Colony – Good Intentions

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By: Gladys Luna


Helena (Ally Walker) arranges a meeting with Proxy Alcala (Tony Plana), Proxy Lee (Ray Campbell) and Proxy Fleming (Bruno Oliver) to discuss the bomb incident at one of their labor camps. They are looking for the best way to use said event in their own favor. Proxy Alcala suggests to announce that what happened was just a preparation to The Greatest Day. Helena doesn’t seem to be so convinced by it so she tells them they will review the different choices they have at hand, but later that day she is surprised by seeing Proxy Alcala broadcasting a video explaining that all of this was part of their plan. Helena is clearly displeased at the announcement. She is advised that somebody is waiting for her on the line and when she takes the call she asks if they have a response for her. Judging by the way her face toughens at the statement, it doesn’t seem to be something good at all.

Katie (Sarah Wayne Callies) and Will (Josh Holloway) are finally having a moment for themselves when they are interrupted by a phone call from Will´s office and he is forced to attend to it immediately. Detective Burke (Toby Huss) and Will are called into Bennett´s (Christian Clemenson) office and are scolded by the man since one of The Resistance’s members, Emmett Hallstead (Kwesi Boakye), managed to break out of one the Red Hands safe houses and nobody can find him now. So, he decides to assign separate tasks to each man since he realized they cannot work together. Now they are on their own and are expected to provide the best results.

Katie meets Broussard (Tory Kittles), Morgan (Thora Birch) and Eckhart (Charlie Bewley) to update them on Will´s situation and asks for their help to find Emmett, but Eckhart doesn’t seem too willing to help given the experiences they´ve had with Katie like. They remember when she left The Resistance, but Broussard agrees to assist her regardless of his team’s opinion. He confirms he will take the gauntlet to Hennessey (William Russ) and inform him about Emmett much to Morgan and Eckhart´s discontent.

Snyder (Peter Jacobson) and his team find Officer Jenkins’ (Mac Brandt) dead body in one of the warehouses of the camp. He asks them to clean everything up leaving no evidence behind. Afterwards, he calls Bram (Alex Neustaedter) into an interrogation room and informs him that he already knows he stole the key card from him and hopes he is aware of the consequences of his behavior. However, Snyder presents him with a chance to change said consequences and avoid any future problems. He wants Bram to provide him with the names of those who collaborated in the explosion, but Bram seems terrified by his request.

Eckhart and Morgan are sharing some time together while Broussard and Katie are on their way to deliver the gauntlet to Hennessey. Eckhart decides to come clean to Morgan and shows her the posters he found with his mother’s picture on it. He confesses he already called the number on it and found out “they” have her. He proposes to Morgan to use the chance they have and escape from The Resistance but in order to do so they have to give up Broussard.

Will goes back to the Red Hands safe house and is met with a woman that is routing through one of the drawers in one of the rooms. Will points at her with his gun and asks for an ID. The woman identifies herself as Karen (Laura Innes), who happens to be the mother of Francine “Frankie” Brun (Lyndon Smith). She tells Will that a friend of her daughter told her she may find her there, but now the girl is nowhere to be seen. Will confesses that Frankie was working with The Resistance, but unfortunately she didn’t make it. The woman breaks down and begins to blame herself for not being able to keep her daughter from taking the wrong path. Will shares the story of how he lost his son for an entire year during The Invasion in order to create some sympathy with the woman, but she keeps putting the blame on herself.

Will blurts something that suggested that he knew Frankie and the woman asks him to tell her about it. He confesses he tried to save her, but the woman directs her anger towards him and pushes him. She tells him they are all the same, but Will expresses her they are not. He comes out of the safe house and informs them that there´s nothing there that may help them on their search.

Katie and Broussard visit Hennessey and deliver him the gauntlet, along with the USB drive that contains the information that Katie stole from her sister´s house. She explains to the older man that in twenty-seven months 2.5% of the population will be eradicated and also requests for his help on handing them any information on the young man that Will let escape from the safe house. He tells them that Emmett Hallstead showed up at his door last night begging for his help and that he put him on a safe house until the whole situation cool down. He provides them the address of Emmett and they leave in search of him.

