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By: Dustin Bradley


VH1’s “Daytime Divas” may be finding its groove and improving. This episode introduced us to some new storylines and helped clear somethings up for me as a viewer. This week was a little less campy and a little more dramatic.  Each week we will break down this show by the storylines that each “diva” faces. Let’s do this! We will start with the head honco…


Maxine Robinson



Maxine’s (Vanessa Williams) storyline took an interesting and mysterious turn this week. In last weeks closing moments we were introduced to a former assistant/ hot mess (according to Maxine and Mo) who has returned to town. Anna (played by Kristen Johnson) looks to be a nice little rival for Maxine. She hopes to expose Maxine for the way she treated her in the past, the way she runs “The Lunch Hour” and for something mysterious that happened with Maxine’s ex husband. It looks like both of them won’t be playing fair throughout this storyline seeing as how they both have manipulated the people around them. Anna with Maxine’s neighbor and doorman and Maxine with Anna’s book editor.


On the less dramatic side, this episode also had a B-plot with Maxine that involved the petty theft of some of her things, including an expensive wig and her favorite mug that she has been using for years. The closing moments show us that the culprit is none other than Ramona, the quiet and more responsible P.A. who just wants more credit for all the work she does.


Mo Evans


Mo (Tichina Arnold) finally got fired. We first see her this week back at it with Leon (Niko Pepaj), getting a little hot and heavy on Maxine’s prized “left chair.” So much so that they break the lever on it causing it to malfunction at the next taping. Once Maxine finds out later in the episode she finally fires Mo once and for all. Mo isn’t having it though; vowing to get her back soon. Will Mo finally get her own show? Will she try to bring Heather along?


We also see a new segment where Mo drives around the shows version of an Uber and films all the shenanigans. This caused her to stumble in on Heather (Fiona Gubelmann) and her husband during what Mo (and as I saw it as last week) could only think of as some kinky Christian foreplay. It turns out that it is a “discipline” exercise that Heather doesn’t want Mo to worry about.


Speaking of Mo and Heather, we got another glimpse into their friendship this week when Heather’s family stops by the show and Mo greets her children as their “auntie Mo.” I thought this aspect was very nice and I would like to see their relationship develop. We also see Mo interact with Heather’s trans child later in the episode and completely support her in her decision to wear a dress and be called Ella instead of Bradley. This trans storyline is very refreshing because it’s rare that you see a storyline like this out there featuring trans youth, especially someone this young. I fully support this storyline and can’t wait to see more.


Nina Sandoval


Nina (Camille Guaty) is still struggling with the fact that she is pregnant and tries to find a way around her husband finding out that she is having an affair. She gets herself in a sticky situation when her and Shawn (McKinley Freeman) start hooking up one night thinking no one is around. Little do they know that Kibby (Chloe Bridges) saw them and she hates secrets so she anonymously shares this information at an AA meeting, not thinking that someone would share this news online.


Well, they did. The next day a blind item shows up on Page Six and has Nina worried about people finding out the truth. Lucky for her that Kibby is gonna keep hush on the details.


We also get a scene this week where Nina’s husband flat out tells her that he know about the affair (although he doesn’t know who it is) and that she will have to stay with him for the next two or three years to secure this senate seat before they can divorce. Nina isn’t having it and threatens to sort out some of his dirty laundry too, which we are kept in the dark about. I have some theories that involve the husband either being gay or being involved in some illegal activities to be able to get where he is today.


Kibby Ainsley


As mentioned earlier, this week Kibby catches Nina in the act and spills at AA. When she comes clean to Maxine, she [Maxine] tells her that shouldn’t be going to AA anymore and instead hires her a sober coach. I see some chemistry and some things happening between them soon enough.


Next week it looks like we will be introduced to someone who has played a major roles in Kibby’s addiction and abuse, her former co-star (played by Debby Ryan).


Heather Flynn-Kellogg

Heather seems to potentially be gaining some backbone. After having a conversation with Mo about what she walked in on, Heather finally stands up for herself and tells her husband that she has had enough of the “discipline program” and that because he can’t seem to accept their son for who he is that he needs to move his stuff down to the basement.


Well, that’s all for this week! Stay tuned and continue to watch “Daytime Divas” on VH1 Mondays at 10pm/9c!

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