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Courtney Jines – Because She Can

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Q.  Are there any current projects that you are working on?

A.  Well, I just finished filming a movie called Because of WinnDixie, it’s going to come out on February 18th.  I just did a guestepisode of “Jack and Bobby.”

Q.  You star in the movie Because of Winn Dixie, can you tellus a little bit about the movie and your character “Amanda?”

A.  The movie is a really great movie, it’s a kid kind of familyuplifting movie and it’s really about this girl, her name is Opal, played byAnna Sophia Robb who finds a dog and she coaxes her dad into letting her keep itand the dog basically brings everybody together.  My character is AmandaWilkinson who is like a really snobby, kind of uptight girl that lives in thetown.  In the end you find out it is because her brother drowned and she isnot really over it, but her and Opal become best friends in the end. 

Q.  What made you want to take part in this project?

A.  Well, I originally auditioned for Opal actually but I was too oldand I read the script and it sounded really great and I went in for a tablereading and I read for Amanda there.  It just sounded like such a cutescript and I really like the cast and everything so I just said “why not, it’llbe great!”

Q.  What was it like getting to work with such acting greats as JeffDaniels, Cicely Tyson, Eva Marie Saint and getting to work with singer DaveMatthews?

A.  It was really great to work with all of them actually, I was veryexcited to meet all of them.  I worked the most with Eva Marie Saint, I hada lot of my scenes with her and she is just so great, she’s so nice and she’s areally great actress.  I really got to hang out with Dave Matthews too andhe was really cool, he’s such a great guy.  Cicely and Jeff they wereawesome too, I didn’t get to hang out with them as much but everyone was sonice.

Q.  Do you have a most memorable moment from filming Because ofWinn Dixie?

A.  I think my most memorable moment would be at the end of the movie,we were filming a scene where all of the cast was sitting in the living room andthey were singing this song, Dave Matthews was playing it on his guitar andeveryone was just singing and it’s a really uplifting scene in the movie and itwas just great every one just being there together and singing together, it wasjust really cool.

Q.  Before appearing in the movie, had you read the book Becauseof Winn Dixie?

A.  I actually hadn’t read the book, I had heard of it but I hadn’t readthe book yet but, once I got on the set so I figured, “well I might as well readit.”  So I read the book and the movie actually follows along reallyclosely to the book, the book was great.

Q.  You had to cut and dye your hair black for your role in the movieSpy Kids 3, were concerned about your makeover?

A.  My hair yes, it used to be very long and very blonde so I was kindof shocked when I saw myself with the short, choppy black hair.  I was alittle concerned about what everyone would think of it but I actually reallylike the color and I’m trying to grow my hair out now so it was cool, it was achange for the better I think.

Q.  You mentioned appearing on the show “Jack and Bobby,” were you afan of the show before appearing on it?

A.  Jack and Bobby was my absolute favorite show on TV and I was soexcited when I went and auditioned for it.  It was my favorite show and Iwatched it all the time and I had big crushes on the two boys Jack and Bobbyplayed by Logan Lerman and Matt Long, who are so nice in real life.  It wasjust really awesome appearing on that show because still it’s like my favoriteshow on TV.

Q.  On your website you include a critics corner, why is it importantfor you to have that aspect on your site?

A.  I think it’s important because I think sometimes fans like to seeother people’s points of view besides their own.  I think a lot of criticshave unique perspectives of the acting jobs that I have done and I think it’skind of cool just to see what they have to say just compared to what my fanshave to say.  So, I think it’s a cool feature to have on my site. 

Q.  A lot of actors include journals on their website, is that afeature you might be thinking of adding to your site in the future?

A.  I might include it in the future but I don’t really have a journalor diary in real life so it might be a little difficult.  But maybe in thefuture that’s a good idea and maybe I can just do it for like a week on a setwhile filming something.  I can just write my experiences, I think that’s agood idea, there is definitely a good chance that could happen in the future.

Q.  What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

A.  In my spare time I love to horseback ride, I definitely like to shopand right now I am loving the show “Amazing Race” on TV, it’s a really goodshow.  I’m trying to redo my room right now so it’s all kind of hectic,it’s okay but I’m toughing through it and I love to eat!  I love to eathamburgers, that’s my favorite thing to do. 

Q.  Is there anything that you’d like to say to fans and supportersof your work?

A.  I would just like to say thank you so much, I feel very honored tohave so many supporters and people who are supporting me, and all of my fans. Remember to watch me in Because of Winn Dixiewhich is out on February18th.

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