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By: Tara Donahue


\Q) You’ve both accomplished a lot for being just twelve years old! How does that feel?


Chiara: OMG, we feel so lucky! We have been so fortunate to have all the amazing things happen from starting out on “The Young and The Restless” to growing up being on so many amazing shows and working with so many amazing people.


Bianca:  We are really, really excited about what the future has in store since we are really just getting started. [laughs]


Q) You’ve learned how to play guitar and drums in a relatively short time. What was that experience like?


Bianca: We have been taking piano lessons since we were five years old. Chiara loves hitting things so naturally gravitated to the drums.  I enjoy the drums too, but focus more on the guitar.


Chiara:  We practice a lot and have a music coach named Marko Desantis. He helps us work on the covers we do and co-wrote our new original single “Young and Free.”  Marko was in a band called Sugarcult that were rad.  You should definitely check them out!  They toured with Green Day!


Q) The songs you’ve picked for your album Got You Covered aren’t typical songs your average twelve year old would choose. What inspired your choices? What kind of music do you like to listen to? 


Bianca:  As far as we can remember we have always had music in the house.  Our mom and dad LOVE music so no matter where you go, it’s on.  We got to hear a lot of songs, especially the ones our parents grew up with and when we decided to do covers we wanted to do songs that were awesome, but older than us.


Chiara: Plus, the band we chose play instruments and made it more fun for us to learn and play.  We love all music. We really like Taylor Swift, Best Coast, Sia (Girl Power! [laughs]) and lots of stuff on the radio.


Q) You can add co-writing songs now thanks to your hit song “Young and Free that you wrote with Marko DeSantis. What was the writing process like for that?


Chiara: Marko is awesome.  We were actually working on some songs we were covering and we just started goofing off and playing some chords and Marko said, “That’s rad,” and we decided we should write a song.  We ended up writing “Young and Free” in one afternoon!


Q) You’re both passionate about something that’s also very close to my heart; anti-bullying. It’s inspiring for someone so young to be so active in such an important cause. Can you speak a little about this?


Bianca:  We are on the board of directors for an anti-bullying group called Boo2Bullying. We love people (and animals) and get really sad when anyone is not treated well and have always come to anyone’s defense or just wanted to be friends with anyone that felt they didn’t have any friends.


Chiara:  We were bullied when we were in school and that is why we did “Let Your Light Shine.” We are very proud that people still contact us about using our “Let Your Light Shine” music video in schools.


Q) You’re also both animal lovers. Do you have any pets?


Bianca:  At this time we have a St. Bernard named Max and a Newfoundland named Callie, which are both rescues.  We also have a rabbit called Rainbow.


Chiara:  We love animals and try to help out with animal organizations. If we could have more, we would! Talk to my dad! [laughs]


Q) I saw your recap of the season finale of “Riverdale” on YouTube. It’s obviously one of your favorite shows (Team Varchie and Bughead for me too!). What other shows do you guys like to watch?


Chiara: OMG… “Riverdale” …AMAZING.  We can’t wait for Season 2!  We also LOVE “Stranger Things.” We actually got to meet Finn at an event we went to that he hosted a few weeks ago.  That was pretty amazing.


Bianca: “13 Reasons Why” is another favorite.  When we were filming our “Young and Free” music video Justin Prentice was in the next studio and it was great to see him again.  We went to support the Sweet Relief Musicians fund and Dylan Minnette was also there.


Q) Acting, writing songs, performing and singing, playing musical instruments. That’s quite the repertoire of talent. I have to ask; is there anything you two can’t do?


Chiara: Ummm…driving [laughs]…Since we are only twelve years old, we have so much more to learn and only to get better at all the above.  But, we are really excited about the future and things we WILL learn!


Q) When you’re not busy acting and performing, what do you like to do in your spare time?


Bianca: We spend a lot of time with our friends.  We love our friends.  We make videos, fun and school (of course).


Chiara: We love to play tennis, go on walks and relax with family.


Q) What’s next for the D’Ambrosio Twins? 


Bianca: We are going to keep writing and recording music. We have a few movie projects coming up (that are AWESOME).  We actually have been filming a lot of stuff so we have Music Mondays (every Monday), Twin Talk (on Wednesdays) and A Day In The Life of D’Ambrosio Twins (on Fridays) – all on our YouTube channel.


Chiara:  We have so much fun doing the YouTube videos so we hope you guys watch and enjoy it, too!  Let’s see…what else? Oh, watching the calendar for when “Stranger Things” and “Riverdale” come back…



Bianca & Chiara: Thank you Starry Magazine for the fun interview!

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