Crazy Ex-Girlfriend – Josh Is A Liar

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By: Stacy Miller



The episode picks up from where the last one ended. We see Rebecca (Rachel Bloom) still in her wedding dress, laying on her bed in panic mode saying, “I told him everything. Oh my God! I told him everything!” We see a young girl appear and say, “Stop saying that.  And take off that stupid dress it’s embarrassing.” Wait a minute, is that? Yes! It’s Young Rebecca (Ava Acres). Rebecca asks what her mini me is doing there to which Young Rebecca replies, “You have no one to talk to. Your anxiety is so palatable that it’s manifested itself into me who’s you.” Young Rebecca tells her adult self that she can’t believe everything adult Rebecca has done and adds that once Josh tells her friends, they’ll want nothing to do with her.  Rebecca’s only saving grace is that everyone believes that Robert is a dog and not the college professor Rebecca stalked and burned down his house which landed her in the looney bin. Young Rebecca reminds that Josh will tell everyone because Rebecca is suing him. “And once he tells your friends, they’ll all be done with you,” Young Rebecca tells Rebecca, reminding her adult self that she handed Josh his case with that rant in the church. So, she needs to call off the case.

The next morning at Plimpton, Plimpton & Plimpton we see Nathaniel (Scott Michael Foster) waiting for Rebecca to arrive.  Rebecca comes off the elevator and is talking to herself trying to figure out a way to stop the case when Nathaniel approaches her.  He tells her that he wants to talk about what happened between them the other night and comments that she hasn’t called him since then. So cute! It looks like Nathaniel has it bad for Rebecca!  But, of course, Rebecca is in her own world and brushes Nathaniel off so she can talk with Paula (Donna Lynne Champlin).  Before Rebecca can tell her that she wants to call off the case, Paula mentions that she (Paula) wrote to their favorite blog “The Corset” and they want to do a piece on their suit against Josh (Vincent Rodriguez III).  Thinking fast, Rebecca tells Paula that they need to drop the case because she was looking over some of Paula’s filing and it’s not strong enough to continue pursuing.  Rebecca explains that it is a “cute case” that a law student would present, but from one lawyer to a someday future lawyer Rebecca wanted to tell Paula that it’s not worth pursuing, like she would telling her friend if she had spinach in her teeth. Paula says that she will call “The Corset” and tell them that they aren’t interested in an interview.

The Bursar at Heather’s (Vella Lovell) college tells her that after she completes Marine Biology next week she will be graduating. This isn’t happy news for Heather who says “I’m a student.”  But the college doesn’t let students continue to be enrolled when they have completed every course.  He gives Heather her cap and gown and says, “Congratulates Heather, spread your wings you are about to fly.”

Back at the law office, George (Danny Jolles) comes to Nathaniel’s office and offers his (George) experience with rejection to help Nathaniel get back into Rebecca’s good graces. “You got to put the ‘Plimp’ into Plimpton,” says George.  His advice is for Nathaniel to ask Rebecca on another date and sweep her off her feet (and back into his bed). Although Nathaniel thinks George is an idiot, he admits he (George) does make a good point. Meanwhile, Rebecca is at her desk when Young Rebecca is trying to get her to go to the bathroom. It’s obvious that her kid self has something she needs to tell her. When they arrive in the bathroom, Young Rebecca says that grown Rebecca got an alert on her phone.  It seems Josh (Vincent Rodriguez III) made a video and the two Rebeccas play it. Josh announces that he’s leaving priest school and is coming home because he has a lot to tell everybody.  He suggests his friends meet him at Home Base for happy hour and he will tell everything.  “What are we going to do?! What are we going to do?!” both Rebecca’s ask themselves in unison in full panic mode. Rebecca reminds Young Rebecca of what they did to Tiffany Fendersmith in the seventh grade when she wanted to win a student election:  They told the entire school that Tiffany had a brain tumor and everything she said was a lie. Rebecca suggests they do the same with Josh.  Not tell everyone he has a tumor because he is the tumor.  Her idea is to discredit Josh so that no one will believe anything he says. So, Rebecca goes back to Paula and tells her that she wants to file the case and do the interview after all.

Heather is still down that she is graduating, her down in the dumps mood leads to Vella Lovell doing a great song called “The Moment Is Me.”  The song ends with Heather meeting an old woman (also Lovell) and realizing that the old woman is her.

At the “Corset” interview, Rebecca tells the Editor Carla (Ayden Mayei) that part of the reason she wanted to do the interview was so the world would know that Josh Chan is a “lying liar man.”  Rebecca shows Carla the file that she kept on some of Josh’s lies, which include being a homophobe and a racist.  Rebecca encourages the woman to print the article before happy hour because that is when everyone looks at their phones.  The editor says that she will see what she can do.  Later at home, Rebecca is checking her phone for the article when Heather enters.  She tells Rebecca her problem about her “stupid college” making her graduate and not wanting to because she is a student.  Heather had planned to retake Marine Biology so she could spend more time with the starfish she’s been looking after.  Rebecca tells Heather that if she fails Marine Biology she’ll be able to remain in school.  When the article finally comes up, Rebecca asks Heather to share it with everyone.

At Plimpton, Plimpton & Plimpton, Darryl (Pete Gardner) can’t believe what he is reading.  Rebecca arrives and tells Darryl, Paula and everyone else to spread the article around so the world will know what a liar Josh Chan really is.

Josh is back in town, but gets a cold reception from his friends as White Josh (David Hull) and Hector (Erick Lopez) believe every word in the article. Josh tries to convince them that Rebecca is the liar, but no one believes him. Rebecca and Young Rebecca witness the scene from their hiding place; they can’t believe that the plan worked.  Returning back to the law office, Nathaniel asks Rebecca on a date at his place.  She declines until Young Rebecca says not to tell Nathaniel down because “he’s fly.”

Josh retrieves the envelope Trent gave him from the trash. Now he can prove that Rebecca is the liar.  He goes to Father Brah (Rene Gube) and shows him the evidence.  Father Brah reads what’s inside in the envelope.

Meanwhile, Nathaniel is waiting at his place for Rebecca, but it looks like she stood him up for their date.  Nathaniel tells George that he knows what he needs to do in order to feel better. And with that, we get a delightful song called “I Go To The Zoo,” in which Scott Michael Foster sings about Nathaniel’s love for the animal habitat.

Not having the heart to kill the starfish, Heather has decided that she will graduate. Rebecca tells Heather about Sally Jessie Rafael’s people contacted her (Rebecca) about a new show that they are doing and are interested in having Rebecca being their new face of feminism. Rebecca learns from Darryl that Paula got a message and had to leave. Rebecca plays Paula’s voicemail and knows that her friend is going to Father Brah’s office and it’s about her (Rebecca).  At Father Brah’s office, the priest shows Paula that evidence. Paula is shocked to learn the truth about Robert, the arson and Rebecca’s time in the psychiatric hospital. Rebecca watches from the doorway of Father Bray’s office.

Now that Paula knows everything and it’s only a matter of time before the rest of her friend do too, Rebecca rushes to pack to get out of town. Young Rebecca tells Rebecca she’s leaving as Rebecca doesn’t need to talk with her anxiety anymore.  Nathaniel arrives and tells Rebecca he has feelings for her and offers to have his jet fueled and take her anywhere she wants to go.  But as Nathaniel is carrying Rebecca out of the house, Heather tells Rebecca that Paula called and she (Rebecca) can’t leave. Just then Darryl, Paula and Valencia (Gabrielle Ruiz) enter.  Showing Rebecca the envelope from Trent, they tell her that they need to talk about this.

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