Crazy Ex-Girlfriend – Nathaniel Gets The Message

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By: Stacy Miller


Nathaniel (Scott Michael Foster) invites Rebecca (Rachel Bloom) into his apartment.  “Here’s the thing, I can’t like someone without becoming obsessed with them. It happened with Josh and now it’s happening with you and I can’t go down that road again,” Rebecca tells Nathaniel, who reminds that he’s not Josh and he thinks that her obsession with him is not bad obsessed, it’s good obsessed, it’s cute. But for Rebecca it may start as cute until it turns into something worse. Nathaniel doesn’t want to interfere with her treatment but feels that the purpose of her therapy is to make her happy. And being together makes her happy. Rebecca is adamant…they can’t be together. Then she leaves. “What just happened?” Nathaniel asks himself.

Rebecca tells Dr. Shin (Jay Hayden) about ending things with Nathaniel. Dr. Shin feels Rebecca made the right decision; she’s spent so much time focusing on love now she can use it for more productive endeavors. “Gosh, I never thought about that. Maybe you’re right,” Rebecca says. This leads into Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s 100th song “Without Love, You Can Save The World.” This song tells viewers in lyrics ‘Without love, you can save the world, clear your space for better things. Not being tied to a man can give you wings. Take that leash off your heart and use it to walk rescue dogs. Change doesn’t start with him, it starts with you.’  Bravo to Crazy Ex-Girlfriend on such an upbeat and uplifting song!

White Josh (David Hull) tells Josh (Vincent Rodriguez) that even though he and Darryl (Pete Gardner) agreed to be friends, Darryl hasn’t even texted him. Josh reminds that Darryl isn’t White Josh’s friend, he broke up with him. White Josh insists that their breakup was mutual; like when you are talking with someone on the phone and you both want to end the call but won’t do so until someone says goodbye…it was mutual to end the call. When Josh picks up the check and White Josh asks where he got the money, Josh tells him that he got a job as a volunteer fireman. “I get paid to save lives,” Josh tells White Josh then leaves.

Paula (Donna Lynne Champlin) tells Darryl that she found out from Mrs. Hernandez (Gina Gallego) that the fertilization of his second egg didn’t take. Darryl explains that he has a medical condition known as active sperm which is making it difficult. Darryl wonders how he’ll be able to continue to afford buying eggs. Paula knows Darryl, if he wants this he’ll find a way. Later at Plimpton, Plimpton and Associates, Darryl tries to sell his prized hair drying system for five hundred dollars but gets no takers. He learns from Jim (Burl Moseley), Tim (Michael McMillian) and Mrs. Hernandez that there is a poker game tomorrow night at 2:00am at the firm and he needs to bring two hundred dollars.

Rebecca tells Heather (Vella Lovell) about the places she’s considered volunteering with, like adult literacy. “But if they can read by the time they’re adults there’s something else going on there,” Rebecca adds. Valencia (Gabrielle Ruiz) enters. She thanks Heather and Rebecca for allowing her to use their internet as the coffee shop she was using insisted that she buy something. “A, I don’t have any money. B, I don’t have any money and C, how many times do I have to say it, I don’t have any money,” says Valencia. The party planning business is not going as well as Valencia had hope; the engagement party that Valencia booked is low budget and she doesn’t get paid until it’s over. Valencia has to do everything herself as Heather refused to help because Valencia couldn’t pay her. This is kismet, Rebecca agrees to volunteer to help Valencia with the engagement party.

Nathaniel and White Josh order fries and talk about their recent breakups. To feel better, they decide to shed some body fat on the state of the art work-out equipment that Nathaniel owns.

Meanwhile, Rebecca proposes that she pretends to be Valencia’s assistant which will help Valencia to look important. Valencia likes the way that sounds and agrees.  They go to meet the engaged couple, who turn out to be Marty (Hunter Stiebel) and Ally (Sofia Gonzalez) from the grocery store. Ally used to be into Brody (Benjamin Siemon) but explains that they broke up “And Marty was there.” Valencia suggests that they she can do an Oktoberfest themed wedding on the small budget that Ally and Marty has. Rebecca tells Valencia that they can’t do Ally and Marty’s engagement party because it’s obvious that Ally is only marrying Marty as some sort of rebound thing and Rebecca feels that it is her place to warn him as no one warned her about Josh (Rebecca, everybody warned you!). Valencia refuses to let Rebecca ruin this job for her.

