Dan Croll – Emerging Adulthood

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By: Jamie Steinberg


Q) How would you describe your sound?


A) Its pop, but hopefully a little more organic and alternative to what’s maybe in the commercial Top 20.



Q) Who are some of your musical influences?


A) My main influences are people like The Beach Boys, Bee Gees, Paul Simon, Michael Jackson, James Taylor and Paul McCartney (Wings & Beatles).



Q) Talk about the story behind your new song “Bad Boy.”


A) It’s about a phase of life I think we’ve all been through at some point, where we’ve had a bit of a rebellious period. Usually it’s where you either want to go out with a bad boy/bad girl or you want to be the bad boy/bad girl. It usually ends in tears though so it’s also about being comfortable in your own skin.



Q) What do you think it is about the song that fans connect to?


A) I think my fans are of the age where they’re going through this phase of life, and they need a little bit of a confidence boost, hopefully this song does that for them.



Q) How did the album get the name Emerging Adulthood?


A) The album title came from a book I was reading, which was exploring this relatively new idea of a new phase of life between teenager and adult. There are now younger generations who are leaving high school, college and university faced with an unlimited amount of possibilities and opportunities. It’s mainly down to how accessible and affordable technology is and how it’s opened up the world. For some this is incredibly exciting, but for others it’s a little overwhelming and I’d put myself in that group. So, I guess the album tells a bit of a story of me trying to find my feet and purpose in life.



Q) The album will be released on July 21st. How do you plan to celebrate?


A) I plan on letting out a big sigh of relief, sitting down and drinking a big cold beer.



Q) What is your song writing process? Do you need music before you can create lyrics?


A) My process majority of the time is to work on the rhythm/beat first. I find it really hard to move on unless there’s a strong enough rhythmic foundation. After that its then a process of finding the chords and layering all of the different instruments. Even though most of the time I know what the topic of the song will be, the lyrics are actually the last thing I’ll do.



Q) How much of hand do you have in the production of your music?


A) Well, Ben Allen produced this record, but the demos I had done on my own and taken over to him were already a decent way down the production line and quite a bit stayed on there. I don’t want that to take away from what Ben did though, where as I settled on those demos he actually pushed me to better them and then better them again.



Q) What can fans expect from a live Dan Croll performance?


A) While I do everything myself in the studio I rely on a band to get that across when we play live. I think this makes the tracks a little different as I welcome them to express themselves through them, too. They all bring their own flare to a performance so I think it’s always quite interesting where they’ll go each night. It’s also a bit heavier live too, maybe a bit more guitar driven. So, a little bit more intense.



Q) You’re headed out on tour in September. Which songs of the album are you most looking forward to performing for an audience?


A) I’m looking forward to playing them all. This is a brand new album and the songs still feel super exciting to play live!



Q) Where are some of your favorite places to perform and what makes those locations so significant to you?


A) I love coming over to America. I forget how lucky I am to be able to cross the Atlantic and play shows. Not many people get that opportunity so I really make the most for it and have a great time!



Q) What do you hope listeners take away from Emerging Adulthood?


A) I just hope it takes them to a good place. Even though there may be some negative topics expressed in some songs I hope they can connect to them and take a positive feeling that they’re not alone away from them.



Q) You are a part of social media. Why is that such an important way for you to connect with your fans?


A) I guess it’s kind of important, but I feel there are better ways to connect. I go out and see everyone after shows and I have a phoneline they can ring me on one week every month. It just all feels way more direct that sitting on social media.



Q) What would you like to say to everyone who is a fan and supporter of you and your work?


A) Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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