Crazy Ex-Girlfriend – Josh’s Ex-Girlfriend Is Crazy

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By: Stacy Miller



The episode picks up where the last one left off with Rebecca (Rachel Bloom) being carried by Nathaniel (Scott Michael Foster) attempting to make her West Covina escape, but Heather (Vella Lovell) was blocking the door and Paula (Donna Lynne Champlin), Valencia (Gabrielle Ruiz) and Darryl (Pete Gardner) arrived. Paula tells Nathaniel that they are interrupting his Officer and a Gentleman thing because something is going on that they need to talk with Rebecca about.  Paula tells Rebecca that they know about her past, but don’t hate her…they are just there because they love her and want to make sure that she is okay. Continuing, Paula says that Father Brah (Rene Gube) mentioned a doctor that can help Rebecca and Paula can take her there.  This is when Rebecca loses it.  She accuses Paula of conspiring with Josh (Vince Rodriguez III) against her (Rebecca) and this little intervention won’t work. Paula tells Rebecca that it is not an intervention, but a convention of friends. Rebecca reminds that she knows her rights and no one can make her go to a doctor without her consent. A trapped Rebecca begins hurdling mean spirited insults at her friends: She says that Valencia forced her dream wedding on her (Rebecca) because no one would marry Valencia, Heather is pathetic because she wanted to stay in college and they had to force her out, Darryl is a laughable boss whose boyfriend is lying because he doesn’t want to have a baby with him. As for Paula, she’s even crazier than Rebecca because she used recording and tracking devices to aid in Rebecca’s schemes. Paula is pathetic and boring; she’s trying to substitute Rebecca for a daughter and should just go home to her real family. “Before you tell me to help myself maybe you should just help yourself,” Rebecca tells that group. With that, Rebecca storms out. Walking down the street, she leaves a multitude of angry voicemail messages on Josh’s cellphone.

Back at Rebecca’s house, Heather tells Paula not to chase after Rebecca because when you do an invention the person has to want help. Nathaniel thinks Rebecca was upset because her friends ganged up on her and that’s why she said those hurtful things. He feels he knows Rebecca because they had sex. But Paula and Valencia worry that if they don’t find Rebecca, she may hurt herself or someone else. Darryl assures that regardless of everything that’s happened, Rebecca’s still the sweet girl they all know and love.

Meanwhile, Rebecca has checked into a youth hostel where she meets Jarl (Rory O’Malley), who came to the West Covina youth hostel for a chance to meet Danish American movie stars. Jarl is a fan of actress Erika Christensen in the movie Swimfan.  Rebecca compares herself to Christensen’s murderous character as they are both women who were wronged by the men they loved. Rebecca wants Josh to feel as hurt and as powerless as he made her feel. What we get next is a creative title sequence based on the movie Swimfan, but called “Swimchan.” The sequence has credits in which everything is by Rebecca Bunch and the song includes lyrics such as “Angry like a witch, but sexy like a sexy witch. Wearing high heels and a trench coat made of murder. She’s here to chop your penis off.” With a song like that, poor Josh is really in for it!

Rebecca is watching as Josh is at home eating dinner with his parents Joseph (Alberto Isaac) and Lourdes (Amy Hill). Lourdes comments how sorry she is that things didn’t work out between Josh and Rebecca as she made a place in her heart for her. Josh doesn’t want to talk about it; he just wants to move on with his life.  To that end, Josh has decided to ask Alex (Eugene Cordero) for his job back as well and that raise he thinks he deserves. When something hits the window, Josh comments that it was like out of a scary movie. He doesn’t realize that Rebecca is right outside vowing to make him pay. Josh gets a crank call (from Rebecca), answering it on the rubber slipper phone.  He has no doubt that someone is stalking him and knows that his stalker is Rebecca.

