Crazy Ex-Girlfriend – Oh Nathaniel, It’s On!

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By: Stacy Miller



Heather (Vella Lovell) is telling her ‘Gurl Group 4 Evah’ Rebecca (Rachel Bloom), Paula (Donna Lynne Champlin) and Valencia (Gabrielle Ruiz) about completing her continued education classes like her archery course but wonders what will happens once she’s finished all the classes. “If I’m not a student anymore, then who am I?” Heather asks. Rebecca interrupts when the alarm on her cell phone rings…it’s hormone time. Valencia asks Rebecca can’t she go to the bathroom and give herself the hormone injections, but Rebecca doesn’t see what’s wrong with what she’s doing since she’s helping her good friend Darryl (Pete Gardner) make a baby.

Hector’s mother Estella (Debra Cardona) wants to hear all about Heather’s relationships, and she wants to hear about it while Hector (Erik Lopez) is sitting next to her. No this isn’t some creepy moment where the mother of the guy you’re dating wants to hear about your sex life while her son/your boyfriend is in the room. Heather is a guest on their (Hector and Estella) podcast, Dating For All Ages. “I guess what I’d like to know is where do you two stand, how serious are you?” Hector’s mother asks Heather. Yep, not awkward at all. Heather admits that she really likes Hector but can’t make any decisions about their relationship until she sorts out who she is. Josh (Vince Rodriguez) enters and interrupts the podcast recording with his loud munching of snacks.

At Plimpton, Plimpton & Plimpton, Rebecca comes to Nathaniel’s (Scott Michael Foster) office and tells him that she’s ready to come back to work. But Nathaniel reminds her that she doesn’t work there anymore because she resigned. “My mother resigned for me while she was drugging me so I’m pretty sure that’s not legal,” Rebecca tells Nathaniel.  Then in that case, she’s fired Nathaniel tells a shocked Rebecca.

Kevin (Johnny Ray Meeks) has an awkward conversation with Heather as he beats around the bush asking where she and her parents are from in an uncomfortable tries attempt to ask her ethic background. The purpose: The corporate offices of Home Base Industries is having a training program and want to include people who are diverse. “Kevin, all you had to say is there’s a training program here’s a form,” Heather tells Kevin.

Back at the law office, her hormone injections cause Rebecca to become overheated as Nathaniel orders her out of his office. In the breakroom, Rebecca tells Tim (Michael McMillian), Jim (Burl Moseley), Darryl, Paula and Maya (Esther Povitsky) that Nathaniel fired her. Rebecca is angry when she sees photos of Mona, Nathaniel’s new girlfriend who he took to Raging Waters. She suggests that they join forces to take the firm back from Nathaniel, reminding how mean he was when he first arrived at the law office in a reprise of “Who’s the New Guy?”

Rebecca goes home and tells Hector and Heather that she intends to take back her firm from Nathaniel but is opened to suggestions on how she should do it.  Hector tells Rebecca that she could probably dig up some dirt on Nathaniel from the dark internet.  Rebecca then notices that Heather is dressed very professionally and asks why. Heather tells Rebecca that she has applied for a management trainee program at Home Base Industries and as there’s a strict dress code, she’ll have to express her colorful personality in her voice inflections.  Rebecca find a loophole that she hopes will aid her efforts in taking back the firm.

At the orientation for the Home Base Industries management trainee program, Heather realizes the trainee group is super uptight.

