Colony – Company Man

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By: Gladys Luna



An alien drone is scanning the city when suddenly it identifies an unknown artifact standing in the middle of the floor and approaches to scan over it. The drone seems to be turned off by said artifact and a group of people that have been witnessing the whole thing from behind the wall where they have been hiding approaches it. Broussard (Tory Kittles) is revealed to be one of them. After a few minutes, the drone starts to wake up and everyone begins to panic at the thought that maybe they are going to be destroyed by it. They run away from there, but a woman named Morgan (Thora Birch) stands there and quickly sets a camera under the drone as she and Broussard run away. The drone is finally awakened and starts to scan everything around again but there´s nobody there to be found.

Officer Jenkins (Mac Brandt) and Alan (Peter Jacobson) are hidden at the labor camp looking at the aliens while they are inspecting the city. All of a sudden, something inside the facilities explodes making the men run immediately to the point of origin revealing some body parts splashed over the floor making Alan believe there was a suicide bomber. It is corrected by Officer Jenkins as he confirms there was just an attempt of building a bomb that went truly wrong, but he´ll make sure to figure out the one behind it.

Katie (Sarah Wayne Callies), Gracie (Isabella Crovetti) and Charlie (Jacob Buster) are having breakfast and when the boy expresses his unwillingness to eat what Katie has made for them she seems to find herself uncomfortable. This makes the tension rise up between them so when Will (Josh Holloway) joins them, he immediately catches up on what is going on. He suggests Katie go with him and take Minnie their dog for a walk. Katie tells him about her discomfort about being around the house knowing they´ve been watched. Will informs her about his plans on going back to the bureau in order to find out what Jennifer (Kathleen Rose Perkins) knows about them and even though they know there is a risk he might be arrested, it is needed for them to do it that way and play “the good soldier” and “the good citizen.”

Will goes back to the bureau and as soon as he arrives there he is taken to an isolated interrogation room when he meets Dan Bennett (Christian Clemenson) who introduces himself as the Chief of Special Police Division. Bennett questions Will about some coincidences he found on his file, for example that the tunnel Bram (Alex Neustaedter) went through under the wall was the one that Will discovered and informed them about. He also confirms him that there was a leak on his division to which Will retorts he already knew, but that was not his job to figure that out. His duty was to recover the missing VIP and save the block and so he did. Will tells him that what he really needs is to find Broussard and he can help them to do it, but he needs to be put back on the street first. Bennett simply walks out of the room leaving Will alone with no response to it.

Broussard, Morgan, Eckhart (Charlie Bewley) and BB (Victor Rasuk) are tracing the drone where they set their camera at finding there are thousands of other drones they didn’t know about. Also, they see a jaw dropping kind of a thing that is not revealed yet.

Lindsey (Erin Way) is with Gracie teaching her the day’s lesson when she finds out that the girl hasn´t done the homework she was assigned. She questions her about the reason why and Gracie tells her that Charlie just came home suggesting that she was busy with him. Lindsey tries to tell her about the importance of being prepared for “The Greatest Day,” but Gracie questions her about her teaching using as an example what other religions think, something that the blonde teacher didn’t seem to like at all.

At labor camp, Officer Jenkins has everyone lined up yelling at them to tell him where the bomber got all his material, but nobody says anything. He then begins to count to three and randomly punch them. When he is about to beat Bram, he is stopped by Alan who asks them to go on their buses and back to labor. Bram is taken out of the line and meets directly with Alan who is demanding for answers from him. Bram has nothing to offer, promising him he´ll do his best to find the truth.

Will is back on duty and partnered with Detective Burke (Toby Huss) when he asks him about Jennifer. He denies to have ever met her. When Will arrives at his desk, he asks Betsy (Keiko Agena) about Jennifer, but she lies to him saying she doesn’t know. Detective Burke says they recently relocated some people to the surveillance annex so he might find her there. Will goes to the surveillance annex to find Jennifer, but he realizes he has no access to that area.

