Daytime Divas – Baby Daddy Drama

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By: Dustin Bradley


VH1’s “Daytime Divas” was flying fast with the drama and reveals this episode! Mo  (Tichina Arnold) was absent again this week along with Leon (Niko Pepaj), both of whom I miss very much and want back and soon! Each week we break down this show by the storylines that each “diva” faces. Let’s do this! We will start with the head honco…


Maxine Robinson

Maxine (Vanessa Williams) is pissed this week that she is just finding out about Shawn (McKinley Freeman) and Nina. Shawn tells her that he wanted to tell her, but he knew she would freak out and that it was an accident that they fell in love. And Max is freaking out…so much so that she hires a “dollar store version of Olivia Pope.” Yes a fixer came in to give Nina some pointers on how to fix this scandal (pun intended). It’s just too bad that Isabelle can’t fix Maxine’s sad “flu” excuse when both Nina and Anna walk of stage this week.

Speaking of Anna (Kristen Johnson), she is a guest co-host on TLH for the week. And boy is she a fiery addition! She is boosting ratings and stirring the pot with Nina over her situation. Side note: I LOVE Kristen Johnson so Anna to me is nothing but fun and the thing is I don’t hate her because from the looks of things she is only calling out these women because they aren’t actually good people. Neither Maxine nor Nina are good people, both are cruel. Nina definitely is a much more well rounded character than Maxine, but that’s because the writers are still playing around with Maxine and her soft side.

The other big thing involving Maxine was Anna’s digging into the death of Max’s late husband. She, along with Maxine’s neighbor, go to the police at the end of the episode and provide them with enough information to reopen the case. Remember when I compared this show to former Lifetime show “Devious Maids?” Now it’s starting to take effect.

Also, William (Norm Lewis) is a great character to be with Maxine because he definitely makes her enjoyable to watch.

Nina Sandoval

Nina (Camille Guaty) is a mess. Not only did she have an affair and is using her marriage to Andrew (Ness Bautista) as a way to get them where they both want, she is also a liar and a thief. We find out at the end of the episode that she only has a Pulitzer Prize because she stole her winning story from a fellow reporter in Columbia who went missing. She claims it’s because the story was so good and important that it needed to be told so she stole it. (Hey Nina, ever heard of like reporting on the disappearance of this reporter and telling his story in a way that it’s plagiarism? No?! Oh, okay.) Shawn is too happy to find this out. It looks like trouble in paradise.

Also, I guess Andrew and Nina are actually separating now because of the aftermath of this scandal and apparently she plans on still trying to support him and help him win his election. I like how she mentioned “Scandal” this week, but she clearly doesn’t watch it because if she did then she should learn from Mellie and Fitz. Fake political marriages don’t work.

Kibby Ainsley

Kibby (Chloe Bridges) is hot for teacher! At least she was. That is until after she had sex with him after class and then sees him hitting on a different girl the next day. Oh yeah, Kibby is in college classes now. And she is definitely getting recognized, except by hottie teach who has no idea who she is yet still has sex with her because he’s sleazy.

You deserve better Kibby…like your sober coach who you have flirted with yet again and have tried to push away yet again. We love antiquated “will-they-won’t-they” stories! Spoiler alert: they will. They always do.

Heather Flynn-Kellog

Heather (Fiona Gubelmann) has decided to move out and go live with Mo (HOPEFULLY THIS HAPPENS SO SHE COMES BACK!) after she gets tired of pretending to her kids that her marriage is working. She also realizes that she needs to get Ella (a/k/a Brad Jr.) away from her husband because he will never accept her for who she is. It looks as if she might use Isabelle to help her spin something about the end of her marriage.

This week looks to be exciting and is gonna dive into the mystery of Ted’s death. Join us for a new episode to catch some CRAZY drama when “Daytime Divas” airs on VH1 on Monday at 10/9c!

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