Meanwhile, Rebecca tells her fellow firm take back co-conspirators (For the sake of this recap and to avoid having to write everyone’s name, from this point on I’ll call them Team Rebecca) that if they can get the sale of the shares voided, they’ll control sixty percent of the firm. Team Rebecca thinks that Rebecca should just get a job somewhere else. But Rebecca reminds that this is more than about the job, it’s about getting justice for all of them.  Darryl says that his ex-wife Stacy’s (Alison Dunbar) shares were the ones that helped Nathaniel gain control of the firm formerly known as Whitefeather and Associates.  So, Rebecca pays Stacy a little visit and they have their business meeting in Stacy’s hot tub. Rebecca tells Stacy about the situation with the shares she (Stacy) got from Darryl. Stacy says that she got those shares fair and square in her divorce settlement from Darryl.  But Stacy is barely paying attention to what Rebecca is saying because the crying of her next door neighbor’s baby is driving her crazy (Hey, is this the title of a new spin-off series “Crazy Ex-Wife”?) Stacy’s angry responses to the crying baby gives Rebecca a way to get Darryl’s ex-wife on her side. Later, Nathaniel is furious when he learns that Rebecca is suing him. Rebecca tells Nathaniel that she’ll be able to get the shares he used to steal the firm away from Darryl voided because she’s representing Stacy Whitefeather in her case against her neighbor’s crying baby. “Not the parents, the baby,” Rebecca clarifies.  She excuses Nathaniel of trying to get back at her by flaunting his relationship with his new girlfriend in her face.

At Home Base Industries management trainee program, Heather learns that she’s had a few good ideas that are being pitched to corporate. “You are a visionary,” Heather is told.

Rebecca and Nathaniel face each other in court.  Their sexual tension leads them to perform a “Horny Angry Tango.” The judge rules in Rebecca’s favor and voids the shares. Rebecca tells Team Rebecca that all they need to do is buy the shares then they will be majority shareholders of the firm. And Rebecca knows the perfect way to raise the funds. So, she goes to a pawn shop to sell her prized family heirloom The Garfunkle Ring.  Imagine Rebecca’s shock where she learns that the item she’s coveted for years as her inheritance that’s been in her family for generation is fake.

Returning home, Rebecca tells Paula what happened and says that they need money. Paula thought that all rich people did was have dinner parties and talk about their tax cuts. Paula thinks that even if Rebecca doesn’t have a lot of money yourself, she has to know rich people who she can borrow the funds from.  So, Rebecca contacts every rich person she knows, including Dr. Phil (Dr. Phil McGraw).  Of course, everyone turns her down. Heather comes home wanting to talk about the feelings she has for her new job.  But Rebecca being over hormonal asks Heather whether she has any money she can have. Heather reminds that she doesn’t have any money in which to loan to Rebecca. Later that night, Rebecca searches the dark internet about Mona, Nathaniel’s new girlfriend. Has Rebecca gone over to the dark side?

Heather goes to Home Base where she tells Chris (Jacob Guenther) how she misses everything about the place, especially the fries. She wonders where her new management trainee program is taking her.

After her group therapy session, Burt (Michael Hitchcock) offers to give Rebecca the money she needs for the shares so he’ll get a tax write-off. The next day, Rebecca gloats to Nathaniel that she has the money and the silent partner (Burt) and Darryl now control the firm but she has been named designee to make all the decisions.

Heather tells Frank (Matt Walsh) that she’d like to be made the regional manager of the local Home Base because she wants to use her ideas to make all the Home Bases better. Later, Heather tells Hector “I know who I am now, I’m not a student I’m a Regional Manager.” Hector points out that Heather is now Kevin’s boss. The next day, Kevin surprises Heather with a gift. But again in trying too hard, Kevin mistakenly bought something for Heather that he would give someone from India. But Heather tells Kevin she’s not Indian; her mother is white and her father is black.

Darryl has a problem. His surrogate discovered that she was already pregnant so unless he finds a new surrogate within the next twenty-four hours, the embryo won’t be viable. “I’ll do it,” Heather offers, “I’m feeling good about my future. And it’s just nine months, they haven’t changed that have they?” Group hug…Darryl, Heather and Rebecca are going to have a baby together!

At the firm, Rebecca apologizes for breaking up with Nathaniel, who admits that he only took Mona to Raging Waters to get under Rebecca’s skin. (They only stayed the ten minutes it took to take a picture). Rebecca hopes Nathaniel knows that she really cares about him but just wasn’t ready to be in a relationship. She adds that breaking up with him was one of the hardest things she ever did. Rebecca and Nathaniel’s adult moment of honesty leads to a lip lock.

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