Darryl arrives at the late night poker game at Plimpton, Plimpton and Associates, where in addition to Jim, Tim and Mrs. Hernandez, Father Bray (Rene Gube) is there.  But Father Bray tells Darryl that tonight, he is not father. “You will call me daddy, “Father Bray tells Darryl. Father Bray…poker playing card shark, who knew?

White Josh has loss 1.2 percent body fat and Nathaniel is down 1.3 percent body fight.  As they have beat their personal weight loss goals, Nathaniel and White Josh decide to take their chiseled bodies out on display by going to a bar.

At Ally and Marty’s engagement party, Marty tells Rebecca and Valencia that they outdid themselves. But Ally seems more interested in reading a text. Valencia warns Rebecca to say nothing.

Josh tells Father Bray how badly he (Josh) feels about his life because it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

White Josh brings Nathaniel to a gay bar where he tells him that in addition to guys, there are also bachelorette girls who like to dance together in a circle. The idea that there are girls at a gay bar doesn’t sit well with White Josh. “Straight girls are ruining the best part about being gay…used to be the one place that belonged to us,” White Josh tells Darryl.

Although he won at the first poker game, Darryl ends up losing his egg money to Mrs. Hernandez.

At the Ally and Marty’s engagement party, Rebecca finds it hard to serve the food when it’s so obvious that Ally would rather be any place be there.  Rebecca follows her and watches as Ally texts a selfie to Brody, who calls.  Ally answers and tells him “You’re late, when are you getting here?  And bring someone so it doesn’t look suspicious.” Rebecca was right, Ally doesn’t love Marty and his cheating on him!

At the gay bar, Nathaniel and White Josh praises each other for the hot girl and guy they are dancing with. But they aren’t happy because of the sad feelings they have over their “mutual breakups.”

Back at Ally and Marty’s engagement party, Brody arrives with the date he paid but he and Ally give each other flirty looks. Rebecca is furious over Ally’s disregard for Marty’s love.

Eating onion rings doesn’t make Nathaniel and White Josh feel better. Soon, they are on stage singing and dancing to the song “Hot Guys Have Problems Too” with the lyrics ‘hot guys have problems too, don’t look at us we’re not dancing for you. We both almost have no body fat, but we’re too bummed out to care about that. Don’t objectify us with your male and female gaze.”  Suddenly, Josh appears. He confesses that he is a go-go dancer at the gay club; this is what he meant by having a job as a volunteer fireman. “You want to join our imaginary dance?” White Josh asks Josh. “Sure,” answers Josh. Because it’s not a Hot Guy dance until Josh takes part! The “Hot Guys Have Problems Too” song and dance continues ‘there’s so much pressure when you’re a big hot guy, so just let us ugly cry.’  They stop dancing and begin crying!

Rebecca catches Ally and Brody kissing. She asks Ally why she is cheating on Marty; he’s a person and doesn’t deserve to be treated like this.  Aly tells Rebecca that all her friends are married and she wants to be married too but Brody doesn’t want commitment.

Outside the gay bar, Nathaniel tells White Josh that he’s going home with Mona (Lyndon Smith), a girl from his law school days.

Taking the mike from Marty’s grandma, Rebecca has a toast for Ally. “Sit your ass down bitch,” she orders. Glancing at Valencia who shakes her head, Rebecca begins to talk about love but can’t do it and tells Marty that Ally is cheating on her. “My obsession with love almost cost me my life,” Rebecca tells Marty.  But Marty knew Ally was cheating on him but he loves her. “I’ll take what I can get.”

The next day, Rebecca sees Darryl and tells him what happened when she tried to help Valencia. So Rebecca gets an idea how she can help Darryl: She’ll donate one of her eggs to him. Later, Paula asks whether she’s thought this through. “Not at all,” Rebecca admits.

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