She thanks him for his help, and he tells her that he’s not trying replace Wes Winters (Michael Karl Richards) as the girls’ father but he wants to support them.  Jess and David hold a book sale outside the store.  David reads about Stage Five, but Jess is focused on selling the books.  She sees her old English teacher, Mrs. Jacquie Meerson (Laurie Paton) walk by and gets her attention.  Jess tries to sell the books to her and Meerson remarks that the school hasn’t bought new books in a while before leaving.  Jess questions what they’re going to do, and David assures her that they’ll figure it out together.  They high-five upon realizing that they’ve completed Stage Five.


Kevin looks at a photo of him and Tom as he sits down with Norah Alessandri (Barbara Pollard).  She tells him that Tom told her all about him and his family.  Kevin tells her that Tom told him a lot about her as well.  He tells her that Tom shouldn’t be dead, and tries to tell her what happened.  She stops him and tells him that Tom was all about living.  Kevin admits that he can’t stop thinking about it, and she tells him that Tom would want him to live his life to the fullest.


Connor approaches Thomas and provides him with extra research he did.  Thomas asks him to recommend any of his law school friends for consideration for the new attorney position.  Connor asks if he can send his resume, and Thomas tells him that he already has.  Trace compliments Mick on the wooden castle he’s making for the party and offers his assistance.  He tells Mick about his dilemna with the record company and asks him for advice on protecting himself when making a deal.  Mick advises that any deal is a risk and to focus on what they’re willing to sacrifice over what they promise.


Jess goes to the bookstore to find Bree asking her if there’s something that she forgot to tell her.  She questions if she’s talking about the books, and Bree shows her the labels that David put on the shelves to catogorize the books.  Jess apologizes, but Bree compliments her genius idea.  Before Jess can ask about the books, Bree shows her a note from the school thanking them for selling the books to them.  She tells Jess that she and David are a good team, and Jess is happy that they reached Stage Six.


Kevin approaches Megan, Nell, and Mick and tells them that he’s decided that he wants to be a paramedic instead of a doctor.  They are happy for him, but are not surprised.  Trace and the band mull over the label offers, and Hall comes in.  He dramatically rips up their previous contract and gives them back their recordings as a gesture of sacrifice for the future of the band.  Kevin brings Abby a tub of ice cream and a spoon to share it with him.  He tells her about his decision and she is happy for him.  She tells him about the struggle of Wes being far away from the girls and that things are changing quickly.


Jess runs into Meerson at the party, who tells Jess that she’s there to thank David for his book donation.  She tells Jess that David paid for the cost of the books himself, and Jess is shocked.  Her doubt of who David really is fulfills Stage Seven.  Bree excitedly tells her that a publishing company wants to publish her novel.  Douglas Peterson (Victor Webster) tells Abby that his firm might want to make a deal with Mick.  Wes compliments Abby on the party before the girls pull him away.  Mick gets everybody’s attention, and Abby tells Mick about Douglas’ offer.  He tells her to set up a meeting before unveiling his surprise to the party.  They marvel at a painted castle with holes for the family’s faces.  The girls get in front as everyone poses for the picture.

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