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By: Nicole Smith


Q) Last time we talked, you said you would love to direct an episode of “Rosewood.” When the opportunity presented itself, what’s the first thing that went through your mind?


A) [laughs] Oh man, I was just so excited. I knew which episode I was going to do a couple of months before we started shooting it and I knew who the writers were going to be: Andy Berman and Evan Bleiweiss. I would check in with them almost every day or they would come by and tell me something almost every day and we were already talking about that episode weeks in advance and getting really excited about it. We knew we were going to bring in Kurt Fuller as Butters (who had his premiere early in the season) and we were all really excited about that. We’re all big fans of Kurt and especially the relationship between his character and Domenick Lombardozzi’s character of Hornstock. Those two guys together are just so fun.


Q) What has it been like working with the cast?


A) We have a great time and it’s such a fun show to work on. It’s like family, just because I get to work closely with so many people that I just love working with and love being around. It’s pretty awesome. We’re so lucky on “Rosewood” because it starts at the topwith [creator] Todd Harthan. He’s a great show runner. And Morris [Chestnut] is probably the nicest guy on the planet. I can’t even imagine someone nicer than he is. I think everybody on the show is just such a pleasure to work with. Jaina [Lee Ortiz] and I actually were friends before this thing even happened. It was just fortuitous that we ended up working together. Jaina is, once again, one of the nicest people you will ever meet. She has such an infectious excitement about her and she’s so excited about the show. Then you have Domenick who’s just so hilarious and fun and, of course, everybody else.


Q) That helps when you’re stepping up to direct an episode because you have that respect on both sides.


A) Yeah, definitely. I cut the pilot and I knew everyone from the beginning. They already knew how much of a fan I am of them getting to cut together their footage all the time and I think it goes the other way, too. They know I’m upstairs taking good care of them and making sure that I always find their best performances and put forth our best possible work on “Rosewood.”


Q) What is a general description of the episode you directed?


A) It’s like a road trip, actually. Rosewood goes away to a convention that’s a couple of hours away from Miami where he’s a keynote speaker at a convention for pathologists. During his keynote speech, he talks about something. Later, he believes someone uses that information to commit a murder. He feels like he is somehow involved in a murder or gave information that may have led to a murder so that makes it a very personal case for him. Then, he calls Villa to come join him so they’re on the road together trying to solve this case. They end up bringing in the Captain, who brings Butters along. Suddenly you have the four of them on the road, all working together to solve this crime. In general, “Rosewood” is just a fun show and it’s a sexy show and those are two things that definitely stand out in this particular episode.


Q) What scene proved to be the most difficult for you to direct?


A) I don’t want to give too much away, but there’s a whole sequence in the fourth act where it gets very emotionally charged between Rosewood and Villa, more so than we’ve ever seen before on the series. It’s to the point where we’re wondering where this is going to go with them. Everything is right there on the surface. I would say that sequence, which is something everybody has to see, was the most challenging and the most fun, and definitely the most rewarding.


Q) With Season One coming to a close in the coming weeks, when you think back on editing and directing, what has been the learning curve for you on “Rosewood?”


A) So much of this is just knowing Todd well and knowing his sensibilities and knowing what type of show he wanted to make. I just wanted to do everything I could to help make this show a success. Of course, I’m always learning. Every time I get to direct an episode I learn something new and every time I edit an episode, after all this time, I’m still learning something new. I just feel like it’s been a great journey.


Q) When you think of the show from a fan’s perspective, what do you enjoy the most about it?


A) At the end of the day, this show is about family.  It’s fun, but at the same time it pulls your heartstrings. So, I think that’s what is rewarding to me is working on a show where we can do so much. We get to do a little bit of everything in terms of good family drama, there’s some comedy,some action and it has some fun, sexiness to it.



David Crabtree is the Supervising Editor for “Rosewood” and directed the episode airing March 30, 2016. Crabtree can be found on Twitter @DavidCrabtree13, on Facebook and on Instagram @davecrabdirector. His work is showcased on “Rosewood” airs Wednesday nights at 8/7 p.m. CST on FOX.






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