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Dagmar Midcap – Hell on Wheels

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Q. What are the current projects that you are working on?
A.   Current projects – Driving Television, that’s definitely the big one.
Q.  What is it about motorcycles that really impassions you?
A.  It isn’t one thing. Bikes are beautiful to me, they are an expression of freedom.  I think that’s what it is more than anything, to me they are a mechanical extension and expression of that sense of freedom.
Q.  How did you get involved with car and motorcycle reviews?
A.  People continue to ask me what the secret to my job is, “How did you do that?” Seriously, if there was one, I would share it. Since High School I have known that I wanted to be involved in broadcasting because that’s when I became an ice hockey fanatic and went to school to become an NHL Play-by-Play. But I was offered an on-air position in Cleveland, Ohio where my dream was slightly side-tracked. After my return to Vancouver I took the position of early morning traffic reporter for BCTV Global and one thing lead to another, no plan was ever really set in motion. I’d have to say Karma finally came back to me!
Q. How has it been working in this position, which is male dominated usually?
A.  It’s male dominated in terms of reviews but not in terms of purchase. Women generally make about fifty to sixty percent of the perchase decisions of a buying household. The dealerships and manufacturers themselves will tell you, men are generally not very well informed about the car they want.  They are very visual, they know the car looks good, the hemi under the hood sounds great. It will be the women who have done their homework on the vehicle.  So it’s male dominated in terms of reviewing the vehicles and discussing what’s under the hood, but in terms of what drives the industry, no it’s not.
Q.  Do you feel like a role model to other women?
A.  I didn’t until I got the responses via email. Apparently, there are so many women that are grateful to have a woman that is speaking for them.  I didn’t realize that I was doing that, and I think that women are happy to have someone speaking on behalf of them.
Q.  You are also involved with acting.  How did you get started in the profession?
A.  I worked as a reporter, and an anchor in Cleveland. When I returned to Vancouver, there were a lot of film and TV opportunities that presented themselves.  It was just kind of a natural progression that I was able to land a few small roles here and there.  I am just now starting to take some lessons and train myself and hone my skills. It was fun to earn the role of a reporter, which got me a small part across from Sharon Stone in Catwoman.  It was fun but now it’s time to really sharpen those skills.

Q.  Why is it important for you to rescue and rehabilitate animals?
A.  It has always been a big part of my life and always will be.  I think that’s the biggest part, if I keep anything, that will be what I hold onto above and beyond television. Above and beyond my cars, my bikes, that’s where my heart is.  I was raised on a small hobby farm and my parents always taught me first and foremost that you treat animals how you would want to be treated yourself. I am a vegetarian, about the only time I will wear leather is to keep me alive on the track when I’m riding. I will not wear it for fashion. That’s just where my heart and soul is truthfully.  I will take whatever nobody else wants, I will take the three-legged cats and the one-eared rabbits and everything that’s been abused or abandoned.  That’s what I’ll take in.
Q.  Do you have a latest obsession?  Are you into any particular sport, book, movie, music group of activity?
A.  It’s hard to find an after-hours obsession that’s better than having Honda fly you to a private track to test the new 1000RR with your own personal instructor for the day!!  Although at the moment my personal trainer, Trey Rozenkrantz is putting me through some serious workouts in preparation for an upcoming photo-shoot. I think I’m addicted to the post-workout high!
Q.  What would you like to say to people who are supporters of your career?
A.  I receive many emails from people telling me they enjoyed that last episode, they love the show, that they are faithful supporters and fans of mine. I am so thankful for that and it it’s very gratifying to me. There is a family of three generations of men that are big supporters of mine and of the show.  That makes my day, to know that I can bring a smile to someones’ face. Whether it is just the ‘smile’ or the fact that I’ve been able to help someone make a more informed buying decision, it’s a good thing.  I would not have a career if it were not for the loyal viewers, thank you so very much.

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