Back at the labor camp, Bram is tied up along with another three guys he told on. Snyder orders to shoot one of them and Bram gets terrified at the sudden instruction and starts to yell that he lied in his confession. The names he provided aren’t the ones responsible for what happened and Snyder confronts him about why he should trusted him. The officers shoot the other two men and Snyder orders to let Bram go. He tells him that he must honor the sacrifice of the three men they killed by keeping his mouth shut and just like that the young man is left there lying on the ground.

Charlie (Jacob Buster), Lindsey (Erin Way) and Gracie (Isabella Crovetti) are gathered at “The Greatest Day Wilshire Boulevard Congregation” listening to a member speak (Tomi Townsend) while Charlie decides to begin to play with his ball by bouncing it against the floor. Lindsey asks him to stop repeatedly, but he just doesn’t listen. Suddenly, the woman threatens him with telling one of the elders about the kind of child she is dealing with and if she does they will get rid of him and he will never see his family again. This leaves Charlie frozen in his place.

Katie and Broussard arrive at the safe house looking for Emmett. Meanwhile at the bureau office, one of the surveillance agents (Hannah Tamminen) informs Burke she has found the guy. Katie knocks on Emmett´s door and introduces herself as Elise, someone who is there to help her. Broussard talks to her on the radio raising suspicion on Emmett who decides to escape when he hears that The Occupation has arrived to take him. She manages to hide in one of the closets of the room and when she is about to be discovered, one of the Red Hats reports that they have found the man they were looking for so they leave the building while Broussard watches them from the roof.

At the labor camp, everyone is out and aligned in front of Snyder when all of a sudden, Helena arrives and asks Snyder to go with her. He assures her he took care of everything and they will not find out that the explosion came from his camp but she confesses him that they have already made their decision and she is just trying to save his life. He shares a little argument with her before asking the officers to bring Bram over. They leave the camp while Bram yells at him about where they´re heading. Then, a big explosion is seen behind them and just like that, the camp has been vanished before Bram and Snyder´s astonished looks.

Will arrives at the bureau and meets Burke in one of the rooms where Bennett is interrogating Emmett. He asks how he managed to escape the safe house and he lies on his answer. Then he is asked about the cell’s leader name and Emmett says that the head of the cell is Karen, Frankie´s mother. A confession that leaves Will standing there wearing a terrified gesture (trust no one, remember?).

Back at the underground, Eckhart is waiting for Broussard to enter the place and attack him, but when he points at him with the gun and attempts to shoot him. He realizes that the gun wasn’t loaded and Morgan punches him in the head from behind. The two man struggle, ending with Eckhart been stabbed to death. Morgan stands there horrified incapable of foreseeing such terrible ending.

Katie arrives at the bar and sees Will on the inside. He notifies her that The Occupation took Emmett, something the woman confirms she already knows. She tried to help him, but he escaped. He also lets her know that although the young man didn’t say anything about him, he is sure he will be tortured until he gives them something useful to work with.

At the Bowman´s house, Lindsey is teaching Gracie the lesson of the day when some noises are heard outside the place,  but Charlie seems to be the only one who noticed. He keeps staring at the door and when he hears some more noises, he takes Gracie by the hand and leads her upstairs. Lindsey keeps yelling at Gracie to come back and continue with her lesson when the door is abruptly opened and the blonde woman is shoot to death. Some hooded men enter the house and spread all around looking for the family. Minutes later, Katie and Will arrive finding Lindsey on the floor and a “Red Hand” sign plastered on the wall. They move to the second floor looking for their kids and kill three other men on their way until they finally find Gracie and Charlie sitting outside on the roof. Will goes over them and hugs them, truly concerned at the recent event.

Alan and Bram arrive at the Bowman´s house only to be found by the place surrounded by a bunch of cars and officers. They are informed that the family has been relocated while Bram looks at it disappointed (so far and so close). The family is led to a smaller place, but Gracie and Charlie don’t appear to be so comfortable with the sudden change. Katie tries to soothe them by assuring them they will make it a home again.

Alan takes Bram to his new home and reminds him that he warned him about what could happen, but he didn’t listen. He also tells him to remember the reason he survived and greets Will on his behalf. He turns his back and leaves. There´s a knock at the Bowman´s door and Will answers it while pointing his gun at whoever´s on the other side. It is revealed to be none other than his son, Bram. He remains there surprised while Katie goes and hugs him, assuring him everything will be ok since he is back at home. Bram spots Charlie standing there and walks towards him hugging his little brother tightly receiving the same response from the kid while Katie and Will look at them with teary eyes from behind.

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