Meanwhile, Paula and Valencia are looking for Rebecca.  Paula is frustrated that they haven’t been able to find her. Paula admits to Valenica that she put a tracking device in Rebecca’s shoulder (which ran out of batteries months ago) and also one in Valencia’s as well.  Paula apologizes for everything she did to Valencia (including blackmailing people who knew Valencia for information) and says that she never expected them to become friends because Valencia represented the kind of girls Paula hated in high school.  The search party for Rebecca also includes Darryl, White Josh (David Hull), Heather and Hector (Erick Lopez). Darryl tells White Josh about what Rebecca said about him (White Josh) not wanting to have a baby with him, which can’t be true because White Josh said he would think about it.

Nathaniel has returned home. He has interrupted George (Danny Jolles) and his date’s dinner, but doesn’t feel guilty about it because George used the money Nathaniel is paying him for the dinner.

Wanting to get away from the awkward conversation between Darryl and White Josh, Hector catches up with Heather.  She comments that she’s not really looking for Rebecca, but thinks it is very Scooby Doo to swing the flashlight around like Velma. Heather thinks Hector is like Shaggy.  These two seems to be enjoying each other’s company…will they be the next West Covina couple?

Josh opens his window and screams that he knows that it’s Rebecca trying to scare him yet it won’t work. Rebecca returns to the youth hostel and tells Jarl how well her plan is going.  Jarl reminds that Rebecca is the monster in her movie and the monster always gets killed.  Rebecca assures her movie will be different because it is her story independently financed in her mind.  She tells Jarl that Josh must pay for rubbing his normalcy in her face than taking it away.

Meanwhile, Nathaniel arrives at Paula’s house.  He says that he went to the police and was told that they can’t report Rebecca missing for another thirty-six hours because right now she’s just a person who walked out of her own house.

Josh asks Alex for his job back and a raise, but gets suspended when Alex finds Josh’s locker is filled with stolen office supplies.

Rebecca spends time with Josh’s mother Lourdes at a carnival. Paula is also at the carnival with her husband Scott (Steve Monroe) and sons Brendan (Zane Emory) and Tommy (Steele Stubbins) when she thinks she sees Rebecca.  Paula reasons that she has “Rebecca on the brain” and must be seeing things.

Having been told by his father that his mother is with her, Josh tells Rebecca that she’s gone too far by going after his family by kidnapping his mother. “I want you out of my life,” Josh angrily tells Rebecca, demanding to know what she’s done with his mother. Rebecca tells Josh that Lourdes is getting a caramel apple and reminds him that she’d never hurt his mother.  She only did what she did because Josh never gave her a real answer for why he left her at the altar.  She’s called him thirty-seven times and has texted eighty-four. Josh saves Rebecca from falling in a hole,, but tells her that if she ever comes near him and his family again he’s calling the police.

Paula has a dream in which Rebecca comes to her crying “I need help. I need my mom.” Paula wakes up and tells Scott about the dream. She knows that Rebecca is in trouble and is about to hit rock bottom.

Rebecca is at a bar. She is talking to the bartender about Greg (Santino Fontana) going to Emory when her cell phone rings.  Rebecca is shocked when she looks down and sees that the caller was Greg. But sadly, it looks like Greg butt dialed her. Looking over, Rebecca spots “old Greg.”  It’s Marco (Robin Thomas), Greg’s dad.  After telling Rebecca how well Greg is, they go back to Marco’s place and sleep together.  It looks like Rebecca has hit the rock bottom like Paula feared. Speaking of Paula, she calls Rebecca’s mom and tells Nora Bunch that her daughter needs her.

“You don’t want to have a baby, do you?” Darryl asks White Josh straight out. White Josh admits he doesn’t.

As the episode ends, Rebecca is walking with a look of defeat on her face.  We get Josh Groban singing about how life isn’t like a movie with great lyrics such as “If you saw a movie that was like real life, you’d be like, what the hell was that movie about? It was really all over the place. Life doesn’t make narrative sense. Because life is a series of revelations that occur over a period of time.”  Rebecca returns to the youth hostel and tells Jarl that she banged her ex-boyfriend’s dad. “That never happened in the movies,” Jarl says. Rebecca sadly tells Jarl that she officially burned bridges with everyone in West Covina.  Her cell phone rings. “I wonder whose butt is calling me now,” Rebecca says. She speaks with Nora and tells her mom “You’re absolutely right, I’ll come home.”

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