Broussard and his team are watching the drone video they just captured on repeat concluding they need to find more footage. There is also a sound recording Broussard is interested in analyzing so he decides to take it to Hennessey (William Russ), a decision with that Eckhart doesn’t seem very pleased at but he has no choice yet to accept it.

Bram sits with Snyder at lunch and she asks him what it feels to be a snitch. He asks for her help on the matter and offers her some form of protection in exchange for some information. Snyder tells him to report to Alan that Pynto and Lyon are getting material for the bomb from Morales and planning to blow a hole in the wall to escape. Bram doesn’t believe her story and tells her if she is lying they´ll be sent to the factory, but Snyder finally convinces him on doing it.

Broussard meets with Hennessey at a movie theater and after catching up with each other, Broussard hands a USB drive to the older man. He asks him to get him an audio engineer, leaving with no further explanation.

Alan enters to the working area at labor camp and yells at Lyon and Pynto to go into interrogation, but before they do Officer Jenkins shoots them both dead stating that whoever dares to break the rules will answer to him. This leaves Snyder, Bram and Alan dumbfounded at the scene.

Katie arrives at home and sees Lindsey and Gracie there. When asking for Charlie, Lindsey informs her that she went out for a walk and she didn’t stop him because he is not his student. Katie leaves the house in anguish looking for him, but before she moves any further she sees Charlie turning around the corner and walking straight back to the house. She runs towards him and scolds him for going away just like that. He tells her he brought some groceries they might need, but she throws all the things he stole away telling him that he needs to let them take care of him and that he is no longer in Santa Monica. Bram is at his room throwing the ball to the wall when Katie walks in and he tells her that Lindsey asked him to stay in his room since she thinks he is a bad influence on Gracie. Katie gets mad at it and goes straight to face Lindsey, but when she finds that the woman confirms what Charlie said. She gets even more furious throwing her away from the house along with her books. When she turns back to her kids, she sees a teary eyed Gracie who is surprised at what just happened and a very carefree Charlie as he eats one of the chips that Katie threw away in the dumpster. She remembers they are still being watched, regretting immediately what she just did.

Will and Burke are at the bureau offices getting ready to work when suddenly they are hit by an explosion. Will takes advantage of the fuss and goes straight to the surveillance annex where he sees an empty room only filled by a large number of computers. He realizes that everyone is monitored right from there. Will decides to go to Jennifer’s house, but nobody seems to be there. When he goes outside, he sees Burke waiting for him and he asks him once again about Jennifer. Burke just tells him that she didn’t have the constitution to survive in the new system, he wishes him good night and leaves.

Back at the camp, Bram is eating on his own looking devastated when Snyder and another young guy sit in front of him. Snyder asks for his help to change this like the ones that happened that same morning. He tells them a big shipment arrived at the distribution center and he doesn’t know what that is, but Snyder acted as it was something really important. Katie and Will go out for a walk again and he tells her that he thinks something terrible happened to Jennifer and that whatever she knew about them, it didn’t seem she shared it with the bureau otherwise they´ll be on their way to the factory. He also tells her that they need to find Broussard so he can return what he took from the RAP and as long as Will can be useful for them, they will be fine. Katie tells him that some “messenger” dropped some clothes for him at the house. He goes to his room and finds a number of black suits with a pin that has engraved: Los Angeles Colony Transitional Authority.

Katie visits Maddie (Amanda Righetti) at her house to tell her what happened with Lindsey and Maddie asks her to apologize to the teacher since the girl was just trying to help. Katie mocks it and clearly doesn’t believe in anything about “The Greatest Day.” Maddie gets offended at her sister’s mockery telling her that Nolan is the one who supervises everything in regards to it. Katie asks her if everything that she has been telling her about Bram is true making Maddie show her the database where it indicates that Bram had been assigned to a labor camp. Suddenly, Maddie is called back to the meeting where she was at before Katie arrived, leaving her sister alone in the room. Katie searches for a USB drive and downloads the whole database and puts it in her bag while waiting for Maddie to return.

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